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Acute And emergency medicine Books 2010

  1. 1. Acute and Emergency Medicine Books 2010 Sign up at to receive emails about our books and journals Emergency Medical Cat.indd 1 4/20/10 6:50:19 PM
  2. 2. Pre-hospital Obstetric Emergency Training 3 Pocket Guide to Teaching for Medical Instructors, 2E 3 Major Incident Medical Management and Support: The Practical Approach, 2E 4 Major Incident Medical Management and Support: The Practical Approach in the Hospital 4 Safe Transfer and Retrieval of Patients: The Practical Approach, 2E 5 Paediatric and Neonatal Safe Transfer and Retrieval: The Practical Approach 5 Pre-Hospital Paediatric Life Support: The Practical Approach, 2E 6 Advanced Paediatric Life Support: The Practical Approach, 4E 6 Emergency Paediatric Care CD-Rom: The Practical Approach 7 Acute Medical Emergencies: The Practical Approach 7 Disaster Rules 8 Emergency Surgery 8 Occupational Emergency Medicine 9 Emergency Medicine: Avoiding the Pitfalls and Improving the Outcomes 9 Trauma Rules 2: Incorporating Military Trauma Rules, 2E 10 Visual Diagnosis in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine 10 Emergency Triage, 2E 11 Major Incident Management System (MIMS) 11 Evidence-Based Chronic Pain Management 12 Evidence-Based Emergency Care: Diagnostic Testing and Clinical Decision Rules 12 Evidence-Based Emergency Medicine 13 Critical Decisions in Emergency and Acute Care Electrocardiography 13 ECGs for the Emergency Physician 1 14 ECGs for the Emergency Physician 2 14 Cardiovascular Critical Care 15 Advanced Practice in Critical Care: A Case Study Approach 15 Acute Medicine: A Practical Guide to the Management of Medical Emergencies, 4E 16 Essential Guide to Acute Care, 2E 16 Practical Teaching in Emergency Medicine 17 Invasive Medical Skills: A Multimedia Approach 17 Acute Medicine: Clinical Cases Uncovered 18 Acute and Critical Care Medicine at a Glance, 2E 18 Lecture Notes: Emergency Medicine, 3E 19 ABC of Imaging in Trauma 19 ABC of Intensive Care 20 ABC of Major Trauma, 4E 20 ABC of Practical Procedures 21 ABC of Emergency Differential Diagnosis 21 ABC of Medical Law 22 ABC of Transfusion, 4E 22 ABC of Clinical Electrocardiography, 2E 23 ABC of Tubes, Drains, Lines and Frames 23 ABC of Patient Safety 24 ABC of Emergency Radiology, 2E 24 ABC of Wound Healing 25 ABC of Conflict and Disaster 25 ABC of Burns 26 ABC of Resuscitation, 5E 26 Gastrointestinal Emergencies, 2E 27 CONTENTS 2 All prices and publication dates are subject to change without notice Core material for advanced life support The Advanced Life Support Group works globally to provide teaching courses on advanced life support, concentrating on a practical approach. These tried and tested course books: provide step-by-step guidance• are fully Illustrated with instructional line• drawings provide materials in ring-binders allowing for• the addition of updates and local customization are written by multi-centred teams• offer regular updates in line with international• guidelines The books in this series address the most urgent current issues in emergency medicine from major incident management to safe transfer of adults, babies and children. Emergency Medical Cat.indd 2 4/20/10 6:50:20 PM
  3. 3. 3For more information on all our books, please visit Pre-hospital Obstetric Emergency Training Advanced Life Support Group Manchester, UK The Pre-hospital Obstetric Emergency Training (POET) programme provides an introduction to the obstetric patient and the anatomical and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy (including interpretation of patient-held records and rapid assessment of the obstetric patient). It includes clear definitions and describes risk factors, diagnosis and pre-hospital management of significant problems that occur in both early and late pregnancy and the immediate postnatal period. These are all situations that the pre- hospital practitioner may attend. This text and the accompanying integrated on-line and ‘hands on’ course will help practitioners identify and manage a range of time-critical obstetric emergencies specifically in the pre-hospital setting, and provides a structured examination and assessment technique as an aid to determining what treatment should be provided before transport, as well as when and how urgently transport should be initiated. POET is of relevance to paramedics, ambulance staff, doctors, and nurses working in the emergency pre-hospital setting and to midwives facilitating home births. It will also be of considerable value to medical and nursing practitioners working in Emergency Departments and unscheduled care settings where immediate access to skilled obstetric assistance is not available. 2009 | 9781405184755 | 224 pages | £29.99/$59.95/€37.90 Pocket Guide to Teaching for Medical Instructors 2nd Edition Advanced Life Support Group Manchester, UK This new edition of the bestselling Pocket Guide to Teaching for Medical Instructors provides an updated guide for instructors teaching on life support courses. Compiled by authors experienced in designing highly respected and successful courses, this guide gives sound, clear advice on the most effective methods of teaching. Covers an introduction to the basic principles of teaching and deals in detail with a number of modes of teaching on courses. Lectures, skill stations, role play, workshops, discussions and e-learning are all explored and in each case practical guidance is given to help the reader to become a more effective teacher. Though designed for trainees on life support instructor courses, Pocket Guide to Teaching for Medical Instructors contains practical guidance applicable to any health professional interested in becoming a more effective teacher. 2008 | 9781405175692 | 104 pages | £14.99/$29.95/€17.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 3 4/20/10 6:50:21 PM
  4. 4. 4 For more information on all our Emergency Medicine resources, please visit Major Incident Medical Management and Support: The Practical Approach 2nd Edition Advanced Life Support Group Manchester, UK This book is a simple and practical guide to managing one of the most challenging situations in medicine — that of a multiple casualty incident. The approach has been taught around the world since its introduction in 1994, and has become integrated into civilian and military medical practice. In this international edition, common principles can be enhanced by users themselves in the local information boxes to make the text highly relevant to every reader. 2002 | 9780727913913 | 240 pages | £41.99/$77.95/€52.90 Forthcoming 3rd Edition publishing in March 2011 9781405187572 | 272 pages | £41.99/$83.95/€57.90 Major Incident Medical Management and Support: The Practical Approach in the Hospital Advanced Life Support Group Manchester, UK This is the course book for an ALSG course on preparation for and medical management of major incidents within the hospital. It is a companion volume to MIMMS (ISBN 9780727913913 and ISBN 9781405187572, page 4), which deals with the pre-hospital situation, and meets an ever increasing need as natural and other disasters affect hospital staff and administrators. The course provides a systematic approach for all personnel who would be involved in managing a major incident in the hospital. “...this book should be read by all hospital personnel with potential roles in major incidents, from chief executives, through duty managers, to front line emergency care staff. It offers practical guidance of such importance that every emergency department in the UK should have a readily available copy of the book for all staff to read.” Emergency Nurse 2005 | 9780727918680 | 176 pages | £46.99/$90.00/€57.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 4 4/20/10 6:50:21 PM
