Independent Medical Evaluations


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Independent Medical Evaluations

  1. 1. Independent Medical Evaluations 211 Beaumont Place Traverse City, Michigan 49684 Phone 1-800-968-IMES(4637) Fax 1-231-929-4356 E-mail Jan Parrish, RN, BSN, LNC Education 2005 Master of Science in Management in Information Technology Management 1990 Legal Nurse Certification * Pioneered the discipline of legal nurse consulting. 1986 Wayne State University Detroit, MI * Advanced Anatomy & Physiology (Graduate level) 1984 University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI * Bachelor of Science in Nursing (4.5 GPA) * Area of concentration: Research, Holistic Health, Leadership and Management. 1980 Core Curriculum Critical Care-Certified (98%) 1972 Northwestern Michigan College Traverse City, MI * Associate Degree in Nursing (3.9 GPA) * Area of concentration: Technical Nursing Functions Continuing Education (Partial list) Cardiac Focus * Advanced cardiac arrhythmia’s * Advances in coronary care * Certified Cardiac Care (98% score) * Physical assessment, Michigan Heart Association * Advanced Coronary Care * Axis Deviation, CHF, Cardiogenic shock * Cardiac drugs and invasive monitoring * Introduction to Coronary Care Nursing Critical Care Focus
  2. 2. * Evaluating your critical care orientation resources * Hemodynamic monitoring of the critical patient * Trauma symposium Micro Computers * Using the Internet and Windows 2000 XP * Internet for Health Professionals and Future trends in Case Management * Microsoft Word 2000 Professional * * Certified Breath Alcohol Technician Drug Testing Leadership * Exceptional customer service * The working women * Self-discipline and emotional control Human service administration How to develop and administer a budget * Stress Management * Anger Management Employment History August. 1986 to Present Independent Medical Evaluation, Inc. * Implemented and developed a National Medical Legal Company with over 9000 physicians of different specialties and other medical professionals, evaluating the causality of injuries occurring from accidents for Insurance Companies and Attorneys. March. 1985 – Dec. 1986 Manager of Michigan Peer Review Organization * Coordinated nurse reviewers of 32 hospitals. Developed criteria for Standards of Care for the Prospective Payment System. * Monitored the quality of care, principal diagnoses, and the appropriateness of the admission of all 32 hospitals. * All transfers from hospitals were reviewed for necessity. All readmissions within 7 days were reviewed, monitored, 100% intensified review of abuses for premature discharge * All hospital bills over $20,000 were audited for reasonable and necessary treatment. * Authorized and monitored intensified review of negligence and breach of standards of care * Educated doctors and hospital’s personnel on the Rules and Regulations of HCFA relativity codes for payment January. 1985 – June 1985 Quality Assurance Coordinator * Participated in the quality review of Medicare hospital admissions and assured adherence to the Michigan Peer Review
  3. 3. Organization, NMMRA, and Federal Government standards of care August.1980- Jan.1982 Northwestern MI College Traverse City, MI Clinical Instructor * Instructed and developed clinical curriculum for Associate Degree NMC nursing students. Area of focus was systematic physical assessments. Provided in-service to nursing students on “Systematic Assessments” * Instructor for medical/surgical nursing March 1982-Dec. 1984 MMC Traverse City, MI Certified Critical Care Clinician/Instructor * Chairperson of critical care staff development of an ongoing education and training * Conducted in-services on advanced physical assessments, hemodynamic monitoring, and electrocardiography readings to perspective critical care nurses. *Provided nursing services to Intensive Care patients with a variety of diagnoses * Provided in-service to nursing students in the Associate Degree program on “Cardiac Nursing ”; mentorship of intensive coronary care nurses 1981 – 1984 MMC Traverse City, MI Critical Care Emergency Room Staff Nurse * Fulltime staff nurse (MMC) and part-time student at University of Michigan 1977 – 1981 MMC Traverse City, MI Staff Nurse Coronary Care Unit * Fulltime staff nurse (MMC) and part-time student at University of Michigan April 1973-March 1977 Osteopathic Hospital Traverse City, MI * Assistant Supervisor of Cardiac Intensive Care Unit * Coordinated the Cardiac Rehabilitation program with the goal of helping individuals with “hidden” disabilities improve quality of life* * Identified community resources that would offer the most functional independence within patient’s abilities * Participated in quality improvement efforts, identifying system barriers, and coordinating problem solving efforts to improve care and staff performance * Provided in-service for nursing students on “Cardiac Nursing and Rehabilitation”
  4. 4. September 1966-April 1973 Leelanau Memorial Hospital Northport, MI Charge Nurse * Provided nursing care on Medical-Surgical, Pediatric, Obstetrics areas * Participated in emergency room assessment and care for outpatient and inpatient admission, and infant deliveries LECTURES ** 1983 Glasgow Coma Scale, Traverse City District Nurses Association ** 1983 Cardiac Assessment, University of Michigan ** Educational Seminars on DOT Rules and Regulations on Drug Testing at the Waterfront Inn. ** Systematic Approach to Assessing Patients: Michigan Licensed Practical Nurses Association ** Anatomy & Physiology of the Heart, Critical Care Conference Munson Medical Center ** 1999 Mild Closed Head Injury versus Depression, Frankenmuth Mutual & Auto Owners Insurance ** 2000 Spring Summit – Garan, Lucow & Miller; organized and implemented half day medical seminar presented to a panel of physicians, neuropsychologists, psychologists, and Physical/Medical rehabilitation professionals ** 2002 SEAK Summit: Marketing IME Services, Risk Factors in the IME business, Competitor Analysis, IME Brokers delivery of a quality report and how to price your product-DePaul University in Chicago. ** How to Excel and get what you want out of your IME, Allstate Insurance Awards 1984 Governor John Blanchard, Quality Assurance Award 1989 Governor John Blanchard, Quality Assurance Professional 1989 Optimist International Award for Lecturing 1989 Sigma Theta Tau National Honor Society of Nursing 2003 National Leadership Award Washington D.C. Professional Associations and Memberships 2000 to Present ** Martindale Hubble Professional Director ** SEAK – Medical/Legal Expert Director 1999 to Present ** Implemented the Parrish Scholarship Fund of Nursing at Northwestern Michigan College 1997 to Present
  5. 5. ** American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants 1997 to Present ** Professional American Association of Occupational Health Nurses. 1998 to Present ** Western Michigan Association of Occupational Health Nurses 1988 to Present ** Michigan Adjusted Association 1988 to Present ** Chamber of Commerce, Traverse City 1986 to Present ** Michigan Association of Quality Assurance Professional 1990-2003- Member of the American Association for Legal Nurses Association 1985 to Present ** University of Michigan Alumni Association 1985 to Present ** Michigan Hospital Association (MHA) Achievements * * Suggested using Bolt toilets for incontinent patients instead of washcloths. Suggestion was implemented throughout the whole hospital (Munson Medical Center) * * Designed stopcocks to be used for IV piggyback medication, allowing Normal Saline to flush the tubing before the next piggyback medication was administered. Saved the hospital millions of dollars in changing the tube each time. Tubing was changed in 24 hours and promoted less infection to the patient. ** Implementation of I.M.E., Inc. in 1986 ** Personal Health Control DBA est. in 1987 ** Designed and co-wrote “The IME Complete Manager”, software program. ** Policy for Drug Alcohol Testing Regulations for Insurance Company ** Developed I.M.E., Inc. home page website * * Developed a form to facilitate physicians in Early Assessment Evaluations for examine the claimant injuries soon after the incident.