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Hyderabad Deccan meiN Mir Anees* ki pahli Majlis


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Hyderabad Deccan meiN Mir Anees* ki pahli Majlis
Nizam ke Mahel meiN jaane se Mir Anees* ka inkar
Meer Mehboob Ali Khan khilaf e dastoor Anees* ka
Marsia sunne ke liye khud Majlis meiN tashreef laaey.
Mir Anees* ki khudDari aur nizam ki qadr dani ki
tareekhi misal.
" In 1870 Nawab Tahwar Jung invited Anis to Hyderabad where he declined to be presented at the court of Mir Mahboob Ali Khan, the then Nizam of Hyderabad State, the Nizam himself went to the Majlis where the poet was to recite. While returning from Hyderabad, he sojourned at Allahabad in 1871 and recited his marsia in the Imambara of late Lala Beni Prasad Srivastava, Vakil, who was a devotee of Imam Husain." (Wiki)

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