  5. 5. 5For more information on all our books, please visit Safe Transfer and Retrieval of Patients: The Practical Approach 2nd Edition Advanced Life Support Group Manchester, UK The safe transfer of all hospital patients, especially those who are critically ill, is of crucial importance, demanding organisational, as well as clinical skills. Safe Transfer and Retrieval of Patients (STaR) is aimed at all health care workers involved with inter and intra-hospital transfers. It provides a much needed structured approach to transfer medicine, together with sound guidance on relevant clinical procedures. The second edition has been extensively revised in line with new developments in transfer medicine. The book has been redesigned with five distinct sections covering: the principles of the STaR structured approach• to transfers the management of the transfer or retrieval• practical procedures related to transfer medicine• an overview of clinical care during the• assessment and stabilisation phases of transfer the legal and safety aspects of transfers, specific• differences in helicopter transfers and transfers involving children A new chapter, the infectious or contaminated patient, has been added, in light of current concerns around the potential transfer of infection between patients and staff. The major revisions to this STaR coursebook bring it into line with the latest thinking on patient transfers, making it an invaluable guide for anyone involved in this aspect of health care. 2006 | 9780727918550 | 248 pages | £45.99/$86.95/€57.90 Paediatric and Neonatal Safe Transfer and Retrieval: The Practical Approach Advanced Life Support Group Manchester, UK With over ten thousand inter-hospital transfers of children and neonates now taking place every year in the UK, this book, and the associated training course run by the Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG) have been developed to provide an introduction to the knowledge required to undertake these transfers. Paediatric and Neonatal Safe Transfer and Retrieval (PaNSTaR) is aimed at healthcare professionals either beginning their training in paediatric or neonatal transport and those who are involved in undertaking such transfers on an occasional basis. Developed by a multi-professional group from across the UK, this new title incorporates a systematic approach throughout. This approach is adapted from the adult STaR course and covers the following: an overview of the current delivery of children’s• transport services the ACCEPT approach (Assessment, Control,• Communication, Evaluation, Preparation and Packaging, Transportation) practical issues that are encountered during the• transfer process from both an equipment and a clinical perspective special considerations and circumstances that• require additional planning useful appendices that contain supporting• information, sample checklists and example documentation. 2008 | 9781405169196 | 208 pages | £49.99/$94.95/€62.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 5 4/20/10 6:50:22 PM
  6. 6. 6 For more information on all our Emergency Medicine resources, please visit Pre-Hospital Paediatric Life Support: The Practical Approach 2nd Edition Advanced Life Support Group Manchester, UK This practical book, written especially for pre- hospital staff, provides all the information needed to deal with children in life threatening situations before arriving at hospital. It is a complementary volume to the bestselling Advanced Paediatric Life Support (ISBN 9780727918475, page 6). This comprehensive and authoritative guide is based upon the protocols that ensure a smooth transfer from pre-hospital to hospital care, comes in an easy-to-handle, A5 ring binder, and includes additional quick-to-follow algorithms of at the scene procedures. 2005 | 9780727918529 | 240 pages | £32.99/$60.95/€39.90 Advanced Paediatric Life Support: The Practical Approach 4th Edition Advanced Life Support Group Manchester, UK This internationally acclaimed bestseller covers the full advanced paediatric life support course, with the core sections for the abbreviated one-day course clearly picked out. The book provides practical guidance for managing children and infants in the first life-threatening “golden” hour. This edition goes beyond immediate management to include stabilisation and transfer, includes updated material at, and features BestBETs and other evidence-based references throughout. 2004 | 9780727918475 | 416 pages | £39.99/$75.95/€49.90 Forthcoming 5th Edition publ ishing in March 2011 9781444330595 | 416 pages | £37.99/$64.95/€47.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 6 4/20/10 6:50:22 PM
  7. 7. 7For more information on all our books, please visit Emergency Paediatric Care CD-Rom: The Practical Approach Advanced Life Support Group Manchester, UK With over 900 pages of management including more than 500 clinical photographs, x rays, ECGs, this CD Rom contains information on the clinical management of neonatal and paediatric emergencies. Also included are over 120 videos which demonstrate children experiencing emergency problems and receiving various life saving procedures, an essential element of the CD Rom as a training tool. There are algorithms for the management of emergencies throughout, as well as a formulary of emergency drugs. A valuable resource to all who are dealing with this element of paediatric life support. 2004 | 9781405132626 | CD-Rom | £34.99/$54.95/€42.90 Acute Medical Emergencies: The Practical Approach Advanced Life Support Group Manchester, UK  This major text, based on the Advanced Life Support Group course, is a comprehensive and practical guide which deals with the medical aspects of diagnosis and treatment of acute emergencies. Contents include: Recognition of the medical emergency• Presenting complaints• Failures• Interpretation of emergency investigations• Special circumstances• Practical procedures• 2000 | 9780727914644 | 464 pages | £49.99/$94.95/€62.90 Forthcoming 2nd Edition publ ishing in J uly 2010 9780727918543 | 508 pages £45.00/$79.95/€54.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 7 4/20/10 6:50:23 PM
  8. 8. 8 For more information on all our Emergency Medicine resources, please visit Timothy Hodgetts, Peter Mahoney, Rob Russel and Nick Castle Disaster Rules Disaster Rules Timothy J. Hodgetts, Peter Mahoney, Rob Russell & Nick Castle University of Birmingham; The Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, Birmingham; Academic Department of Military Emergency Medicine, Birmingham; Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey Disaster Rules is a pocket-sized companion to the popular Trauma Rules 2 (9780727916495, page 10). It follows the successful format and presents a structured set of easily memorised epithets for use in emergency situations — when even the most experienced health professional may need a quick prompt to speed them into action. Each rule is followed by concise yet authoritative, evidence-based explanations and guidance. Disaster Rules is written by leading emergency and pre-hospital physicians who have extensive experience of the varied civilian and military disaster situations that this book covers, and is illustrated throughout with photographs and line drawings. December 2010 | 9781405193788 | 160 pages £24.99/$49.95/€29.90 Emergency Surgery Adam Brooks, Bryan A. Cotton, Nigel Tai & Peter F. Mahoney Nottingham University NHS Trust, Nottingham, and The Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, Birmingham; Vanderbilt University; The Royal London Hospital; The Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, Birmingham Emergency Surgery provides both a practical guide and an understanding of the issues that need to be considered in the management of emergency surgery patients. It presents a clear account of the key issues involved in the assessment, investigation, resuscitation and surgical management of patients who present to the on-call emergency team. It considers the full breadth of issues encountered in these patients including anaesthesia, pre-op resuscitation/optimization, and initial post-operative care including preliminary high dependency/critical care, as well as the complications and acute issues found in acute surgical patients on the ward. It is ideal for surgical trainees as well as trainees from other specialties involved in the care of these complex and challenging patients. April 2010 | 9781405170253 | 228 pages £44.99/$74.95/€54.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 8 4/20/10 6:50:23 PM
