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Godwin Memorial Library's Magazine List

  1. 1. Godwin Memorial Library’s Magazine List This is a list of the periodicals (magazines and journals) the library currently subscribes to. In addition to the physical copies located here, many of these periodicals can be found on microfilm, or online, via NCLIVE. Each issue of a magazine is kept for two years. The exceptions are nursing magazines and North Carolina magazines, which are kept indefinitely. Current issues are not available for checkout, but back issues can be checked out for a three-week period, just like a book. AAR-EEO Affirmative Action Register Listings of available job positions for females, minorities, veterans, and disabled persons. Monthly. Also available at http://www.aar-eeo.com AARP: The Magazine News and interviews of interest to people over 50. Bi-monthly Activate for Animals Encourages ending cruelty to animals. Bi-monthly. Affirmation Critique: A Journal of Christian Thought Published twice yearly. American Heritage Essays on topics relating to American history. Published bi-monthly. Issues Sep 1990 to present available on NCLIVE. American History Articles and illustrations related to all aspects of American history. Published bi-monthly. Issues Aug 1994-present available on NCLIVE. American Journal of Nursing (AJN) For the experienced professional registered nurse. Covers trends and issues in the nursing world. Monthly. American Journal of Sociology (AJS) Research articles and book reviews pertaining to all areas of sociology. Bi- monthly. NCLIVE: Mar 1990-present.
  2. 2. American Machinist For those who work in manufacturing durable goods and metal-working. Monthly. NCLIVE: Feb 1996-present. ARTFORUM International Covers the international art scene in detail. Monthly. Art in America Covers the American art scene. Monthly. Astronomy Covers all aspects of astronomy in a user-friendly style. Monthly. NCLIVE: Aug 1992-present. ASHRAE Journal For heating, refrigerating, and air-conditioning engineers. Monthly. ATEA Journal Covers technical education in America. Quarterly. ATEEC Digest Published by the Advanced Technology Environmental Education Center. Quarterly. Atlantic Reports and commentary on current and historical events, as well as fiction, humor, poetry, and book reviews. Ten times a year. MICROFILM: 1962-1995 NCLIVE: Jan 1993-present AV Magazine From the American Anti-vivisection Society. Quarterly. Black Enterprise For black professionals, corporate executives, and business students. Monthly. NCLIVE: May 1990-present.
  3. 3. Business North Carolina News and features on the N.C. business scene. Monthly. NCLIVE: Issues Feb 1985-present. Business Week The latest business news. Weekly. NCLIVE: Issues 12/30/96-present Campus Technology Focuses on ways technology can enhance college education. Monthly. Carolina Banker News of interest to Carolina bankers. Quarterly. Carolina Country Essays and features of interest to North Carolinians. Carolina Sun Discusses ways to conserve energy in North Carolina. Quarterly. Cato’s Letter Essays with a conservative point of view. Monthly. CFO For senior financial executives in a variety of fields. 15 issues a year. NCLIVE: Jan 1992-present. Childhood Education Covers the field from infancy through adolescence. Bi-monthly. Coastal Review From the North Carolina Coastal Federation. Quarterly. Coastwatch Promotes stewardship of coastal and marine resources. Quarterly. Code One A magazine about aeronautics. Quarterly.
  4. 4. Consumer Reports Reviews of products, based on safety and effectiveness. Monthly. NCLIVE: Jan 1991-July 2005 Critical Care Nurse Discusses ways to care for critically ill patients. NCLIVE: Oct 2002-present available. Current Biography Biographies of people currently making headlines. Eleven times a year. Der Spiegel A German language magazine, similar to Time. Weekly. Details Celebrity interviews and features of interest to young males. Monthly. Diabetic Cooking Recipes and tips on cooking for diabetics. Monthly. Dow Theory Forecasts Concise advice on the stock market. Weekly. Early Childhood Today Discusses how to care for and teach children from infancy to Kindergarten. 8 times a year. NCLIVE: Aug 2000-present. Ebony Interviews and features of interest to African-Americans. Monthly. NCLIVE: Jan 1993-Sep 2001 Economist Similar to Time, but from a British perspective. NCLIVE: July 1990-present. Education Digest The Reader’s Digest of education. Nine times a year. NCLIVE: May 1990-present.
  5. 5. Endeavors Covers the latest research coming out of UNC-Chapel Hill. Three times a year. Essence Interviews and features of interest to African-American women. Monthly. NCLIVE: Jan 1992-present. Farm Forum Covers farm equipment and agricultural trends. Quarterly. FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin The latest in law enforcement practices and techniques. Monthly. NCLIVE: July 1993-Present Fire Engineering News, products, and services for firefighters. Monthly. Forbes News from the world of business and finance. Bi-weekly. NCLIVE: Jan 1990-present. Fortune Covers economic, political, and social trends that affect the business world. Bi-weekly. The Furrow Articles of interest to farmers. Published by John Deere. Bi-monthly. Good Housekeeping Monthly. NCLIVE: Jan 1996-present. Harvard Business Review Analysis and commentary on management issues. NCLIVE: Jan 1985-present. Harvard Health Letter Current health information in user-friendly terms. Monthly. NCLIVE: Oct 1990-present.
  6. 6. IBM Systems Journal Quarterly. NCLIVE: Jan 1994-present. Imprimis Highlights of notable conservative speeches. Monthly. Inc. For managers of small to medium-sized companies. 13 issues a year. NCLIVE: May 1990-present. Interim Report For North Carolina Certified Public Accountants. Quarterly. Jet News and entertainment for the African-American community. Weekly. NCLIVE: Dec 1992-present JOM Articles about materials, metals, and minerals. Monthly. NCLIVE: Jan 1997-present. Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing (JSPN) Contains case studies, literature reviews, and research reports. Quarterly. NCLIVE: Jan 1999-present. Journal of Family Psychology Quarterly Journal of Nursing Education Promotes new ideas for nursing education. Monthly. Journal of Practical Nursing For licensed practical and vocational nurses. Quarterly. Kiplinger Letter Financial advice. Bi-weekly. NCLIVE: Jan 1997-present.
