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Guide to finding motivation

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Action boost

  1. 1. How To Use This Guide:Consider this guide your rolodex to motivation. We have scoured theinternet to bring you all of its most motivating videos. Not only have wefound hundreds of motivating videos, we have organized them andincluded direct links.The videos are organized by the Motivator (Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas,etc) and by category (Positive Attitude, Taking Action, etc). Simply find themotivator or topic you want from the list below and click it to get your listof required viewing.
  2. 2. Contents:Tony Robbins 5Eric Thomas 6Les Brown 10Napoleon Hill 11Jack Canfield 12Zig Ziglar 13Wayne Dyer 14Brian Tracy 15Denis Waitley 16Jim Rohn 17Daniel Pink 18Bob Proctor 19Larry Winget 20Joe Navarro 21Marianne Williamson 23Lisa Nichols 25Caroline Myss 26Overcome Fear and Facing Fear 28Persistence and Perseverance 29
  3. 3. Focus 30Determination 31Time Management 32Persuasion 33Public Speaking 34Confidence 35Financial Success 36Taking Action 37Positive Attitude 38Meditation and Stress Reduction 39Top 100 Self Improvement Books 40
  4. 4. Tony RobbinsAnthony Robbins is a self-help author, motivational speaker and aninternationally best-selling author of five books published in 14 languages.He began his career promoting seminars for Jim Rohn and later began hiswork as a self-help coach. Some of his infomercials and self-help books areUnlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement and Awakenthe Giant Within.Robbins was dedicated to empowering students and prisoners based on histeachings. His foundation was launched on 1991 and provides assistance tomore than three million people in 56 countries every year. Watch thesemotivational videos of Tony Robbins to learn more from him.
  5. 5. Eric ThomasThomas is a motivational speaker, educator, author, preacher and activist.He was born in Chicago, IL and grew up on the streets of Detroit, MI. Heproclaimed that he had very difficult childhood experiences that pushedhim to leave home and drop out of school. Instead, he met a pastor andstarted to build a mentoring relationship that led him to success.His messages are always inspiring and have helped thousands of youngpeople nationwide. He also inspires young people to break their bad habitsand to reach for new levels of personal and spiritual achievement. Hebecame well known for his "Thank God its Monday" videos. Below is a listof all of his TGIM videos. (Episode 2) (Episode 3) (Episode 4) (Episode 5) (Episode 6) (Episode 7) (Episode 8) (Episode 8-part 2) (Episode 9) (Episode 10) (Bonus Episode) (Episode 11)
  6. 6. (Final Episode) (Season 2 - Episode 1) (Season 2 - Episode 2) (Season 2 - Episode 2) (Season 2 - Episode 3) (Special Edition) (Season 2 - Episode 4) (Season 2 - Episode 5) (Season 2 - Episode 6) (Season 2 - Episode 7) (Season 2 - Episode 8) (Season 2 - Episode 9) (Season 2 - Episode 10) (Season 2 - Episode 11) (Season 2 - Episode 12) (Season 3) (Season 3 Episode 2) (Season 3 Episode 3) (Season 3 Episode 4) (Season 3 Episode 5) (Season 3 Episode 6) (Season 3 Episode 7) (Season 3 Episode 8) (Season 3 Episode 9) (Season 3 Episode 10) (Season 3 Episode 11-1) (Season 3 Episode 11-2)
  7. 7. (Season 3 Episode 12) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 13) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 14) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 15) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 16) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 17) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 18) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 19) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 20) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 21) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 22) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 23) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 24) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 25) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 26) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 27) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 28) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 29) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 30) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 31) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 32) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 33) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 34) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 35) (Season 3 Bonus Ep 36) (Season 3 Final Episode) (TGIM Finals)
  8. 8. (TGIM Holiday Special) (Season 4) (Season 4 Episode 1) (Season 4 Episode 2) (Season 4 Episode 3) (Season 4 Episode 4) (TGIM Season 4) (TGIM Season 4) (TGIM Season 4) (TGIM Season 4) (TGIM Season 4) (TGIM Season 4) (TGIM Season 4) (TGIM Season 4) (TGIM Season 4) (TGIM THROWBACK)
  9. 9. Les BrownLes Brown is known as a professional speaker, author and televisionpersonality. He was adopted with his twin brother Wes when they were sixweeks old by Mrs. Mamie Brown. Brown had no formal education but withhis determination, passion to learn and persistence, he has achievedgreatness and success.Les received the highest honor: The Council of Peers Award of Excellencein the National Speakers Associations in 1989. He was also recognized asone of Americas Top Five Speakers for 1992 by Toastmasters international.Some of the famous quotes by Les Brown are “Shoot for the moon. Even ifyou miss, youll land among the stars." and "Other peoples opinion of youdoes not have to become your reality." Today, hes one of the worlds mostsought-after motivational speakers all over the world. (Les Brown 1 of 6) (Les Brown 2 of 6) (Les Brown 3 of 6) (Les Brown 4 of 6) (Les Brown 5 of 6) (Les Brown 6 of 6)