  9. 9. 9For more information on all our books, please visit Occupational Emergency Medicine Edited by Michael Greenberg Occupational Emergency Medicine Michael Greenberg Drexel University College of Medicine The vast majority of acute occupational illnesses and injuries are first seen and assessed in the emergency department, but the overwhelming majority of emergency medicine professionals have no formal training in occupational medicine. This book supplies needed guidance on the legal implications for the physician, department, and hospital as well as the most effective and time- efficient treatments for common injuries. December 2010 | 9781405180719 | 256 pages £34.99/$69.95/€42.90 Emergency Medicine: Avoiding the Pitfalls and Improving the Outcomes Amal Mattu & Deepi Goyal University of Maryland; Mayo Clinic College of Medicine Emergency Medicine focuses on the common pitfalls and mistakes that can occur when dealing with high-risk conditions during standard medical practice. Concise chapters focus on clinical relevance, addressing the mistakes, the consequences and the knowledge necessary to avoid high-risk mistakes. An essential book for all staff dealing with emergencies. “Clearly organized around the tendencies of the good emergency physician, it has a dedication to evidence, with the clear belief that data will protect our patients.” Doodys Reviews 2007 | 9781405141666 | 128 pages | £33.99/$56.95/€42.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 9 4/20/10 6:50:24 PM
  10. 10. 10 For more information on all our Emergency Medicine resources, please visit Trauma Rules 2: Incorporating Military Trauma Rules 2nd Edition Timothy J. Hodgetts & Lee Turner University of Birmingham; Linton Military Camp, New Zealand Trauma Rules 2 retains its lively and fun presentation to help you remember the essential principles of trauma care and feel confident about handling and treating patients appropriately in the first hours of injury. Thoroughly expanded and updated, and now including military trauma rules, the second edition of this popular pocket book now offers: 70 easy-to-memorize rules covering the• important aspects of trauma care clear, authoritative explanations and instructive• illustrations the three principal stages of trauma• management: approach to the patient, initial assessment and resuscitation, and investigation and definitive care. Trauma Rules 2 is compiled especially for those dealing with the immediate and early management of the severely injured patient. 2006 | 9780727916495 | 160 pages | £23.99/$41.95/€29.90 Visual Diagnosis in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine Christopher P. Holstege, Alexander B. Baer, Jesse M. Pines & William J. Brady University of Virginia; University of Virginia; University of Pennsylvania; University of Virginia Containing high quality images, this book presents the common visual diagnoses that are either pathognomonic or suggestive of specific illnesses. Organized randomly as a patient would present their ‘chief complaint’ rather than neatly into topics, this book is an invaluable aid for all health care personnel who manage patients in acute care settings. This book is also ideal for national examination review. 2006 | 9781405134910 | 176 pages | £47.99/$83.95/€59.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 10 4/20/10 6:50:24 PM
  11. 11. 11For more information on all our books, please visit Emergency Triage 2nd Edition Manchester Triage Group Manchester, UK The Manchester Triage System (MTS) is the most widely used triage system in the UK, Europe and Australia, with tens of millions of patients being processed through hospital emergency departments. Emergency Triage is the core text for the MTS which utilises a risk averse system of prioritisation for patients in all unscheduled care settings, and as such it is an essential text for all emergency department staff using the MTS, in particular triage nurses themselves. This second edition has been revised throughout and takes in the changes in practice introduced into MTS to reflect the more up to date, modified approach to triage while retaining the principles of clinical prioritisation, which in the authors’ words remains a central plank of clinical risk management in emergency care. Emergency Triage is an essential handbook for all clinicians involved in unscheduled care settings such as emergency care, walk in centres, minor injury units, and primary care out-of-hours services. 2005 | 9780727915429 | 192 pages | £19.99/$37.95/€24.90 Major Incident Management System (MIMS) Timothy J. Hodgetts & Crispin Porter University of Birmingham; Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey This highly practical aid to management of major incidents is the refined and improved latest edition of Prehospital Emergency Management Master. Concentrating on the essential elements in treatment and transport of the wounded in a major incident this system provides easily assimilable information on: symbols and terminology• first actions• METHANE report• command• safety• communications• triage• treatment• transport• The system is produced on waterproof pages, and includes 12 separate action cards for use by auxiliary helpers, and a log for recording the facts. The complete package comes in a handy sized ring binder, allowing users to add their own local notes. The use of colour and easily recognisable icons makes this a valuable aid even in the most difficult conditions. 2002 | 9780727916143 | 124 pages | £39.99/$77.95/€49.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 11 4/20/10 6:50:25 PM