  7. 7. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine Articles on saving, investing, taxes, paying for education, and more. Monthly. NCLIVE: Jan 1985-present. The Mailbox: Preschool Ideas and activities that aid in teaching and reinforcing basic skills. Bi- monthly. The Mailbox: Intermediate Ideas and activities that aid in teaching and reinforcing basic skills. Bi- monthly. The Mailbox: Grades 2-3 Ideas and activities that aid in teaching and reinforcing basic skills. Bi- monthly. MCN: The American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing Bi-Monthly. MedSurg Nursing Aimed at helping nurses enhance their practice and provide excellent care. Bi-monthly. NCLIVE: Feb 1999-present. Money Articles on enhancing personal finances. 13 issues a year. NCLIVE: May 1990-present. NAFE Magazine For female executives. Quarterly. National Geographic Monthly. MICROFILM: 1962-1997 NCLIVE: Jan 1995-present. NCAE News Bulletin News from the North Carolina Association of Educators. Bi-monthly.
  8. 8. New Yorker Reports and commentary on current and historical events, as well as fiction, humor, poetry, and book reviews. Plus, those famous cartoons. Weekly. Newsweek NCLIVE: Jan 1990-present North Carolina News on N.C. business and industry. Monthly. North Carolina Afield From the N.C. chapter of the Nature Conservancy. Quarterly. North Carolina Folklore Journal Studies and analysis of N.C. folklore. Twice a year. North Carolina Historical Review In-depth, well-researched articles on N.C. and southern history. Book reviews also included. Quarterly. MICROFILM: Jan 1924-Oct 1995 North Carolina Literary Review Original fiction, nonfiction, and poetry by N.C. authors. Also includes interviews with N.C. authors, and articles related to N.C. writing. Once a year. Nurse Educator Developments and innovations in nursing education. Bi-monthly. Nursing News and articles for professional nurses of all types. Monthly. NCLIVE: Jan 1985-present. Nursing Clinics of North America The latest diagnostic and therapeutic information in the field of nursing. Quarterly. Nursing Outlook Current issues, trends, and problems facing the profession. Bi-monthly.
  9. 9. Occupational Outlook Quarterly In-depth articles spotlight specific jobs and the skills needed to obtain them. NCLIVE: Mar 1990-present. Office Professional Advice for people who work in offices. Monthly. Oracle All about Oracle databases. Bi-monthly. Our State A monthly celebration of the Tarheel state, with articles on historic places, festivals, legends and more. Parents Tips and advice for the parents of young children. Monthly. People News and gossip about celebrities, and reviews of all things pop culture. Weekly. NCLIVE: Jan 1994-present. Phi Delta Kappan Articles on educational issues, research, and trends. 10 times a year. MICROFILM: Sep 1983-June 1999 NCLIVE: Jan 1994-present. Police Chief News, features, and opinions on law enforcement. Monthly. Prevention Articles on health, nutrition, and personal fitness. Monthly. NCLIVE: May 1990-present. Professional Engineer News and trends of interest to N.C. professional engineers. Quarterly. Psychology Today The latest news and trends in psychology, in user-friendly terms. Bi- monthly. NCLIVE: Jan 1992-present.
  10. 10. Reading Teacher Articles on literacy education, K-6. 8 times a year. NCLIVE: Feb 1990-Oct 2004. Reading Today Newspaper that covers the latest in literacy education. NCLIVE: Dec 1994 – Present. Region Focus Information and analysis of the southeast economy. Quarterly. The Reporter Opinionated analysis of environmental and population concerns. Quarterly. RN Magazine For time-crunched nurses who want to stay current on professional news and trends. Monthly. NCLIVE: Jan 1983-present. Rolling Stone Music, pop culture, and politics (usually from a liberal slant). Bi-weekly. NCLIVE: Aug 1990-present. Saudi Aramaco World Prsents a positive view of Arab/Muslim culture, history, and ties with the west. Bi-monthly. Scientific American News and research on all aspects of science. Book reviews also. Monthly. MICROFILM: 1960-1995 NCLIVE: Jan 1995-present. Sierra The official magazine of the Sierra Club. NCLIVE: May 1990-present Sky & Telescope Articles on astronomy. Monthly.
  11. 11. Smithsonian The official magazine of the Smithsonian. Monthly. MICROFILM: April 1973-June 1995 NCLIVE: June 1990-present Southern Living Features on travel, cooking, home decorating, and more. Monthly. Speedway Illustrated Race-car driving. Monthly. Sports Illustrated News, interviews, and analysis of all major sports. Weekly. NCLIVE: Sep 1992-present. Time MICROFILM: 1960-1999 NCLIVE: May 1990-present. University Business News and features for senior college officials. NCLIVE: Mar 2002-present. Upside Advice on buying stock in small and mid-sized companies. Monthly. US News and World Report Value Line News and analysis of the stock market. Weekly. Viewpoints PR news from Research Triangle Park. Quarterly. Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs News and analysis on U.S. policy towards the Middle East, from a pro-Arab perspective. Nine times a year.
  12. 12. Wildlife in North Carolina Articles and color photos showcasing N.C. fishing, hunting, and wildlife research. Monthly. Workbench Articles on home repair and woodworking. Bi-monthly. Zero to Three Promotes the healthy development of infants and toddlers. Bi-monthly.