Beyond Service: Using Service Learning as a Career and ...


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Beyond Service: Using Service Learning as a Career and ...

  1. 1. Beyond Service: UsingBeyond Service: Using Service Learning as aService Learning as a Career and WorkforceCareer and Workforce Development StrategyDevelopment Strategy Karin Gratz, Executive Director Petra Duecker, Program Facilitator Vena Namukasa, AmeriCorps VISTA UW-Waukesha
  2. 2. Lead to Succeed At a GlanceLead to Succeed At a Glance What is Lead to Succeed? How is LTS Unique & Innovative? ◦ LTS is an INDUSTRY-DRIVEN youth leadership development program in which high school and college students work together on a service-learning project for a local non-profit organization. Program Goals:  Develop youth leadership skills  Engage students in their learning and planning for future  Create responsible citizens and active community leaders  Expose students to careers and skills employers most demand  Encourage post-secondary education opportunities and success
  3. 3. Lead to Succeed At a GlanceLead to Succeed At a Glance The program requires partnerships to be formed between the school district, colleges/universities, non- profit organizations, and Workforce Development Agencies/Boards.   The projects are built collaboratively to meet the needs and goals of the key stakeholders:
  4. 4. Lead to Succeed At a GlanceLead to Succeed At a Glance LTS Formula:   A group of 7-15 High School Students   + Project Mentors /College Students   + A Custom Designed Project for a local Non- profit Organization _________________________________________ ________   Lead to Succeed = Developing Future Workforce and Community Leaders
  5. 5. LTS CurriculumLTS Curriculum
  6. 6. UW-Waukesha Lead toUW-Waukesha Lead to Succeed ProjectsSucceed Projects Sponsors: UW-Waukesha, School District of Waukesha, Wells Fargo, ProHealth Care, Greater Milwaukee Foundation – Youth in Service Program
  7. 7. The Workforce Development CenterThe Workforce Development Center The WDC assists job seekers with life-long resources such as career planning, job searching, schooling, economic support and re-training. Project Goals: Develop and promote a half day workshop on social networking (30 second commercial, LinkedIn) for unemployed/underemployed individuals in Waukesha County. ~ Research ~ Communication ~ Critical Thinking ~ Marketing ~ ~ Public Relations ~ Market Researcher ~ Human Resources ~ ~BusinessManager~Informational ~Instruction~Technical~Literacy~ Management~ Sk ills areer s
  8. 8. Friends for Health in HaitiFriends for Health in Haiti Project Goals: • Coordinate a supply drive of backpacks, school supplies, and hygiene items to benefit school children in Haiti. • Utilize marketing and media to bring attention to the project in the community. • Find community partners to assist in project support. Friends for Health’s mission is to improve the health status of the people of Haiti, through high-quality health care, provided in a caring, compassionate and respectful manner. areer s Sk ills ~ Observation ~ Social Perceptiveness ~ Decision Making ~ ~Adaptability~Multicultural Sensitivity~ ~ Marketing ~ Public Relations ~ Advertising ~ ~CommunityOrganizer~International FRIENDS FOR HEALTH IN HAITI ...Improving Health, Changing Lives
  9. 9. La Casa de EsperanzaLa Casa de Esperanza Project Goals:  Organize book drive so that each student at La Casa, age 6- 12 years, will have a new book to take home with them.  Students will be invited to La Casa to have a day of reading with the kids. La Casa's mission is to provide opportunities for low-income individuals to achieve full social and economic participation in society, with emphasis on the Hispanic population. areer s Sk ills ~ Coordination ~ Organization ~ Marketing ~ Resourcefulness ~ ~CriticalThinking~Oral Communication~ ~ Promoter ~ Teacher ~ Librarian ~ Social Worker ~ ~ChildCareProfessional~Community
  10. 10. Waukesha County RecyclingWaukesha County Recycling Project Goals: •Build a mini-MRF table for children to use to sort recyclables •Create handouts and additional materials to supplement the table (i.e. coloring sheets or a list of additional games or books) •Create outreach materials to publicize the table to local preschools, libraries, and elementary schools areer s Sk ills ~ Marketing ~ Communication ~ Critical Thinking ~ Flexibility ~ ~Design~Professionalism~ Integrity~ ~ Environmental Education ~ Marketing ~ ~Engineering~IndustrialDesign~
  11. 11. The Salvation Army of WaukeshaThe Salvation Army of Waukesha areer s Sk ills ~ Communication ~ Time Management ~ Persuasion ~ ~ServiceOrientation~ Troubleshooting~ ~ Event Planning ~ Social Welfare ~ Non-Profit ~Fundraising~DatabaseAdministration The Salvation Army provides emergency lodging, community meals, and family services to community members who need it the most. Project Goal: Coordinate the 2009 Kettle Campaign Youth Challenge at Waukesha North High School utilizing online social media platforms to advertise and track team progress.