  12. 12. 12 For more information on all our Emergency Medicine resources, please visit Evidence-Based Chronic Pain Management Cathy Stannard, Eija Kalso & Jane Ballantyne Macmillan Centre, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol; University of Helsinki; University of Pennsylvania Pain management is a critical element of patient care, particularly in chronic disease. This genuinely evidence-based text for optimum pain relief in chronic illness provides the information on which to build more coherent and standardized strategies for pain relief. Evidence-Based Chronic Pain Management seeks to answer the questions both about which are the most effective methods, and those which are not effective yet continue to be used. In taking this thorough approach, the book provides all clinicians managing patients with chronic pain with complementary focuses: a critically appraised review of the evidence, and a guide to using the evidence for optimum management of the individual patient. March 2010 | 9781405152914 | 464 pages £120.00/$199.95/€149.00 Evidence-Based Emergency Care: Diagnostic Testing and Clinical Decision Rules Jesse M. Pines & Worth W. Everett Both University of Pennsylvania This useful handbook provides a concise compilation of the evidence supporting diagnostic testing and clinical decision rules in emergency care. Clinical decision rules are now widely recognised as best practice for the ordering of diagnostic tests in the emergency department. Aimed at all physicians working with emergency and acute patients, the book begins with an overview of how to evaluate a diagnostic test using an evidence-based approach, followed by an explanation of the clinical decision rules and the methods of assessing the strength and applicability of the clinical prediction rule. These introductory chapters are followed by sections covering the following clinical areas: Traumatic Injuries• Cardiology• Infectious Disease• Surgical and Abdominal Complaints• Urology• Neurology• Ophthalmology, Hematology, Rheumatology• Pulmonology• For each test and clinical decision rule, the most current and best-available studies in the literature are discussed and applied to emergency department and acute care patients in addressing the question at hand, followed by an overall recommendation on how to use the test or rule in the clinical context. Evidence-based Emergency Care is an accessible and extremely useful reference for physicians at all levels to use in applying an evidence-based approach to ordering and interpreting tests in an acute care environment. 2008 | 9781405154000 | 296 pages | £49.99/$83.95/€62.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 12 4/20/10 6:50:25 PM
  13. 13. 13For more information on all our books, please visit Evidence-Based Emergency Medicine Brian H. Rowe, Eddy S. Lang, Michael D. Brown, Debra Houry, David H. Newman & Peter C. Wyer University of Alberta; McGill University; Michigan State University; Emory University; Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York; Columbia University Emergency physicians assess and manage a wide variety of problems from patients presenting with a diversity of severities, ranging from mild to severe and life-threatening. They are expected to maintain their competency and expertise in areas where there is rapid knowledge change. Evidence-based Emergency Medicine is the first book of its kind in emergency medicine to tackle the problems practicing physicians encounter in the emergency setting using an evidence-based approach. It summarizes the published evidence available for the diagnosis and treatment of common emergency health care problems in adults. Each chapter contextualizes a topic area using a clinical vignette and generates a series of key clinically important diagnostic and treatment questions. By completing detailed reviews of diagnostic and treatment research, using evidence from systematic reviews, RCTs, and prospective observational studies, the authors provide conclusions and practical recommendations. Focusing primarily on diagnosis in areas where evidence for treatment is well accepted (e.g. DVTs), and treatment in other diseases where diagnosis is not complex (e.g. asthma), this text is written by leading emergency physicians at the forefront of evidence-based medicine. Evidence-based Emergency Medicine is ideal for emergency physicians and trainees, emergency department staff, and family physicians specialising in the acute care of medical and injured patients. 2008 | 9781405161435 | 680 pages | £165.99/$289.00/€205.00 Critical Decisions in Emergency and Acute Care Electro- cardiography William J. Brady & Jonathon D. Truwit University of Virginia; University of Virginia This scenario-based text provides answers to urgent and emergent questions in acute, emergency, and critical care situations focusing on the electrocardiogram in patient care management. The text is arranged in traditional topics areas such as ACS, dysrhythmia, etc yet each chapter is essentially a question with several cases illustrating the clinical dilemma — the chapter itself is a specific answer to the question. This is a unique format among textbooks with an ECG focus. The clinical scenarios cover the issues involved in detecting and managing major cardiovascular conditions. Focused, structured discussion then solves these problems in a clinically relevant, rapid, and easy to read fashion. This novel approach to ECG instruction is ideal for practicing critical care and emergency physicians, specialist nurses, cardiologists, as well as students and trainees with a special interest in the ECG. 2009 | 9781405159067 | 488 pages | £59.99/$99.95/€72.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 13 4/20/10 6:50:26 PM
  14. 14. 14 For more information on all our Emergency Medicine resources, please visit ECGs for the Emergency Physician 1 Amal Mattu & William J. Brady University of Maryland; University of Virginia With over 200 traces to test your knowledge, this book is a first class learning tool for emergency physicians. Basic student-level knowledge of ECGs is assumed, so the reader can move directly to learning about the more complex traces that occur in the emergency department. The level of difficulty is stratified into two sections for specialists in training and specialist emergency physicians. A minimum amount of information is given beneath each trace, as if in the real situation. The full clinical description is printed in a separate section to avoid the temptation of “looking”. Accompanied by learning points, and with the cases presented randomly, this book provides a rich source of information on the interpretation of ECGs — a core skill for all emergency department staff. 2003 | 9780727916549 | 176 pages | £27.99/$44.95/€34.90 ECGs for the Emergency Physician 2 Amal Mattu & William J. Brady University of Maryland; University of Virginia This extension to the popular ECGs for the Emergency Physician 1 (ISBN 9780727916549, page 14) continues to provide the emergency health care provider with outstanding practical and emergency medicine-relevant teaching of a life-saving skill: emergency electrocardiography interpretation. This volume can be used individually or paired with Volume 1 to present one of the most comprehensive and educational ECG collections ever assembled for emergency physicians and other acute health care providers. Special features of this volume include: Greater focus on dysrhythmias• Provision of more clinical outcomes of actual• cases to simulate real-life experience in emergency medicine More pearls and pitfalls to help avoid clinical• errors and learn from common mistakes Superb illustrations in the commentary section• to assist both learners and teachers ECGs for the Emergency Physician 2 will benefit all emergency health care providers, especially experienced physicians, residents/registrars in training, students, nurses, paramedics. 2008 | 9781405157018 | 224 pages | £35.99/$61.95/€44.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 14 4/20/10 6:50:26 PM
