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    10 studentships across the collaboration, 4 in Cardiff, 4 in Bristol and 2 in Swansea with half the funding provided by the ESRC and the other half provided by the institutions
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  • Professor Rona Campbell presentation

    1. 1. DECIPHer Research Capacity Development Professor Rona Campbell
    2. 2. “To address the almost complete absence of an evidence base on the cost effectiveness of public health interventions, substantial investment will be necessary, backed up by building the capacity of the public health research sector” Derek Wanless, Securing Good Health for the Whole Population, HMSO, 2004
    3. 3. DECIPHer: Public health research capacity development • Academic & wider public health community • Enabling capacity development to take place at a variety of different levels Research studentships Research fellow / lecturer posts Structured mentoring and academic learning sets Placements
    4. 4. DECIPHer: Research posts Cardiff • 1 Senior Research Fellow, 2 Research Fellows Bristol • 3 Research Fellows Swansea 1 Research Fellow, 1 Research Assistant
    5. 5. Externally funded fellowships • Walport academic fellows and lecturers • MRC Population health scientist & Methodology research fellowship • MRC/ESRC Interdisciplinary post- doctoral fellowships • ESRC/MRC/NIHR Early career fellowship in economics of health • ESRC post doctoral and mid career fellowships • NIHR Research Training, Post Doctoral, Career Development & Senior Fellowships
    6. 6. Doctoral studentships • 10 PhD Studentships (4 Cardiff, 4 Bristol, 2 Swansea) 5 provided by host institutions • 38 titles advertised
    7. 7. Department of Social Medicine Short Courses 2009_10 The University of Bristol Department of Social Medicine is a leading centre for epidemiology, health services research and public health in the UK. We offer a comprehensive short course programme, for researchers and health care practitioners. All courses are available for CME credits. Computing Introduction to Stata Advanced Stata Data Management for Health Research Methods using MS Access Geographical Information Systems Introduction to Bioinformatics Research methods Research Governance Critical Appraisal of Quantitative Research Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods Health Protection Principles and Practice Applied Health Protection Questionnaire Design & Analysis Introduction to Health Economics Epidemiology and Medical Statistics Introduction to Statistics Basic Epidemiology Introduction to Linear and Logistic Regression Rates and Survival Analysis Advanced Epidemiological and Stats Methods Genetic Epidemiology An Introduction to Human Genetics Genetic Association Studies The Complex Genome Randomised Trials and Systematic Reviews Systematic Reviews in Healthcare: Meta- analysis in Context Design and Analysis of RCTs For more information and booking: Email:
    8. 8. New short courses • Developing and evaluating public health interventions (4 days) • Health data and health informatics to support public health research (2 days) • Advocacy for public health researchers (1 day) • Public health research ethics (2 days)
    9. 9. Public health research capacity development Structured mentoring Appointed staff & project staff Action learning sets Reading groups Public health training scheme Research symposia