Candidate Schools Objectives And Aims


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Candidate Schools Objectives And Aims

  1. 1. " Appendix 2 - Candidate Schools objectives and aims Overall objectives Specific objectives Expected results 1. Supporting the process 1. Capacity building for 1. Candidates have improved of democratisation 111 individual candidates skills and learned strategic Indonesia (Effectiveness) campaign methods 2. Support for Forum 2. Candidates needed less 2. Candidates have reduce the PoLitisi members financial resource" extent of money politics in local (Efficiency) campaigns 3. Demonstrating the political competence of 3. Campaigns have become more 3. Candidates have changed I'NF Indonesia rational and realistic their val' of thinking and (Rationalisacion) attitude in local campaigns 4. Programmes had broad 4. A maXlmwn number of outreach with minimal beneficiaries have benefited Investment from candidate schools :>. Knowledge provided was of 5. The programmes have been practical use for the candidates practically useful for the candidates 6. Forum Politisi network has been strengthened 6. The out:J:each of the Forum PoLitisi netvork has expanded 7. Forum Politisi members have received help to be elected 7. Trust in the competence and usefulness of Forum Politisi 8. PNF Indonesia has expanded has expanded contacts with local party structures 8. Forum Politisi members have entered national and 9. FNF Indonesia has expanded local parliaments the image as a center of political competence 9. The outreach of the FNF Indonesia network has expanded 10. Trust in the competence and usefulness of F P Indonesia has expanded 28