  15. 15. 15For more information on all our books, please visit Cardiovascular Critical Care Mark Griffiths, Jeremy Cordingley & Susanna Price All Royal Brompton Hospital, London Remarkable improvements in cardiac survival rates have made cardiovascular critical care much more common, but no less challenging for the practitioner. This important volume draws on the skills of an expert team of editors and contributors to present a timely overview of clinical practice. The book covers the full range of the field, from pre-operative assessment and the haematological complications of cardiovascular surgery and critical care to the care of patients with: Arrhythmias• Heart Failure• Adult Congenital Heart Disease• Mitral Valve Disease• Aortic Valve Disease• Infective Endocarditis• Vasculitis• The authors also address the special problems associated with the management of conditions consequent upon pregnancy, eclampsia, and the hypertensive crisis. With high-quality illustrations and a helpful index, Cardiovascular Critical Care gives you access to information that helps you provide the best possible care to your patients. June 2010 | 9781405148573 | 504 pages £74.99/$129.95/€92.90 Advanced Practice in Critical Care: A Case Study Approach Sarah McGloin & Anne McLeod University College Suffolk, Ipswich; City University, London Advanced Practice in Critical Care provides experienced critical care nurses with a clear and distinct evidence base for contemporary critical care practice. Central to the book is the application of research and evidence to practice and, therefore, case studies and key critical care clinical situations are used throughout the book. This key new book provides in-depth rationales for contemporary critical care practice in an effort to increase the depth of knowledge of nurses who care for the critically ill patient, so that they can truly evaluate their care interventions in view of underlying pathophysiology and evidence. Each chapter introduces a patient scenario, which is developed and explored throughout the course of the chapter. Advanced assessment techniques are explained and the underlying pathophysiology is discussed in depth. Advanced Practice in Critical Care is an essential resource for experienced practitioners within critical care whom primarily care for patients requiring high dependency or intensive care. April 2010 | 9781405185653 | 280 pages £33.99/$57.99/€42.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 15 4/20/10 6:50:27 PM
  16. 16. 16 For more information on all our Emergency Medicine resources, please visit Acute Medicine: A Practical Guide to the Management of Medical Emergencies 4th Edition David C. Sprigings & John B. Chambers Northampton General Hospital; Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals, London and Maidstone Hospital, Kent This extremely popular title has become the definitive pocket guide to the management of medical emergencies for front-line hospital doctors. It provides detailed guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of all common conditions and includes a step-by-step guide to the nine most important practical procedures in acute medicine. Content is divided into common presentations, specific problems and procedures, and has been broadened to include all problems in general medicine likely to be encountered in the emergency department. A key feature of this fourth edition is the integration of echocardiography. Extensively revised and updated to reflect current approaches to diagnosis and management, this edition also incorporates colour and uses flow diagrams, tables and figures to make key information easily and quickly accessible. 2007 | 9781405129626 | 672 pages | £34.99/$65.95/€42.90 Essential Guide to Acute Care 2nd Edition Nicola Cooper, Kirsty Forrest & Paul Cramp The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust; The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust; Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust The Essential Guide to Acute Care contains everything you really need to know about acute care that you can’t find in a standard textbook and have probably never been taught before. Starting with the concept of patients at risk, the Essential Guide to Acute Care explains how to recognise and manage the generic altered physiology that accompanies acute illness. The principles of acute care are explained simply yet comprehensively. Throughout the book mini-tutorials expand on the latest thinking or controversies, and practical case histories reinforce learning at the end of each chapter. The chapters are designed to be read by individuals or used for group tutorials in acute care. 2006 | 9781405139724 | 216 pages | £24.99/$47.95/€29.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 16 4/20/10 6:50:27 PM
  17. 17. 17For more information on all our books, please visit Practical Teaching in Emergency Medicine Robert L. Rogers, Amal Mattu, Michael Winters & Joseph Martinez All University of Maryland School of Medicine Inherent to the teaching and practice of emergency medicine are specific challenges not found in other specialties - the unknowns of the emergency department, the need to identify life- and limb-threatening conditions, the pressure to solve problems and find solutions quickly, and the orchestration of clinical specialists and ancillary services. Because of these unique demands, books written by clinicians from other disciplines, that extrapolate their information from other specialties, arent always suitable references for teachers of emergency medicine. This book is different — it shows how to incorporate effective teaching strategies into the unique teaching atmosphere of the emergency department, how to effectively lecture, lead small groups, give feedback, foster life-long faculty development skills, and much more - it is written by emergency medicine physicians for emergency medicine physicians. Practical Teaching in Emergency Medicine gets to the essential core of how to best teach the art of practicing emergency medicine and provides the blueprint to become a better teacher, providing guidance on how to accomplish skilful teaching in busy emergency departments. It provides emergency physicians and trainees with the necessary tools to effectively and efficiently transmit information to learners in the often times chaotic emergency department environment. 2009 | 9781405176224 | 264 pages | £32.99/$52.95/€39.90 Invasive Medical Skills: A Multimedia Approach Mark Stoneham & Jonathan Westbrook Both John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford and Oxford University First Prize in the Electronic Media category at the British Medical Association Book Awards 2008 Allay your anxieties about performing complex practical procedures under pressure and increase your confidence and competence with Invasive Medical Skills: A Multimedia Approach. This multimedia package, with accompanying DVD, covers all the core invasive medical skills required by senior medical students and junior doctors, including injections, cannulation, airway management, catheterization and chest drain insertion. All the clinical procedures are covered by videos and commentaries and are also supported at the click of your mouse with: Animations explaining what is occurring under• the skin, or how complications can occur Notes which include indications,• contraindications, theory and technology, tricks of the trade, complications and references Anatomy portrayed with relevant diagrams and• photos with an on/off labels feature Equipment photographs of everything required• to perform the procedure Invasive Medical Skills: A Multimedia Approach gives an opportunity to develop in-depth understanding of the principles of invasive clinical techniques and knowledge of how to conduct them safely and comfortably for patients. 2007 | 9781405159869 | 160 pages | £24.99/$47.95/€29.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 17 4/20/10 6:50:28 PM
