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2018 new resume


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This is my latest resume

Published in: Technology
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2018 new resume

  1. 1. Jerry Liu 833 N. 14th Street #318 ·Milwaukee, WI ·414.218.4836· EDUCATION MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY, Milwaukee, WI May 2017 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Marquette University Scholarship SKILLS Programming Language: Java, HTML, C, JavaScript, SQL, C# Database: Oracle EXPERIENCE Senior Design Project - Software Developer, Direct Supply, (Milwaukee, WI) Sept 2016 - Present ·Installed MagicMirror2 onto Raspberry Pi 3 ·Programmed for Raspberry Pi 3 using JavaScript (Let MagicMirror2 to be display appropriate modules such as blood- pressure meter and bed pad) ·Connected bed pad to phone app and successfully showed data in our phone app ·Designed UI for our own phone app using JavaFx ·Designed our own phone app to display all data such as blood pressure, weight, and heart rate Library Database System, Marquette University, (Milwaukee, WI) Sept 2016 - Dec 2016 ·Used HTML, Java Servlets, IBatis, JDBC and JSP with oracle database as the back end implemented school library database system ·Implemented database functions, including (1) Enter new borrower (2) Check-out book for a Borrower (3) Check-in book for Borrower (4) Print list of books which are overdue (5) Print book_id, book_title and average rating received for each book ·Used Java to build database-management tool, database import and output tool. ·Designed UI for school library main web page using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML ·Drew new schema for database, developed more functions for school library database Student Web Developer, ShanDong business University, (China ShanDong) May 2011 - Sept 2011 ·Developed college’s main website using HTML,CSS, ASP.Net and Adobe Dreamweaver ·Assisted in the IT department to upload latest college news on school homepage and maintain college website PROJECT EXPERIENCE Pizza Shop Checkout System, Java 1020, Marquette University Sept 2015 - Oct 2015 ·Wrote a check out system for pizza store using Java ·Calculated cost for user’s order ·Designed functions to uploaded customer’s feedback and order information to database (Oracle) Global DNA Sequence Alignment, Java 1010, Marquette University Sept 2014 - Sept 2014 ·Wrote a program to compute similarities between two DNA, RNA or protein sequences using Boyer-Moore algorithm ·Compared two DNA sequences from user via keyboard and display the alignment with maximum scores, which means best match of two DNA or RNA ACTIVITIES Volunteer, Marquette University Action Program. March 2016 ACM Competition, IBM, (Madison) September 2015
  2. 2. Volunteer, Orientation for New International Students, Marquette university March 2015