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Number of Participants

  1. 1. JICA Third Country Training Program International Training Program on Pre Hospital Care 7-18 January 2008 Trauma and Critical Care Center Khon Kaen Regional Hospital, Khon Kaen, Thailand Pre hospital care is grossly unavailable for traumatized and injured persons in most of the Asian Region. Additionally, the suffering of the injured persons is aggravated by the poor facilities at the emergency departments and lack of appropriately trained personnel. Immediate care after injury, early transportation, reducing time to reach a hospital and appropriate referral are four vital elements, which make a difference. Appropriate regional guidelines and protocols to assist organization of effective systems of trauma care in the Region are lacking, advanced, expensive, technologically oriented emergency care practices are not possible within the limited resources available in countries of the South- East Asia Region. According to this circumstance, year 2002, WHO had set up the policy for developing pre hospital care system:- to • Develop regional policies with minimum guidelines and standards; • Encourage Member Countries to initiate strengthening emergency care at all levels of health care system, specially in peripheral and district hospitals; • Help countries to develop basic and minimal first aid courses for health functionaries and for people from police, transport officials, teachers, school and college students, and other; • Strengthen country capacity to handle and organize emergency care in disaster situations; and • Improve emergency medical service component in the curricula of medical schools; Trauma and Critical Care Center, Khon Kaen Hospital is one of the pioneer center in establishing pre hospital care service system in Thailand. The pre hospital care system of the center in Khon Kaen has been replicated in other provinces of Thailand. Following 10 years of experience in services and training national professionals in establishing and maintaining pre hospital care system in Thailand, Trauma and Critical Center is offering its expertise to international professionals and experts. Highly experienced professionals in pre hospital care in Thailand will conduct the training workshop. The Participants are therefore expected to be well-motivated so that 1
  2. 2. optimum experience can be shared and the knowledge are utilized to set up pre hospital care system . Objective of the training. At the end of the course , the participants will be able to:- - Understand the situation and necessities of pre hospital care - Bring together stakeholders in initiating pre hospital care system - Establish on system of pre hospital care as a pilot system to lead to a national pre hospital care system The training course is designed specifically to; Equip and strengthen capacity of health professionals to design, develop and implement pre hospital care system in the region. Invited countries The governments of the following countries will be invited to apply for the Course by nominating their applicant (s): Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines , Timor Leste, Thailand and Vietnam. Number of Participants Total 27 participants (Approximately 3 participants from each country) Qualification for participants Applicants for the Course are to: 1 Be nominated by their respective government . 2 Be nurse/doctor/health care officer with education level equivalent to university graduate in MD, BSc or related fields in doctor, nurse and health care officer. 3 The first applicant is preferable to be the administrator in the field of trauma and emergency care. The other two applicants are preferable to be middle level doctor and nurse or health care officer who has at least three (3) years working experience in the field of trauma and emergency care, under fifty (50) years of age and preferably for a government organization with same institute. 4 Have good command of spoken and written English. 5 Be in good health both physically and mentally; each participant should have a health certificate provided by an authorized physician. The medical report form is also attached together with the Nomination form. Pregnancy is 2
  3. 3. regarded as a disqualifying condition for participation in the Course. Organizer Trauma and Critical Care Center Khon Kaen Regional Hospital Course Director Witaya Chadbunchachai. MD. Head of Trauma and Critical Care Center Khon Kaen Regional Hospital Advisory Committee • Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health • General Inspectorate, Health Region 12 • Khon Kaen Provincial Governor • Khon Kaen Deputy Provincial Governor • Khon Kaen Provincial Chief Medical Officer • Director of Khon Kaen Regional Hospital Course outline Module 1 Situation of road traffic injury -Thailand - In the region Module 2 Global strategies on pre hospital care Module 3 Pre hospital care National Program in Thailand - Development of the system in the country - Administrative structure - Scope of responsibility - Functional component - Result and impact Module 4 Principle for developing pre hospital care system - Organization and administration - Finance - Communication system - Essential equipments 3
