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Visiting Programme Malaysian Group

  1. 1. Visiting and Information Programme Party Coalitions in Germany: from Coalition Building to Coalition Management” 27th June to 4th July, in Berlin and Munich 1
  2. 2. Friday, 26th / Saturday, 27th June 2009 Kuala Lumpur Amsterdam Berlin Departure Arrival Arrival 0545 2305 KL 0810 Departure KL 1812 0940 0820 Thursday 25th / Friday 26th June 2009 Departure Arrival Arrival 2305 KL 0810 0545 KL 1812 0940 Departure 0820 Saturday, 27th June Contact person: Briefing: Introduction to the programme Alba Cako Welcome dinner 2 Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit
  3. 3. Sunday, 28th June, 2009 Berlin Introductory topic: “The Free democratic Party in the political context of the Federal Republic of Germany - concepts and strategies for coalition building and coalition management” Speaker: Stefan Kapferer Secretary of the Ministry of commerce, employment and transport of the state of Lower 3 Saxony
  4. 4. Introductory Seminar Part I: Part II: Introduction into the German German coalitions: from the Federal System preamble of an agreement to its working methods • Parliamentary democracy in the • Aspects of coalition management Federal Republic of Germany – the federal system • The process of the formation of a coalition • Constitutional meaning and role of the political parties • “Deconstructing” a coalition agreement on the example of the • Party landscape in the Federal coalition agreement of the Bavarian Republic of Germany and the role of Coalition of CSU/FDP the FDP in coalitions and oppositions 4
  5. 5. -Overview- Monday, 29th June , 2009 Berlin Topic The organisation of a coalition Meeting Manfred Eisenbach Topic Managing different coalition Transfer to interests German Bundestag Meeting Dr. Günter Krings Guided tour German parliament Guided city tour Political and historical Berlin 5
  6. 6. Monday 29th June , 2009 Berlin Topic Meeting The organisation of a coalition – political experiences of the Manfred Eisenbach last national conservative- liberal coalition Former manager of the FDP Parliamentary • From the formation process to Group during the FDP/ reaching a coalition agreement CDU coalition in 1982 – 1998 • The role of the party vs the role of the parliamentary group for the Currently: secretary coalition building general of the German • Levels of communication between Group of Liberal the parliamentary groups International • Communication of the coalition partners in the German Bundestag with the Government 6
  7. 7. Monday 29th June , 2009 Berlin Topic Meeting Managing different coalition Dr. Günter Krings interests: the grand coalition - Member of from the conservative Parliament perspective CDU/CSU • Conflict resolution mechanisms Parliamentary Group • The organisation of the coalition working groups 7
  8. 8. Guided tour - Monday, 29th June , 2009 Berlin German parliament Actual composition Grand coalition: Impact CDU/CSU and SPD (sine 2005) • Is the direct representative body FDP in the opposition and has legislative authority September 2009: next elections • Some legislation requires permission from the Bundesrat (the representation of the states). Functions • form the governing majority • elect the Federal Chancellor • scrutinize the work of the executive • pass laws • approve the budget Election • The Members (598, directly elected and drawn up by the political parties) are from different political parties • elected members according to the mixed member 8 proportional representation system.
