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Grade 3 5772

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  1. 1. ‫רש"י‬The life and Story ofRashiPresented by‫כתה ג‬‫חדר מנחם – התשע"א‬
  2. 2. Many years ago, there liveda famous Sage. His namewas ‫ר שלמה יצחקי‬
  3. 3. ‫ ר שלמה יצחקי‬wrote the famous ‫ פירוש‬on the Torah– Rashi – which we all learn when we learnChumash
  4. 4. So here is Rashi’s story…A long time ago there lived a diamond Merchantnamed ‫. ר יצחק‬
  5. 5. The Cardinal in Worms,Germany needed a gem forhis priestly garments.
  6. 6. “We know the perfect personto buy a gem from – ‫"ר יצחק‬
  7. 7. ‫ ר יצחק‬was not excited tosell a gem to be used for‫עבודה זרה‬
  8. 8. What should he do? He could make a lot of moneyby selling the gem to the church!
  9. 9. But NO! He would not make money from ‫עבודה‬‫!זרה‬So he thought of a plan .
  10. 10. “It is not easy to see this gem in the dark house.Come with me on my boat in the ocean for a littlesail. There we will talk business!”
  11. 11. On the boat, ‫ ר יצחק‬showed the Cardinal’s menthe precious gem. They oohed and ahhed at itsbeauty.
  12. 12. And then – horrors ofhorrors! ‫ ר יצחק‬stood up tobetter inspect the gem!
  13. 13. He lost his balance and tripped – dropping theexpensive gem in the waters of the deep blueocean!
  14. 14. The Cardinal’s men werehorrified and upset. Butthere was nothing to do!
  15. 15. ‫ ר יצחק‬knew he haddone the right thing–even at such agreat monetaryloss. And Hashemrewarded him. Hiswife soon becamepregnant with aspecial child.
  16. 16. Once, ‫’ר יצחק‬s wifewas walking on thenarrow street ofthe Jewish quarterof Worms whensuddenly anobleman on ahorse camegalloping towardsher!
  17. 17. Frantic with worry,she tried to pressherself against thewall – but therewas no room! Shewould certainly behit! What wouldhappen to the littlebaby inside of her?
  18. 18. But miracles of miracles! The wall bentinwards and the horsemen galloped pasther. Until today, you can see this bent wallin the Jewish quarter of Worms.
  19. 19. For she was carrying a special baby– one who would light up the worldwith his explanations of Torah!
  20. 20. ‫ ר יצחק‬and his wife merited to have aspecial son – because of their loveand devotion to Hashem.
  21. 21. Rashi supported himself by plantingvineyards and selling wine in the cityof Troyes, France.
  22. 22. Rashi had 3 learneddaughters who all marriedgreat Talmidei Chachomim.
  23. 23. But his greatest gift is the words ofTorah he explained – so that everychild could love and understandChumash.
  24. 24. Today, we are so luckybecause now we are readyto learn Rashi.