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  1. 1. CoachAnyWhereTo match “private coach & learner” and “learner & learner” easily Tim Chan / Henri Lau
  2. 2. Problem to solveIdea origination- “I have been finding various private coaches (e.g. Tennis, golf, swimming) in the past few years. Every time it takes me lots of time to get my friends’ coach recommendation and to liaise & negotiate with the coach, and it’s pretty hard to find a partner to share the cost. I want to simplify all these stuff and that’s how CoachAnyWhere originates. “Problem of Learner:- How to find a quality private coach- How to find a learning partner for private coach’s lessonProblem of Private coach:- How to market himself/herself- How to reach customer(In addition to the traditional ways: e.g. by word-of-mouth, by teachingpublic class organized by various associations with high middleman feebeing charged)
  3. 3. Product – CoachAnyWhereOnline platform to match1. Private coach and learner2. Learner and Learning Partner (to attend private coach’s lesson)• Online search engine to help the coach to find learners / to help learner to find a quality coach / to help learner to find a learning partner• Search / Matching will be done by various criteria, e.g. What/When/Where to learn, learning level, price etc• Review system of the coach will be incorporated to control the coach quality
  4. 4. Product Flow – Initiated by lLearner Buy the class on the Charge hidden margin platform Find private coach / Send an enquiry to Search the private class successfully No charge (covered the private coach on coach / hobby class the platform by premium user fee) (Find a partner if necessary) Search the private No charge (covered coach’s website outside platform by premium user fee)Learner Buy the class on the Charge hidden margin platform Get a response from private coach Send an enquiry to No charge (covered Post detail of hobby the private coach on class they want (Find a partner if by premium user fee) the platform necessary) Search the private No charge (covered coach’s website by premium user fee) outside platform
  5. 5. Product Flow – Initiated by Private Coach Sell the course on Charge hidden margin the platform Search the interested successfully learner by key Find the learner criteria / learner’s successfully post Send an enquiry to No charge (covered the learner on the by premium user fee) platformPrivate Coach Sell the course on Charge hidden margin the platform successfully Post detail of hobby Get a response from class they offered learner Reply enquiry from No charge (covered the learner on the by premium user fee) platform
  6. 6. Product Flow – Learner to find a Partner matching partner (Sample) Simon Florence Target group 2 - 3people 3 people Potential partner size Click will seek author’s Find a “Partner consent to form a preferred Want” on group and coach / class the page of proceed booking Preferred -ABC -DEF coach / class accordingly Coach -XYZ -ABC Preferred class -Tennis -TennisLearner ref:1234 ref:1234 -Golf ref:4567 -Cooking ref:7890 Search Find a partner on Partners will Preferred place -North Point -Tin hau partner the platform form a group and -Tin hau -Central before according to proceed booking finding several key accordingly coach / class criterias Preferred day Every Monday Every Monday or Tuesday Preferred time 8 – 9pm 8 –9pm 9 –10pm Preferred skill Beginner Beginner level
  7. 7. Value to user Private Coach LearnerCost Free FreeMatching To market himself freely and To find suitable private coach access to new studentLearner’s Partner To identify potential customer To find a partner easily who is looking for partnerPayment Learners pay on Advance payment is needed but CoachAnyWhere while coach there is 100% money return has no need to ask for guarantee within certain period payment with embarrassmentDiscounted Lesson Coach can secure future’s Learner can learn at a cheaper(e.g. To sell 5 lessons as a income in one go rate (With CoachAnyWhere beingpackage at cheaper price) a middleman to hold the money to avoid the one-off payment risk to the private coach)
  8. 8. Profit modelMechanism• To commodize private coach’s service on our platform, selling classes (one or many) provided by private coach on advanced payment basis• No fee will be charged from the coach but a margin will be added for selling to learners• Buy Low from Private Coach & Sell High to Learner *Product: Private Coach’s lesson+• Learner can buy the ticket online and confirm the class detail with the coach himself• No special fee for learners.• Coach has to pay a fee for account upgrade to premium user (e.g. better exposure on the platform, more message function etc)
  9. 9. Profit modelInitial Revenue Streama. Margin on every sold classb. Private coach to pay fee for upgrade to premium userTo broaden the revenue Streama. Cross-sell (To match a badminton learner with a tennis coach)b. To sell relevant equipmentc. Platform for coach to organize larger size classd. Online coaching session
  10. 10. Revenue Projection: Three markets: HK & Taipei & ShenZhen Population: 24m Private Coach Private Coach Population: 120k User: 24kAssumption 26 transactions Private Coach: 25% conversion per coach per 0.5% of total rate of Coach year population populationAnnual Revenue 120k x 25% x 26 = HKD39m HK market only:(Transaction fee) x HKD50 HKD39m x 7/24 =HKD11.4mAnnual Revenue 24k x 10% x = HKD2.9m HK market only:(Premium User HKD100 x 12 HKD2.9m x 7/24fee) =HKD0.85mAssumption Average HKD50 HKD100 monthly GP per fee for premium transaction users
  11. 11. CompetitorTraditional association (e.g. Tennis association, Golf Club)• Only large size class is offered.• For smaller size class, high portion of coaches’ income will be eaten“CoachAnyWhere being free channel for both private coaches and learner”“Cost per head of small private class (with 3 – 4 person) is usually equal to cost per head of amass class (with 8-10 person) organized by these associations”Very few similar competitor, one of them is• No transaction done on the platform• Charge Monthly fee to the coach• No easy search engine“CoachAnyWhere has a simple search engine with easy payment platform”“Free for the coach”CoachAnyWhere“Hong Kong will be the testing point and the model will be replicated to Taiwan, China andother Asia Pacific countries”