  9. 9. Guided tour - Monday 29th June , 2009 Berlin Political and historical Berlin The state government Headquarter of German politics and •The state government consists of a history governing Mayor and 8 senators • about 3.5 million inhabitants •The House of Representatives elects • subdivided into 12 boroughs (Bezirke) the Governing Mayor, who appoints • Berlin is both: Germany’s capital and one of the other members of the Senate. the country’s 16 federal states (Länder) • seat of the Federal Government and The governing Mayor •Mayor of the city and head of the institutions federal state Berlin at the same time • political crossroad of German national, •Klaus Wowereit (SPD, governing regional and local politics mayor since 2001 • host and headquarter of embassies, media, in a coalition with Die Linke) international organizations and associations • partnerships with 17 cities and cooperation's in 9 projects with many other cities around the world
  10. 10. -Overview- Tuesday,30th June , 2009 Berlin Topic Transfer to The Federal Chancellery of Germany Chancellery Meeting Stephane Beemelmans Matthias Freundlieb Transfer to Topic Bundesrat The role of the German Bundesrat Guided tour and meeting Member of German Bundesrat Topic Coalition work at the state Transfer to level Berlin House of Representatives Meeting Karin Seidel-Kalmutzki 10
  11. 11. Tuesday 30th June , 2009 Federal Chancellery Berlin of Germany Meeting Topic Matthias Freundlieb The Federal Chancellery of State and local government relations Germany and its coordinating Federal Chancellery of Germany role of the coalition committee Meeting Stephane Beemelmans Head of office of Mr. Thomas de Maizière, Chief of the Federal Chancellery of Germany 11
  12. 12. Tuesday, 30th June , 2009 Federal Chancellery Berlin of Germany Impact and work tasks The Federal Chancellery is a supreme federal authority and the coordinating centre and control centre for government policy as a whole. The Chancellery • is in constant contact with the Ministries and the other federal authorities. • deals with departmental affairs in parallel with the Ministries. • prepares the weekly meetings and the decisions by the Federal Cabinet • acts as a secretariat for the Federal Government The Chancellors office • coordinates the Chancellor’s personal interviews and her appointments 12
  13. 13. Tuesday 30th June , 2009 German Bundesrat Berlin Guided tour and meeting Topic A member of the German Bundesrat The role of the German Bundesrat during the legislating period of the grand coalition (CDU/SPD) • Voting procedure with regard to the representation of coalition state governments • Political parties’ interests vs. federal states’ interests: the conflict resolution mechanisms of the German Bundesrat 13
  14. 14. Guided tour - Tuesday, 30th June , 2009 Berlin German Bundesrat Impact • expresses the system of division of power and combined performance tasks • defends the interests of the Laender against the Federation and indirectly the European Union • Political and administrative experiences of the Laender are incorporated in the Federation's Composition legislation and administration and in European • 69 Members, representatives of the Union affairs governments of the Laender • Number of votes according to the Extract of functions number of inhabitants of the Laender The Basic Law assigns numerous tasks •The presidency of the Bundesrat and competences to the Bundesrat changes every November • Introduces the parliamentary processing of executive bills Actual president: • Involved involved in the legislative process for bills Peter Mueller (CSU) • has the right to introduce bills into the Bundestag. • shall be kept informed by the Federal Government 14 with regard to the conduct of its affairs
  15. 15. Tuesday 30th June , 2009 Berlin House of Berlin Representatives Meeting Topic Karin Seidel-Kalmutzki, SPD Between cooperation and confrontation: Coalition work at Vice-president, the state level on the example Berlin House of of the red/red coalition in the Representatives Berlin House of Representatives • Day to day management of the parliamentary groups • levels of communication 15
  16. 16. Tuesday 30th June , 2009 Berlin House of Berlin Representatives Impact and tasks Composition Minimum: 130 members (direct The House of Representatives elects the Governing Mayor. and indirect elected) SPD (52) Tasks CDU (37) • passing legislation and supervision of the state government Die Linke (23) •monitor the state budget is its highest and most important Die Grünen (24) prerogative. FDP (13) Politics Berlin is a dept-ridden city. The mayor focus is to decrease the debt via steep cuts in the area of the staff of public officials 16