  18. 18. 18 For more information on all our Emergency Medicine resources, please visit Acute Medicine: Clinical Cases Uncovered Chris Roseveare Southampton University Hospitals Trust Acute Medicine is the central part of foundation and specialist general medical training and is one of the most rapidly expanding UK hospital specialties. Acute Medicine: Clinical Cases Uncovered combines patient cases and outcomes, drawn from real-life experiences, with reference to the curriculum for Training in General (Acute) Medicine. It provides self-assessment MCQs, EMQs and SAQs to give medical students, junior doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals the perfect preparation for life on the wards. 2009 | 9781405168830 | 256 pages | £20.99/$41.95/€24.90 “This is a great book for people who like solid answers to practical questions. Unlike some revision books this one is actually useful to doctors and not just medical students wanting to pass finals. It tackles common presentations, not rare conditions and is interesting to read however it cannot act as a substitute for seeing real patients.” The Murmur Acute and Critical Care Medicine at a Glance 2nd Edition Richard Leach Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital Trust and King’s College, London This new edition of Acute and Critical Care Medicine at a Glance provides a brief and straightforward, yet rapid, introduction to care of the critically ill that can be easily assimilated prior to starting a new job or clinical attachment. It encompasses the clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic skills required to manage acutely ill patients in a variety of settings, and includes assessment of the acutely unwell patient, monitoring, emergency resuscitation, oxygenation, circulatory support, and methods of ventilation and management of a wide variety of medical and surgical emergencies. There are new chapters on fluid management, oxygenation, non-invasive ventilation, recognition of the seriously ill patient and hospital-acquired infections, to provide an invaluable resource for all undergraduates in medicine, as well as clinical medical students, junior doctors, nurses caring for acutely-ill patients and paramedics. 2009 | 9781405161398 | 144 pages | £21.99/$38.95/€27.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 18 4/20/10 6:50:28 PM
  19. 19. 19For more information on all our books, please visit Lecture Notes: Emergency Medicine 3rd Edition Chris Moulton & David Yates Royal Bolton Hospital; Hope Hospital, University of Manchester Lecture Notes: Emergency Medicine covers all the core aspects of accident and emergency work. It concentrates on the essentials with “immediate action” first and then subsequent treatments. It has been written for students and trainees in accident and emergency medicine by two outstanding physicians. It also provides an invaluable source of information and instruction for anyone, in particular primary care doctors and nurses, who need to know how to diagnose and manage the early stages of acute medical problems. This edition has also been updated to cover the latest resuscitation guidelines. 2006 | 9781405122733 | 456 pages | £26.99/$54.95/€32.90 “This is one of the best textbooks on the market for Emergency Medicine. It has a clear logical approach to the topics and is thoroughly readable. The book contains all the latest information on how to diagnose and manage acute medical problems. Any medical student or foundation doctor can not afford to be without this book.” Medical Student, Keele University ABC of Imaging in Trauma Leonard J. King & David C. Wherry Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust, and the British Army; Uniformed Services of the University of Health Sciences, Bethesda An understanding of current trauma imaging concepts is essential for all medical personnel involved in the care of trauma patients where the outcome may depend on a rapid assessment of the nature and severity of injuries, allowing appropriate medical management and surgical or non-surgical intervention. Containing more than 300 state of the art full colour images, the ABC of Imaging in Trauma addresses this increasingly important area and provides a concise and practical guide to the role, performance and interpretation of emergency imaging procedures in disaster victims and major trauma patients, and focuses on the use of CT, ultrasound, and MRI scanning to diagnose such patients. It is ideal for the non specialist and emergency physicians, Foundation doctors, trainee radiologists, and specialist trauma nurses. January 2010 | 9781405183321 | 144 pages £25.99/$44.95/€32.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 19 4/20/10 6:50:29 PM
  20. 20. 20 For more information on all our Emergency Medicine resources, please visit ABC ABC Intensive Care second edition Edited by Graham Nimmo and Mervyn Singer IntensiveCareSinger|Nimmo ABCof Intensive Care About the ABC of Intensive Care Edited by Ron Daniels,Good Hope Hospital, Heart of England Foundation Trust, Birmingham, UK, Surviving Sepsis Campaign UK and Survive Sepsis,and Tim Nutbeam, Emergency Medicine Specialist Trainee, West Midlands Deanery, UK and Survive Sepsis The importance of early prevention and treatment of sepsis has never been greater. In the UK alone sepsis contributes to more deaths than lung cancer, bowel cancer and breast cancer combined, and approximately one third of patients who suffer from severe sepsis die. The ABC of Sepsis provides a much needed introduction and an invaluable aid in the increasing efforts to reduce hospital infection and improve patient safety. As growing numbers of junior medical staff experience emergency medicine, critical care and acute medicine as part of the foundation programme, there is an increasing need to develop the skills required to treat severe sepsis. The editors are involved with the Survive Sepsis campaign – developed to improve the recognition, diagnosis and treatment of sepsis – and are perfectly placed to guide junior medics, GPs, specialist nurses, critical care nurses and primary care staff through this core aspect of acute medicine. About the ABC series of ABC of Intensive Care Graham Nimmo & Mervyn Singer Stirling Royal Infirmary; University College London This new and updated edition is a practical guide to intensive care for the non-specialist, and covers the core knowledge and principles of IC patient management. It follows new guidance on end of life care, brain stem death and organ donation, with colour images throughout and includes the basics of physiology and ‘best practice’ management in the ICU and chapters on haematological support and imaging. It is also fully endorsed by the Intensive Care Society. November 2010 | 9781405178037 | 80 pages £19.99/$36.95/€24.90 ABC of Major Trauma 4th Edition David Skinner & Peter Driscoll John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford; Hope Hospital, Salford Pre-hospital care is a growing area in medicine, and emergency treatments are becoming more sophisticated as the potential to save lives grow. The fourth edition of this ABC has been thoroughly updated and includes new chapters on nuclear and biological emergencies. Each chapter gives concise and clear guidance and is accompanied by excellent photographs and diagrams. Edited and written by leading UK trauma authorities, this is a truly comprehensive and practical book for everyday use by emergency medicine staff, nurses, hospital doctors, paramedics, and ambulance services. March 2011 | 9780727918598 | 168 pages £24.99/$44.95/€29.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 20 4/20/10 6:50:30 PM