  10. 10. Napoleon HillNapoleon Hill was born in Wise County, Virginia. At the age of 13, he beganhis writing career as a mountain reporter for small town newspapers. Hebecame Americas most beloved motivational author and one of the earliestproducers of the modern genre of personal success literature.Napoleons "Think and Grow Rich" is one of the best-selling books in 1970.It sold over 20 million copies. His numerous books have sold millions ofcopies and they are still highly sought after by many today. In recent years"The Napoleon Hill Foundation" published his best selling writingsworldwide. Watch the videos below and be inspired by Napoleon Hill inachieving success. (Think and Grow Rich 1) (Think and Grow Rich 2) (Think and Grow Rich 3) (Think and Grow Rich 4) (Think and Grow Rich 5) (Think and Grow Rich 6) (Think and Grow Rich 7) (Think and Grow Rich 8) (Think and Grow Rich 9) (Think and Grow Rich 10) (Think and Grow Rich11) (Think and Grow Rich 12) (Think and Grow Rich 13)
  11. 11. Jack CanfieldCanfield is an American motivational speaker, author and the co-creator ofthe "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series that has nearly 200 titles and 112million copies in print in over 40 languages. His mento,r W. ClementStone ,taught him the fundamental success principles that he still operatesfrom today.Canfield is a Harvard graduate with a Masters Degree in psychologicaleducation. He is the founder of "Self Esteem Seminars" and "TheFoundation for Self Esteem. He has also been featured on more than 1,000radio and television programs. Watch some of the powerful videos ofAmericas #1 Success Coach, Jack Canfield.
  12. 12. Zig ZiglarZig Ziglar is an American bestselling self-help author and highly soughtafter public speaker. He was born in Coffee County, Alabama. He haspublished more than twenty five books; ten of his books have been bestsellers and have been translated into more than 36 languages. Ziglar alsopublished and recorded a long list of audio programs, videos, books,training curriculums and more...Ziglar is known as "The Master of Motivation". Hes been featured innumerous publications and repeatedly appeared with six former USpresidents, world leaders and news makers. He has been documentedthree times in the Congressional record of the United States for his workwith youth in the drug war and his dedication to America and the freeenterprise system. Watch Zig Ziglars motivational videos below to beinspired and motivated. (Setting Goals 1 of 3) (Setting Goals 2 of 3) (Setting Goals 3 of 3)
  13. 13. Wayne DyerDyer was born in Detroit, Michigan. He is one of the most popular self-empowerment speakers and authors in the field of self-development. Dyerhas written 30 books and created many audio programs and videos. Someof his books have been featured as National Public Television specialsincluding "10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace", "The Power ofIntention", "Inspiration", "Change your thoughts-Change your life", ExcusesBegone" and "Wishes fulfilled".Dyer has been interviewed in dozens of popular magazines, appeared onthousands of television and radio programs, and selected as one of sixprominent Americans. Watch some of his amazing videos below.
  14. 14. Brian TracyBryan Tracy is a self help author and motivational speaker. He was born inJanuary of 1944 in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada. He dropped out of highschool before graduation and got a job on a tramp steamer. When he couldno longer find job as a laborer, he decided to go into sales and ask othersuccessful salesmen for advice. By the end of his first year in sales, heattained the status of top salesman. At the age of 25, he was made a VicePresident in charge of 95 people.Tracy decided to put everything he knew into a success system which couldhelp others. That led him to release an audio tape program called " ThePsychology of Achievement" that sold half a million copies. Tracy hasproduced more than 300 hundred audio and video learning programs.Learn more about how you can achieve your goals by watching thefollowing videos.
  15. 15. Denis WaitleyWaitley is an American motivational speaker, writer, consultant andbestselling author. Hes very respected and has inspired millions of peoplefor more than twenty-five years. He was recently voted Business Speakerof the Year by the Sales and Marketing Executives Association andToastmasters International.He is the author of 16 non-fiction books and has released over 10 millionaudio programs sold in 14 languages. Check out some of the videos ofDenis Waitley to know why he is called one of the most listened-to voiceson personal and career success.
  16. 16. Jim RohnJim Rohn was born in Yakima Washington on September 1930. He was anAmerican entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. Rohn was thebestselling author of numerous audio and video training programs, authorof 17 different books and the recipient of the 1985 National SpeakersAssociation CPAE Award.He also conducted numerous seminars in Marketing Dept. of Standard Oilin California which now does business as Chevron Corp. Rohn died afterspeaking and teaching for 40 years. He was known as one of the greatwordsmiths of our time. Check out some of Rohn’s success videos below.
  17. 17. Daniel PinkDaniel is an American author and journalist. He is the author of four booksthat focus on the changing workplace. His long-running New York Timesbestseller "A Whole New Mind" sold more than 100,000 copies in the US.His number one New York Times bestseller "Drive" has been translated into33 languages. His first book "The Future of Working for Yourself” becameWashingtons Post bestseller.Pink worked as an aide to Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, and as a chiefspeechwriter to Vice President Al Gore from 1995 to 1997. He lives inWashington, DC with his wife and their three children. Watch the followingvideos of Daniel Pink that talks about motivation, education and workplace.