  17. 17. -Overview- Wednesday, 1 July , 2009 Berlin – Potsdam - Munich Topic Transfer to The Free Democratic Party Headquarters FDP Meeting Hans-Jürgen Beerfeltz Helmut Metzner Topic The Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung Transfer to Potsdam für die Freiheit Headquarters of FNF Meeting Rolf Berndt Christian Taaks Moritz Kleine-Brockhoff Transfer to the airport Flight to Munich 17
  18. 18. Wednesday, 1 July , 2009 Headquarters of the FDP Berlin – Potsdam - Munich Topic Meeting The Free Democratic Party: organisation, structure and Hans-Jürgen Beerfeltz decision-making procedures Federal Party Manager • Strategies and campaigning in the upcoming national elections Helmut Metzner positioning of the FDP in the so-called FDP Director “Strategies “super election year” and Campaigning” • Considerations on coalitions 18
  19. 19. Headquarters of Wednesday, 1 July , 2009 Friedrich Naumann Stiftung Berlin – Potsdam - Munich fuer die Freiheit Meeting Topic Rolf Berndt, Die Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung Executive chairman of the board of für die Freiheit - the role of directors Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung political foundations in für die Freiheit Germany • Cooperation with political parties Christian Taaks Director, Asia desk Friedrich- • Tasks and finances Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit Moritz Kleine-Brockhoff Designated Project Director, Malaysia 19
  20. 20. Wednesday, 1 July Berlin - Munich 1700 AB 6201 1810 20
  21. 21. -Overview- Thursday, 2 July , 2009 Munich Guided tour Topic Transfer to State Coalition negotiations and coalition Parliament of Bavaria Meeting Martin Zeil Topic Managing different party interests Meeting Member of the CSU parliamentary group Ulrich Falk Fabian Schatz Guided City Tour through Munich 21
  22. 22. Guided tour – Thursday, 2 July , 2009 State Parliament Munich of Bavaria Main work themes of the FDP faction Bavarian State Parliament -Landtag of Bavaria- • University law • Health care system • Legislature of the state of Bavaria • Consumer protection • The parliament meets in the • Non smoker protection Maximilianeum and counts 187 members • Accessibility of internet • Elections: every five years Last elections in 2008 and composition • a drop-off in support for the Christian Social Union, which has dominated politics in the state since the 1950s • In result, the CDU had to join a coalition for the first time, do not got the needed majority of minimum 94 seats 22 •FDP won 8%
  23. 23. Thursday, 2 July , 2009 State Parliament Munich of Bavaria Topic Coalition negotiations and coalition agreement on the example of CSU/FDP coalition in the State Meeting Parliament of Bavaria Thomas Hacker Member of the Bavarian State Parliament Leader of the FDP Parliamentary Group in the Bavaria State Parliament 23
  24. 24. Thursday, 2 July , 2009 State Parliament Munich of Bavaria Meeting Topic Member of CSU parliamentary Managing different party group interests on the example of security policy – Ulrich Falk, FDP Reconciling the conservative Internal affairs and justice policy perspective with the liberal one specialist, FDP parliamentary group Fabian Schatz, FDP FDP Parliamentary Group 24
  25. 25. Guided tour - Thursday, 2 July , 2009 Munich Munich The impact of Munich International Relations • capital city of Bavaria, Germany • third largest city in Germany, after Berlin and Munich is well connected in Hamburg - 1.36 million inhabitants international relations and • important political centre in Germany with has different twin cities, e.g.: the seat of the Bavarian State Parliament, the State Chancellery and of all state departments •Host of several national and international authorities, like the Federal Finance Court of Edinburgh Germany and the European Patent Office Sapporo Hyderabad Cincinnati 25
  26. 26. -Overview- Friday, 3 July , 2009 Munich Topic Organisation of the FDP parliamentary Transfer to State Group Parliament of Bavaria Meeting Tobias Thahammer Topic coalition work to the media Meeting Lars Pappert Rafael Freckmann Evaluation of the programme 26
  27. 27. Friday, 3 July , 2009 State Parliament Munich of Bavaria Meeting Topic Tobias Thalhammer Organisation and day-to-day management of the FDP Chief Whip, FDP parliamentary parliamentary Group, State Parliament of Group in the Bavarian State Bavaria Parliament • Methods of cooperation with the coalition partner: CSU parliamentary group • Communication at the committee level 27
  28. 28. Friday 3 July , 2009 State Parliament Munich of Bavaria Meeting Topic Representation of the coalition Lars Pappert work to the media – Spokesperson of the FDP cooperation of the coalition parliamentary group and partners with regard to press director of the Press Office relations Rafael Freckmann Press office, FDP Parliamentary Group Evaluation of the programme 28
  29. 29. Saturday, 4th July 2009 Munich Amsterdam Kuala Lumpur Departure Arrival Arrival 1915 1730 KL 1798 Departure KL 0809 1500 2055 5 July 2009 Departure Arrival Arrival 1730 KL 1798 1915 KL 0809 1500 Departure 2055 29