  21. 21. 21For more information on all our books, please visit ABC of Practical Procedures Tim Nutbeam & Ron Daniels Good Hope Hospital, Birmingham and Survive Sepsis; Good Hope Hospital, Birmingham, Surviving Sepsis Campaign UK and Survive Sepsis The ABC of Practical Procedures is a fully illustrated guide to the core skills and procedures all those at the frontline of care need to know. With over 280 full colour illustrations, every stage of each procedure is illustrated with colour step-by-step photographs as it is being performed. Covering key competencies such local anaesthesia, blood taking, and thoracic drain and central venous catheter insertions, each practical procedure is accompanied with useful hints and tips for key learning. This new ABC provides a guide to performing the most common practical procedures undertaken by healthcare professionals including junior doctors, nurses and paramedics. It is also ideal for the needs of the Foundation Programme, for all trainee doctors and medical students. 2009 | 9781405185950 | 144 pages | £25.99/$44.95/€32.90 ABC of Emergency Differential Diagnosis Francis Morris & Alan Fletcher Both Northern General Hospital, Sheffield A practical guide to the diagnosis and treatment of acute symptoms and conditions, the ABC of Emergency Differential Diagnosis provides a step-by-step guide to emergency differential diagnosis for non-specialists in a hospital or primary care setting. This new title in the ABC series covers the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and management of the most common symptoms with ‘walk through’ diagnosis, clear learning outcomes, and easy to find treatment options. Using the familiar problem-based teaching approach for rapid assimilation of information, case studies in each chapter allow the reader to be sure that they have synthesised the information given and can apply it to clinical cases. 2009 | 9781405170635 | 96 pages | £26.99/$49.95/€32.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 21 4/20/10 6:50:31 PM
  22. 22. 22 For more information on all our Emergency Medicine resources, please visit ABC of Medical Law Lorraine Corfield, Ingrid Granne & William Latimer-Sayer Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust, London; University of Oxford; Lawyer, Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Specialist An understanding of medical law is increasingly important for all health professionals and this new ABC provides a basic introduction to the legal issues faced in health care that is accessible to anyone without any legal knowledge. The ABC of Medical Law provides ideal guidance to the practicing physician - covering just what you need to know without becoming embroiled in complicated legal discussion. The ABC of Medical Law has up-to-date coverage of the legal issues to be found in daily medical practice, including confidentiality, research, consent, negligence, organ donation and human rights, as well as more contentious issues such as tissue retention and withholding/withdrawing treatment. Well illustrated and presented in a user-friendly format, chapters include summaries and cases to help clarify the points made. Written by practising clinicians with expertise in medical law and a medical barrister, the ABC of Medical Law will help keep a practice within the constraints of the law and is ideal for GPs, junior doctors and medical students, and anyone wanting to understand the broad basics of medical law. 2009 | 9781405176286 | 64 pages | £19.99/$35.95/€24.90 ABC of Transfusion 4th Edition Marcela Contreras Royal Free & University College Hospitals Medical School, London Blood services and Transfusion Medicine have become more clinical, scientific, well organised and consolidated over the last 20 years. More is known about the frequency and aetiology of the hazards of blood transfusions. The ABC of Transfusion is a well established introduction for all staff working in blood services, blood transfusion departments, surgical units and intensive care, and all prescribers and users of blood. It is a comprehensive, highly regarded guide to all the practical aspects of blood transfusion, including the various complications that can arise. This fourth edition of ABC of Transfusion includes five new chapters on all the latest issues including pre-transfusion testing, vCJD, stem cell transplantation, immunotherapy, and appropriate use of blood - reflecting the fact that transfusion medicine has been revolutionised. Useful as a practical guide, a refresher or for quick reference, it covers all essential transfusion matters and is an ideal source of information for all health professionals involved with safe and efficient use of blood. 2009 | 9781405156462 | 128 pages | £26.99/$49.95/€32.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 22 4/20/10 6:50:31 PM
  23. 23. 23For more information on all our books, please visit ABC of Clinical Electrocardiography 2nd Edition Francis Morris, William J. Brady & John Camm Northern General Hospital, Sheffield; University of Virginia; St. George’s, University of London Electrocardiography is an essential tool in diagnosing cardiac disorders. This second edition of the ABC of Clinical Electrocardiography allows readers to become familiar with the wide range of patterns seen in the electrocardiogram in clinical practice and covers the fundamentals of ECG interpretation and analysis. Fully revised and updated, this edition includes a self-assessment section to aid revision and check comprehension, clear anatomical diagrams to illustrate key points and a larger format to show 12-lead ECGs clearly and without truncation. Edited and written by leading experts, the ABC of Clinical Electrocardiography is a valuable text for anyone managing patients with heart disorders, both in general practice and in hospitals. Junior doctors and nurses, especially those working in cardiology and emergency departments, as well as medical students, will find this a vaulable introduction to the understanding of this key clinical tool. 2008 | 9781405170642 | 112 pages | £27.99/$52.95/€34.90 ABC of Tubes, Drains, Lines and Frames Adam Brooks, Peter F. Mahoney & Brian Rowlands Nottingham University NHS Trust, Nottingham, and The Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, Birmingham; The Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, Birmingham; Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham University NHS Trust and University of Nottingham Surgical patients are increasingly undergoing operative procedures that require complex post-operative care followed by prolonged rehabilitation in the community, and few leave surgery without a wound, tube, line or drain. The care of these surgical adjuncts is undertaken either in hospital by ward staff or away from the hospital in the community, where GPs and practice nurses are expected to take over the day-to-day management of this care. The ABC of Tubes, Drains, Lines and Frames is a practical guide that provides a clear account of the key issues involved in the assessment and management of surgical wounds, tubes, drains, lines and stomas from the operating theatre to the Critical Care unit and from the ward into the community. It highlights common pitfalls and includes trouble shooting sections that provide an understanding of the issues at all stages of post-operative care. This new ABC is an invaluable resource for all GPs, practice nurses, surgical nurses, junior doctors, and community paramedics. 2008 | 9781405160148 | 88 pages | £21.99/$37.95/€27.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 23 4/20/10 6:50:32 PM
