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Emotional stress


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Signs and symptoms of emotional stress and some coping mechanisms. When people are emotionally disturbed they have a hard time sleeping.Therefore they have to find alternative activities to take their minds of the triggers.

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Emotional stress

  1. 1. Presented By patience Awazi- Venture Lab.Stanford.Emotional Stress/Distress.Emotional distress or stress is a state of mind characterizedby some of the following symptoms:It is also important to find the root cause by seeing an expertin this field for proper diagnosis and treatment Plan;Impaired concentrationExcessive use of alcoholDifficulty making decisionsDestructive behaviorHeadachesNeck back painDiarrheaDecline in performance at school or workHeart palpitationsChange in eating habitsIsolationLack of energyExcessive thinking about ones problems
  2. 2. Below a Mind mapping diagram show some of the causes and how itcan be managed.Some techniques of dealing or with this problem. See diagram below;Another visual presentation of people in distress and whatthey can do to solve the problem;Contest;Can you Guess what is going on here?
  3. 3. Some solutions:
  4. 4. Hope you enjoyed my little contribution as you guess what is going on in thepictures .A price will be given at the end to those who guess rightly