  4. 4. - Public education and public relation - Role of facilities - Manpower development - Quality improvement program - Medical oversight - Rule, regulation and legislation Module 5 Mass casualty preparedness Module 6 Planning for establishing pre hospital care system in the country -organization -pilot model Module 7 Site visit- at • Ambulance Station -Khon Kaen Regional Hospital • Ambulance Station -Pon District Hospital • Ambulance Station -Khon Kaen University Hospital • Ambulance Station -Muang Kao Sub District Local Administrative Organization and Private Sector • Ambulance Station -Nakorn Rajsrima maharaj Hospital Speaker Dr Surachet Satithniramai Bureau for Emergency Medical Service, Ministry of Public Health Dr Surajit Suntorntham National Health Security Office Dr Nakorn Tipsuntornsak Trauma and Critical Care Center, Khon Kaen Regional Hospital Dr Chaiyuth Tanapisal Srinakarind University Hospital Dr Wipada Watananarmkul Sirindthon Health College Dr Anurak AmornpechsatapornSawanpracharak Regional Hospital Dr Somkiet Lalitwongsa Lumpang Hospital, Lumpang Province Mr.Peter Davison Expert in EMS, Paramedic Dr Anuchar Sethasatin Udonthani Regional Hospital Dr Pichit Reaksanandana FIBO Japanese Short-term Expert (s) 1. Pre hospital care system manager 2. Trauma researcher 4
  5. 5. 3. Japanese assistance policy Coordinator • Udomsiri Parnrat Department of Health Service Support, Ministry of Public Health • Sununta Sriwiwat Trauma and Critical Care Center • Watchara Sriharat Trauma and Critical Care Center Faculty • Staffs in Khon Kaen Regional Hospital Training Methods Lectures, group works, discussion, observation, site visit. The intention is to create a productive workshop atmosphere in order to utilize the course as an opportunity to gain new insights and idea to set the pre hospital care system in the participants’ country. Literature Teaching materials will be prepared for the course. Venue -Trauma and Critical Care Center WHO Collaborating Center on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion Khon Kaen Regional Hospital Date 7-18 January 2008 Registration No registration fee The allowances/ perdiem for participants will be born by JICA and TICA Language The official language is English Certificate of attendance A certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of the training program 5
  6. 6. Hotel accommodation The participants’ hotel accommodation will be made reservation at Charoen Thani Princess Hotel About Khon Kaen Khon Kaen is located right in the center of the Northeast region about 450 km. from Bangkok. Its population is about 1,700,000 , which is in the 5th rank of the country. Present- day Khon Kaen is the center city of Northeast for the region’s economy, trade, investment, a hub of transportations, government offices, foreign consulates, and financial institutes. Khon Kaen is also the education hub where Khon Kaen University located, which is the greatest academic resource in the Northeast. It is also heavily endowed with natural heritage and many lively cultural and traditional activities. Some of them are: Phu Wiang National Park, Phu Pha Marn National Park, Nam Pong National Park, Ubolratana Dam, Silk Center at Chonnabot and Silk Festival Phuk Sieow Tradition. Further information, please contact Witaya Chadbunchachai, MD Trauma and Critical Care Center Khon Kaen, Thailand 40000 Tel & Fax 66-43-337958 E-mail, 6
  7. 7. PROGRAM International Training on Pre Hospital Care At Trauma and Critical Care Center Khon Kaen Regional Hospital Khon Kaen, Thailand 7-18 January 2008 Date 8.30 09.00-10.00 10.00-11.00 11.00-12.00 12.00- 13.30 13.30-14.30 14.30-15.30 15.30-17.00 7 Jan.08 LeaveforKhonKaenHospital Opening Ceremony Pre Hospital Care System in Thailand Dr Suracheth Satithniramai Pre Hospital Care System in Japan JICA Expert Lunch Outline of Road Safety Situation in Thailand and Asia Dr Witaya Chadbunchachai Country Presentation 8 Jan.08 Principle of Developing Emergency Service System in Thailand Dr.Surajit Suntorntham Pre hospital Care System in Khon Kaen Province Dr Witaya Chadbunchachai EMS Rally Dr Nakhon Tipsuntornsak Study visit Khon Kaen Regional Hospital (Dr Aksorn, Ms.Sununta, Ms.Watchara, Ms.Anchalee, Mrs.Atcharawan, Ms.Udomluk, Mrs.Hathairat) 9 Jan.08 Problem and pitfall in developing pre hospital care Dr Anurak Amonpechsatapon Manpower Development System for PHC System in Japan JICA Expert Study visit Srinagarind University Hospital Dr Chaiyuth Tanapisal Study visit Sirindthon Public Health College Dr Wipada Wattananamkul 10 Jan.08 Guideline for developing organization, administrative and Financial management Dr Witaya Chadbunchachai Guideline for developing Communication System Dr Witaya Chadbunchachai Study visit Phon District Hospital Dr Weerachai Wansarametha 11 Jan.08 Mass Casualty Preparedness Dr Somkiet Lalitwongsa Guideline for Public education and public relation in EMS System Dr Anuchar Settasatian Role of hospital in EMS Dr Anuchar Settasatian Study visit Tambol Muang Kao (Local administrative organization) 12-13 Jan.08 Holiday 7
  8. 8. PROGRAM International Training on Pre Hospital Care At Trauma and Critical Care Center Khon Kaen Regional Hospital Khon Kaen, Thailand 7-18 January 2008 Date 8.30 09.00-10.00 10.00-11.00 11.00-12.00 12.00- 13.30 13.30-14.30 14.30-15.30 15.30-17.00 14 Jan.08 LeaveforKhonKaenHospital Guideline for Health Manpower Development Mr. Peter Davison Guideline for Quality improvement Mr. Peter Davison Lunch Guideline for Setting up Medical Oversight Mr. Peter Davison Guideline for develop essential legislation Mr. Peter Davison 15 Jan.08 Guideline for setting up standard of essential equipments Dr Chaiyuth Tanapisal Principle of Trauma Care System Dr Pothipong Reungjui Tool that might be used to improve trauma system Dr Witaya Chadbunchachai Workshop : Planning for Pre hospital care establishment Dr.Witaya / Dr Nakhon 16 Jan.08 Advance EMS program Dr Pichit Rerksanandana Workshop Planning for Pre hospital care establishment Continuous Quality Improvement Dr Witaya KPIs for Pre hospital care Ms.Supaluk Chaleepat Presentation 17 Jan.08 Study visit Nakornrajchasima Hospital Dr Borworn/Ms.Rachanee Study visit Nakornrajchasima Hospital Dr Borworn/Ms.Rachanee 18 Jan.08 Future program Dr Witaya Evaluation Dr Witaya Closing ceremony 8