  12. 12. The National Children’s StudyThe National Children’s Study Students are coordinating a campaign to help raise awareness about the National Children’s Study in Waukesha. The National Children’s Study will examine the effects of environmental influences on the health and development of children across the United States. The goal of the Study is to improve the health and well-being of children. areer s Sk ills ~ Speaking ~ Creativity ~ Respect ~ Critical Observation ~ ~Judgment~Interpersonal Relationships~ ~ Promotional Advertising ~ Marketing ~ ~EnvironmentalHealth~Research~
  13. 13. Waukesha Department of Parks,Waukesha Department of Parks, Recreation, and ForestryRecreation, and Forestry Project Goals: •Build a wood chip trail in Moorewood Park. Work with elementary students to create mosaic pieces to bring life to the park trail. Create MP3 recordings and corresponding stations to make the trail interactive for visitors. Moorewood Park is a City of Waukesha neighborhood park on the southeast side of Waukesha. areer s Sk ills ~ Creativity ~ Personnel Management~ Analysis ~~Perseverance~Reliability~ Professionalism~ ~ Natural Resources Conservation ~ Urban Forestry ~ Park ~GroundsMaintenance~Municipal
  14. 14. Student Leadership ConferenceStudent Leadership Conference Integrity Vision/Strategy Awareness Decision-M aking Teamwork Adaptability Persuasion Relationships
  15. 15. Milwaukee Project Sponsors:Milwaukee Project Sponsors: Milwaukee Area Workforce InvestmentMilwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board, Milwaukee Department of City Development/Life VenturesBoard, Milwaukee Department of City Development/Life Ventures PartnershipPartnership Gathering Waters Festival: students will create an exhibit featuring green solutions to be displayed at this year’s festival. Metropolitan Milwaukee Sewerage District: students will create an educational campaign to educate people on how to properly dispose of hazardous household materials. Layton Boulevard Neighborhood Association: students will obtain and decorate 2-5 rain barrels for neighborhood renovation projects. Lead to Succeed would also like to introduce the following projects that have just started in Milwaukee!!! ~St.JoanAntidaHigh School~ ~ School for Urban Planning and Architecture ~ ~BrownDeerHighSchool~ ~ Neu Life Community Center ~
  16. 16. Milwaukee Sponsors Cont’d: UW-Milwaukee Institute forMilwaukee Sponsors Cont’d: UW-Milwaukee Institute for Service Learning, Milwaukee 7 Water CouncilService Learning, Milwaukee 7 Water Council 16th Street Community Health Center: students will promote Earth Day events and educate other youth about environmental conditions in the Kinnickinnic River UWM WATER Institute: students will become the media agency in a regional ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) competition event by marketing the event and writing follow up press releases/media stories covering the event. …Milwaukee Projects Cont’d.
  17. 17. And Now, a word from our Panelists… Our Panel Members: Tom Uyehara and Char Zarnoth, IndependenceFirst Wanda Harkins, Wells Fargo Steve Glynn, Spreenkler, LLC Katie Miller, National Children's Study Waukesha County Vanguard Center William Malone, Milwaukee Department of City Development Dr. Julianne Price, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Institute for Service Learning Elizabeth Thelen, WIRED Iniative and iLink,  Milwaukee 7 Water Council.
  18. 18. 5 Simple Steps to Utilize Service Learning as a Career/Workforce Development Strategy! 1. Find 1 industry or business to partner with. 2. Look for service opportunities students can get involved with in the community. 3. Implement a group project that will benefit a local organization. 4. Identify career skills that were utilized in that project. 5. Integrate these skills into your curriculum/program.
  19. 19. For More InformationFor More Information about Lead to Succeed…about Lead to Succeed… Contact: Karin Gratz Community Connections Consulting 414-456-1733