  24. 24. 24 For more information on all our Emergency Medicine resources, please visit ABC of Patient Safety John Sandars & Gary Cook University of Leeds; Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport This new title offers an up-to-date introduction on improving patient safety in primary and secondary care. The ABC of Patient Safety covers an area of increasing importance in healthcare and provides a clear description of the underlying principles that influence practice. Patient safety is now an integral part of the training for all Foundation doctors and is rapidly becoming a component of many undergraduate and postgraduate exams, including the nMRCGP. This book is an ideal companion for this training. A wide variety of clinical staff and managers in primary and secondary care will find this book an essential text, offering an ideal theoretical and practical aid to patient safety. GPs and practice managers will find this book of particular interest, as well as medical and nursing students. 2007 | 9781405156929 | 64 pages | £23.99/$42.95/€29.90 ABC of Emergency Radiology 2nd Edition Otto Chan London Independent Hospital Mistakes can easily be made when interpreting emergency radiographs. The situation is often made more difficult by the urgency and circumstances in which the radiograph has to be evaluated. This book describes a systematic approach to assessing radiographs, instructing you on the appearances of radiological abnormalities and comparing these with normal radiographs. Each chapter covers a different part of the body and leads you through the anatomy, followed by the different types of view to request, the system of assessment itself, and pitfalls to avoid. With its clear explanation, combined with over 400 radiographs and illustrations, this essential book provides a great source of examples that can be referred to in the heat of an emergency. It will be invaluable for accident and emergency staff, trainee radiologists, medical students, nurses, and radiographers. 2007 | 9780727915283 | 144 pages | £29.99/$53.95/€37.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 24 4/20/10 6:50:32 PM
  25. 25. 25For more information on all our books, please visit ABC of Wound Healing Joseph E. Grey & Keith G. Harding University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust; Cardiff University and Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust and Gwent NHS Trust The ABC of Wound Healing is an invaluable guide for healthcare professionals encountering various types of wounds. This book covers the principles of healing as well as the diagnosis and treatment of different injuries and abrasions. It contains detailed information on surgical wounds, burns, ulcers, infection, and drugs that will aid quick and efficient healing. This concise, well illustrated, and highly practical text will make an excellent reference for general practitioners, practice nurses, and junior doctors handling hospital admissions. 2006 | 9780727916952 | 56 pages | £21.99/$37.95/€27.90 ABC of Conflict and Disaster Anthony D. Redmond, Peter F. Mahoney, James M. Ryan & Cara Macnab Keele University; The Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, Birmingham; University College London; University College London The ABC of Conflict and Disaster gives a clear, concise overview of different global situations where medical professionals may be able to provide invaluable humanitarian assistance. It covers topics such as the training and skills needed to cope in an emergency situation as well as the special needs of women and children, and public health in the aftermath of a disaster. It deals with subjects such as earthquakes and landslides as well as nuclear incidents and biological warfare both nationally and internationally. Written by experienced professionals in the field, this is an excellent resource for any aid worker or health professional considering going to, training to go to, or having been to a disaster or conflict situation. 2005 | 9780727917263 | 80 pages | £21.99/$37.95/€27.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 25 4/20/10 6:50:33 PM
  26. 26. 26 For more information on all our Emergency Medicine resources, please visit ABC of Burns Shehan Hettiaratchy, Remo Papini & Peter Dziewulski Pan-Thames Training Scheme, London; Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham; Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, Essex Burns are one of the most devastating conditions encountered in medicine. The injuries affect people of all ages, both physically and psychologically, in the developed and the developing world. The correct management of burns needs a skilled multidisciplinary approach and this ABC provides an overview of the most important aspects of burn injuries for healthcare professionals. Presented in a clear and concise manner with many illustrations, this book is ideal for medical students, nurses, hospital doctors, and general practitioners. 2004 | 9780727917874 | 56 pages | £21.99/$37.95/€27.90 ABC of Resuscitation 5th Edition M.C. Colquhoun, A.J. Handley & T.R. Evans All Resuscitation Council, London Concise and clearly illustrated, the ABC of Resuscitation contains practical information on all aspects of the subject. Including the latest guidelines are just one of the changes to the 5th edition of this book — many of the chapters are completely rewritten, with material on automated defibrillators, advanced life support including paediatric life support, drugs, and many illustrations. “A must for every general practice, ward, or unit.” Care of the Critically Ill “A welcome source of knowledge and practical advice for health care professionals involved in resuscitation.” British Journal of Resuscitation 2003 | 9780727916693 | 111 pages | £28.99/$53.95/€34.90 Emergency Medical Cat.indd 26 4/20/10 6:50:33 PM
  27. 27. 27For more information on all our books, please visit Gastrointestinal Emergencies 2nd Edition Tony C.K. Tham, John S.A. Collins & Roy M. Soetikno University of Ulster and Royal Hospitals Trust, Belfast; University of Ulster and Royal Hospitals Trust, Belfast; Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System Emergencies of the GI tract present an enormous challenge to practicing gastroenterologists. The second edition of Gastrointestinal Emergencies provides a practical, up-to-date guide for immediate reference by the practitioner trying to manage complications or emergencies. The text focuses on a range of conditions such as acute pancreatitis, esophageal perforation, capsule endoscopy complications, acute appendicitis, and the difficulties after endoscopy procedures. Gastroenterologists, endoscopists, hepatologists, and GI specialist nurses, and emergency care physicians, whether in training or in practice, will find it an absolutely essential reference tool. 2008 | 9781405146340 | 232 pages | £44.99/$78.95/€54.90 LOG ON TO Log on with your user ID and password. Click“Author Center”and then“Submit First Draft of a New Manuscript.” UPLOAD FILES USING THE FILE MANAGER Use the“Browse”button to select a file. Choose a designation from the list and whether it will be seen by referees. Click“Upload”to add your file. Repeat until all files are uploaded. SUBMIT AND TRACK YOUR PAPER Click“Submit”once you are satisfied. An automatic confirmation with your manuscript number will follow and the progress of your submission can be tracked. SUBMIT YOUR WORK TO Academic Emergency Medicine The Academic Emergency Medicine state-of-the-art online submission system allows you to track your paper through the entire production process. You will never have to wait, or wonder, when your paper will publish. Submission is fast, easy, and safe. Follow these 5 simple steps: Submit at: Medical Submision 7x5 template 09-06787.indd 1 7/31/2009 10:35:07 AM Emergency Medical Cat.indd 27 4/20/10 6:50:34 PM