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  1. 1. Game Design & Graphics by Cecelia Crawford, RN, BSN, CCRN Designed for the adventurous nurse! Questions by Patricia Meckes, RN, MN
  2. 2. Another Presentation © 2001 - All rights Reserved (
  3. 3. YOU’VE GOT TO STUDY THE BASICS DANCING TO THE IRB! HYPE & THESIS DO THE RIGHT THING WHO’S GOT THE DATA? Collecting data at various points in time Systematic search of published works Group reviewing & monitoring human research Multiple independent & dependent variables Written agreement between researcher & subject Subject group from which a sample is drawn Method measuring behavior or phenomenon Review process used by the IRB No relationship seen between variables Assuring private data is not made public Experiment subjects NOT receiving a treatment Method based on meaning of experience & subjectivity Described meaning of a variable Federal agency regulating IRBs Not stating the direction of a variable relationship At any time, the research subject may do this A small scale “practice run” of a research study Systematic research process Research document describing aspects of study Landmark U.S. report protecting research subjects A Type I Error Right of a subject to remain unidentified Information collected from study participants Data gathered through direct observation A basic measured characteristic Members making up the IRB Principles accepted as true, based on logic or reason First formal international standards of human research Repeating research work to test its limits Summarizing statement of a research article Final Jeopardy
  4. 4. $100 Longitudinal Study Back to the Board!
  5. 5. $200 Back to the Board! QuantitativeQuantitative researchresearch studystudy
  6. 6. $300 Qualitative research study Back to the Board!
  7. 7. $400 Back to the Board! Scientific method
  8. 8. $500 Empirical data Back to the Board!
  9. 9. $100 Review of the Literature Back to the Board!
  10. 10. $200 The abstract Back to the Board!
  11. 11. $300 Operational definition Back to the Board!
  12. 12. $400 Back to the Board! proposal
  13. 13. $500 A research variable Back to the Board!
  14. 14. $100 Institutional Review Board (GOTCHA!) Back to the Board!
  15. 15. $200 Group Process Back to the Board!
  16. 16. $300 Federal Drug Administration (FDA) Back to the Board!
  17. 17. $400 The Belmont Report “Ethical Principles and Guidelines for Research Involving Human Subjects” April 1979 Back to the Board!
  18. 18. $500 Medical, scientific, and non- scientific members, including the lay public and interested community members Back to the Board!
  19. 19. $100 A complex hypothesis Back to the Board!
  20. 20. $200 Null hypothesis Back to the Board!
  21. 21. $300 A Non-Directional Relationship Back to the Board!
  22. 22. $400 Rejecting the null hypothesis when, in fact, it is true. Example: Assuming a relationship where none exists. Back to the Board!
  23. 23. $500 Assumptions Back to the Board!
  24. 24. $100 Consent form Back to the Board!
  25. 25. $200 Confidentiality of the human subject Back to the Board!
  26. 26. $300 Withdraw from the study Back to the Board!
  27. 27. $400 The right of Anonymity Back to the Board!
  28. 28. $500 Nuremberg Code Back to the Board!
  29. 29. Population $100 Back to the Board!
  30. 30. $200 Control Group Back to the Board!
  31. 31. $300 A Pilot Study Back to the Board! Nursing Research
  32. 32. $400 DATA! Back to the Board!
  33. 33. $500 Replication Back to the Board!
  34. 34. A nursing body firstA nursing body first established as a Centerestablished as a Center within the National Instituteswithin the National Institutes of Healthof Health and later becameand later became an Institute Institute there. And the answer is…
  35. 35. TheThe NationalNational InstituteInstitute forfor NursingNursing ResearchResearch Game Information
  36. 36. For further information: •Cecelia L. Crawford, RN, BSN, CCRN Nurse Educator, Critical Care Liaison Woodland Hills, VSA Staff Education 818-719-4657 •Patricia G. Meckes, RN, MN, CNOR, CNS Staff Development Specialist Tri-Central, Staff Education & Consulting 562-622-4123