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Social Media Strategy Channelship\'s Approach


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Channelship\'s approach towards a customer centered social media strategy.

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Social Media Strategy Channelship\'s Approach

  1. 1. Social Media Strategy Social Media Training Brand Monitoring Websites, blogs Facebook Apps Unit 59, Guinness Enterprise Centre. 500 Chiswick High Road.DUBLIN Taylor’s Lane Dublin 8. Republic of Ireland +353 1 5241415 LONDON London, W4 5RG, UK. +44 207 9935601
  2. 2. Using social media as a mere advertising tool Competing for constant attention Launching campaign after campaign (Without long term focus) Pushing their product/service everywhere they can Fully Outsourcing their social media platform management because they don’t want (“don’t have time”) to deal with it. Hoping for the best without a clear |
  3. 3. These brands & companies face a high maintenance,never-ending race with their competitors &have limited opportunity for longterm |
  4. 4. Abandon the race for attention and focus on what keepsyour business alive and going. How Brand Customer Let us |
  5. 5. |
  6. 6. (Constant fluctuation no growth) (Fluctuation with underlying growth) |
  7. 7. Dialogue ChannelsPromotional Campaigns Content Marketing Brand Customer Listening Stations Customer Rewards Programme Email Marketing
  8. 8. Dialogue Channels Word of mouth Sales opportunities Brand advocates Trust Qualified leads Decrease in CS calls/handle timePromotional Campaigns Content Marketing Word of mouth Brand Loyal readership Online Authority Word of mouth Sales opportunities Sales opportunities Customer User engagement Brand advocates Brand advocates Trust Community growth Qualified traffic Qualified leads Listening Stations Customer Rewards Programme Compelling customer stories New product/service opportunities Email Marketing Word of mouth Sales opportunities Brand exposure through ambassadors Discover new influencers Qualified prospects (Curious) New potential customer Customer Service opportunities Feedback Trust Detect industry trends Sales opportunities More fans and followers Competitors’ activity Strategic segments to maximise campaigns
  9. 9. We support brands and companies, that care about customersatisfaction and want to seriously engage in social media, by: Analysing the best possible approach to get started Devising a customer-centred strategy with attainable short & long-term goals. Implementing a training programme focused on building solid relationships, while increasing brand equity and customer lifetime value. Looking after all web development needs (e.g. blogs, Facebook apps, social plug-ins) Helping you drive your conversations and Content Marketing Plan Constant support becoming a valuable extension of their Marketing & Communications Department (campaign planning , new ideas, constantly ensuring the plan is executed according to strategy, monitoring conversations, & KPIs) |
  10. 10. Social media Web Analysis, Marketing Development Social media Monthly support, approach & strategy Blogs, Facebook training Strategy monitoring and objectives customer-centred apps, etc programme implementation |
  11. 11. Audit existing company’s social media accounts. Indicate Current activity and sentiment, Share of voice, Patterns, Direction if any, level of customer delight & advocacy if any. Audit competitors (ongoing though). Market position, Detect plan if possible, Strengths & Weaknesses, Activities & sentiment, Share of voice. Define the ecosystem: Include suppliers, clients, competitors, partners and any other group that interacts with the brand somehow. Market segmentation (customer needs to provide this info to Channelship to work with) Define the direction: Goals, Values & Tentative milestones, Strengths & Weaknesses. Brand personality: Include brand characteristics that will carry through the social media programme. Define internal & external team: Core team in the company driving the efforts & the different capacities in which Channelship comes |
  12. 12. Discuss and define brand’s personality, social media etiquette, company guidelines and steps for handling crisis situations. Content creation. Bringing offline elements to online environments and vice versa Analyse and define platforms and places: relevant social networks & profiles required, forums, groups, widgets & applications blogs, events online & offline plus specific places based on client/ industry. Define the influencers: Besides interacting with the ecosystem we need to detect possible advocates & stakeholders, other players in media, bloggers & even partners or competitors which will help you drive marketing efforts Produce strategy document: Overall strategy and specific tactics & next steps by platforms and content (e.g. Blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) |
  13. 13. Blog / website design and development Creation of landing pages Facebook design and application/s development Onsite Search Engine Optimisation Widget / plugins’ customisations Social plugins implementation Email marketing design Banner / badge design Social media platforms’ |
  14. 14. Initial Staff Training according to strategy foundations. The length will depend on the complexity of the strategy & team, generally taking one or two days to get started with continuous refreshments at the support stage. Delivery: Interactive hands-on sessions maximising staff participation. Depending on team location and availability we can deliver the sessions onsite or remotely via technology where the training gets recorder for other stakeholders. Ongoing training: We constantly work on ad-hoc, strategic training sessions during the ongoing monthly support phase. We also contribute to internal educational programmes within the company & keep a support hub for your employees where everyone can access video answers for best |
  15. 15. Ensure that all platforms are optimised, ready for launch and engagement. Revise and deploy content plan. Business blog and content: ensure pipeline is ready along with editorial calendar. SEO: Ensure that all content (blog posts, videos and photos) are being properly tagged and titled (optimised) for search engines. Closely monitor conversations and ensure the right people within the company are engaging with customers, prospects and the ecosystem in general. Take initial corrective action: Based on strategy document and feedback from the community revise the strategic plan and adapt it to current |
  16. 16. The monthly work involved is defined with the client. Common activities are: Assistance in campaign management through creative thinking, deploying and distributing content & updates. Web development (e.g. Facebook apps, widgets). We ease most of the burden that comes with a social media presence so that the brand can concentrate on delighting (and talking to) the customer. Listening monitoring, documenting, intelligence gathering: monitor specific keywords (brand, products, services, CEO, competitors, etc) and channel conversational alerts directly to Marketing / Communications team. We the use Radian6 Social media monitoring platform for optimum visibility. Proactive advice & support through dedicated client support hub. Besides telephone queries, clients also have a dedicated e-mail address. All Q & A are recorded for further exploration. In addition, forums and video tutorials are created for the staff to review at their own pace. Email marketing: design and campaign management Execution on behalf of the business when applicable Monthly reporting: full insights by campaign and platforms and quantification of non-financial data for the client to contrast with the business figures (ROI) |
  17. 17. Increase sales frequency and transaction yield Brand equity growth Position as an industry authority (“Trust agent”) Increase in customer satisfaction, loyalty and lifetime value Benefit from brand ambassadors to amplify brand exposure & product reach Growth in quality & quantity of brand mentions (share of voice)
  18. 18. …to expose its heart and soul over the mere act of selling a product or service?” *YES NoThen people will… Then people will… • Like you …see you as “just another pitch”, 1 jumping from one campaign to another. 2 • Connect with you Don’t expect your audience to 3 • Talk to you understand how you are different. 4 • Buy from you* Gary Vaynerchuck, The Thank You Economy
  19. 19. Unit 59, Guinness Enterprise Centre. 500 Chiswick High Road.DUBLIN Taylor’s Lane Dublin 8. Republic of Ireland +353 1 5241415 LONDON London, W4 5RG, UK. +44 207 9935601