Not What, But Why


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Not What, But Why

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  2. 2. Name: Sombat Age: 47 Province: Bureerum Profession: Security Guard Income: ≈ 10,000 baht per month “ I chose to be a security guard because it was easy to get this kind of job. All they needed was someone with a strong build who could read and write. I used to work as a construction worker. This job is much better. I don’t have to work in the sun and carry heavy stuff all day. I’m getting older so I don’t think I can do that kind of job anymore.”
  3. 3. Name: Patarakorn Age: 40 Province: Petchburi Profession: Painter/repairman for Windsor Hotel Income: ≈ 10,000 baht per month “ I didn’t really choose this occupation, but I didn’t know what else to do after completing military service. This isn’t a bad job, though. At least, I earn a fixed income and a bonus every Chinese New Year Day. Of course, if I could find a steady job in my province, I’d rather live there than here.”
  4. 4. Name: Buala Age: 40+ Province: Surin Profession: Motorbike Taxi Driver Income: At least 500 baht a day “ I chose to be a motorbike taxi driver because of the freedom it offers. You see, I can take a day off if I feel lazy. I can refuse a customer if I want to. Another thing is I don’t know what else I can do. My family used to have land and we grew rice. We kept losing money and getting deeper into debt. In the end, we sold the land and I ended up here with my family.”
  5. 5. Name: Wanpen Age: 39 Province: Kumpangpetch Profession: Massager Income: At least 200-300 baht a day, depending on the number of customer; no fixed salary “ I used to work in a factory and got paid 190 baht a day. I earn more working as a massager. Actually, I want to open a small shop or have my own massage parlor. But now I don’t have to think so much about my future because I am still single.”
  6. 6. Name: Benjamas Age: 47 Province: Korat Profession: Tailor Income: Irregular “ If it rains, I have to close and go home.” Bribes: 300 baht a month to the policemen “ I used to be a farmer, but I kept making losses. So, I decided to move to Bangkok 12 years ago. I chose to work as a clothing repairer because I already had this skill. Besides, I am my own boss. I work hard and try to save money. One day, I want to go back and work on my farm in my hometown.”
  7. 7. Nickname: “A” Age: 34 Province: Lumpoon Profession: Street vendor selling coffee and soft drinks Income: At least 500 baht a day Bribes: 300 baht/month to the policemen “ I used to work in an electronic factory. When it was shut down, I had no job. At that time, my sister was living in Bangkok so I decided to move here. I didn’t know how to make coffee until I came here. My sister taught me how to do it. I don’t know yet what I should do in the future. This job isn’t so bad, I earn enough to eat and have the freedom of being my own boss.”
  8. 8. Name: Santi Age: 41 Province: Bangkok Profession: Motorbike taxi driver Income: At least 500 baht a day “ I like working as a motorbike taxi driver. I am free to work on any day and any time I want. With that freedom, I can spend more time with my family. Actually, I would rather run a shop. But that means I will have to fight with so many shop owners out there for good locations and customers. It can be stressful, and I’m getting quite old now.”
  9. 9. Name: Koon Age: 38 Province: Udorn Thani Profession: Street vendor Income: 300-400 a day Bribes: 300 baht a month “ I used to earn 150 baht working as a construction worker, but that wasn’t enough to feed my family. I decided to quit this job and sell papaya salad instead. With this job, I earn enough to send my two children to school. When my children finish school and find jobs, I plan to go back to my hometown and rely on my children to support me.”