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Exploration and colonization


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Exploration and colonization

  1. 1. The Age of Exploration and ColonizationBy: Mr. GayaresPirate bucaneer
  2. 2. Current events• Rescue workers found five bodies on Tuesday in the submerged part of the Italian cruise liner that capsized off Italy’s west coast, bringing the death toll to 11.• The Costa Concordia cruise ship ran aground off the west coast of Italy, at Giglio Island on Friday.• Italian cave-rescue divers are painstakingly checking thousands of debris-filled cabins on the Italian liner Monday for more than 20 people still unaccounted for out of the 4,200 who were on board.
  3. 3. The Explorers• Portugal: leader of the exploration• Prince Henry “The Navigator” is the secret behinds Portugal’s knowledge of seas• Places:• West Africa,• Cape of Storms (Cape of Good Hope) Bartholmeu Dias• Calicut, India by da Gama• Ternate Moluccas• Brazil by Pedro Cabral
  4. 4. Spain: Defender of the Catholic Faith• Leader: King Ferdinanad and Quenn Isabella• Explorers: Christopher Columbus-discovered the “New World”• Magellan: Philippines• Hernando Cortes: Mexico (aztecs)• Pizarro: Peru (Inca)• Hernando de Sotto: Florida
  5. 5. Dutch• Dutch East India Company (1602)• Dutch West India Company (1621)• Monopolized the trade with Japan and Asia• Did not send any missionaries to their colonies• Indonesia
  6. 6. English• John Cabot: Newfoundland (America)• Henry Hudson• Founded Jamestown (1607)• Religious freedom: Pilgrims, Puritans, Quakers, Roman Catholics
  7. 7. France• Jacques Cartier: New France (Canada)• Samuel de Champlain: Quebec• Louis Joliet and Jacques Marquette : wisconsin and Mississipppi• Robert de La Salle: Louisiana