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Experiential learning cycle following directions


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Experiential learning cycle following directions

Published in: Education
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Experiential learning cycle following directions

  1. 1. Experiential Learning Cycle
  2. 2. Lesson: Following Directions HOOK: - the teacher will ask the question to the students. “ Did you have any experience of getting lost in somewhere?” “What happened?” - the teacher will gather some experiences of students regarding the question.
  3. 3. ENGAGE - the teacher at this point will discuss the importance and use of cohesive devices and sequencing events in following directions. Some students will be asked to answer the ff. questions: 1. Can you give examples of cohesive devices? 2. What cohesive device do you think you are commonly using?
  4. 4. ACTIVITY - in this activity, the students will be asked to go outside the classroom to perform the activity prepared by the teacher. This activity is called “ Follow the Treasure Steps”. The students will be grouped into 6 groups and they will be positioned in different locations in the school. Each group’s aim is to find the hidden treasure somewhere in the school by going to different stations and finding clues that will show and guide them to the next step.
  5. 5. The first group that will be able to find the treasure will be given rewards. (Take note that every station’s clues are chronologically arranged that is why any confusion and failure in following directions in every station can affect the whole process of finding the treasure)
  6. 6. REFLECTION (Sentence Completion) “ Following Directions is important because….” “Learning through experiences is….”
  7. 7. “It is beyond a doubt that all our knowledge begins with experiences” - Immanuel Kant
  8. 8. TRANSFER - The students will be asked to make a recipe (procedures) in making their favorite food. some students will be asked to share their output in front of the class. This question will be asked after making the recipe: “What do you think will happen to your dish if you don’t follow directions properly?