  18. 18. Bob ProctorBob Proctor is considered one of the best speakers, a business consultantand personal development coach. Hes the primary contributor to the"Secret", a New York Times bestseller, and has published several novelsand personal development programs. He has focused his work on helpingpeople use the power of their mind, form rewarding relationships andspiritual awareness for over 40 years.Proctor is the author of the bestselling book "You Were Born Rich". He saidthat "Change is constant and inevitable, but personal growth is a choice".He achieved so much success from using the principles in “The Science ofGetting Rich”. He also states that wealth is not just about money andshows his students how to be better in all areas of their lives. Proctor isnow traveling around the world and teaching thousands of people how tobelieve in and act upon the power of their own minds. Watch some of hismotivational videos below and learn more from Bob Proctor.
  19. 19. Larry WingetLarry is a professional motivational speaker, bestselling author andtelevision personality. Hes also a five-time New York Times and Wall StreetJournal bestselling author. Winget has written several bestselling booksthat cover everything from making money to getting what you want. Hehas recorded many audio and video learning systems.He markets himself as "the trademarked Pitbull of Personal Development"and "World’s Only Irritational Speaker". Wingets speaking career began 20years ago. In that time, he has spoken to nearly 400 of the Fortune 500companies throughout the world. He is also the star of a television show onA&E "Big Spender" and a regular contributor on Fox business and FoxNews. Check out some of the most powerful videos of Larry Winget.
  20. 20. Joe NavarroJoe Navarro was born in 1953 and came to the US with his family at theage of 8 after the Bay of Pigs Invasion in Cuba. Hes an author, publicspeaker, and ex-FBI agent where he served on the National SecurityDivisions Behavioral Analysis Program for 25 years. He specializes in thearea of body language and has authored numerous books including "WhatEvery Body Is Saying" and "Louder than Words".His "What Every Body Is Saying" has sold approximately 150,000 copiesand been translated into 16 languages. Navarros "Louder than Words" waselected as one of Six Best Business Books to Read for Your Career in 2012by Wall Street Journals Digital Network, FINS. Check out some of hisvideos that talks about the secrets of body language.
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Marianne WilliamsonMarianne Williamson was born in July of 1952 in Houston, Texas. She is aninternationally acclaimed author, spiritual teacher, lecturer and founder ofthe "The Peace Alliance" and "Project Angel Food". She has published tenbooks and six of her books have been New York Times Best Sellers. Herbook, "The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Midlife" spent five weekson the New York Times Best Seller List and "A Return to Love" isconsidered a must read of the New Spirituality movement.Her other books include "A womans Worth”, “Illuminata”, “Healing the Soulof America” and “The Gift of Change". She has appeared on televisionprograms such as Oprah, Larry King Live, Good Morning America andCharlie Rose. In 2006, a Newsweek magazine poll named Marianne as oneof the fifty most influential baby boomers. She has lectured professionallysince 1983.Below are some of the videos of Marianne Williamson. Check it out.
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Lisa NicholsLisa Nichols is a dynamic speaker and coach, founder of "Motivating theMasses” and CEO of Motivating the Teen Spirit. She has helped thousandsof people make significant, positive changes in their lives. She is the authorof the book "No Matter What" and co-author of the bestselling "ChickenSoup for the Soul Series: Chicken Soup for the African American Soul" and"Chicken Soup for the African American Womans Soul".She has made numerous TV appearances including the Oprah WinfreyShow, Extra and Larry King Live. Lisa has achieved much recognition forher empowering work. Check out some of the videos of a dynamic speakerwith an extraordinary story and a tremendous ability to touch otherpeoples hearts and souls.
  25. 25. Caroline MyssCaroline Myss was born in December of 1952 in Chicago. She is the authorof numerous books and audio tapes including five New York Timesbestselling books: "Anatomy of the Spirit", "Why People Dont Heal andHow They Can", "Sacred Contracts", " Invisible Acts of Power" and"Entering Castle". She is also known as one of the worlds leading voices inthe fields of human consciousness, health, energy medicine, spirituality andmysticism.In 2001, she hosted a TV series "The Journey with Caroline Myss". She alsoestablished her own educational institute in 2003, the "Caroline MyssEducation". Her latest book was released in October 2009 entitled "DEFYGravity". She also served on the Board of the State of the World Forumwith Jim Garrison from 1999 to 2004. Watch Caroline Myss powerful videostalking about some of her bestselling books and how to be motivated. (Why Don’t People HealPart 1 of 8)
  26. 26. (Why Don’t People HealPart 2 of 8) (Why Don’t People HealPart 3 of 8) (Why Don’t People HealPart 4 of 8) (Why Don’t People HealPart 5 of 8) (Why Don’t People HealPart 6 of 8) (Why Don’t People HealPart 7 of 8) (Why Don’t People HealPart 8 of 8)
  27. 27. Overcoming Fear and Facing FearFear is a natural feeling yet it remains terribly difficult to overcome. Thequestion is, is there really a way to overcome your fears? One of the thingsthat causes our fear is thinking negatively. Have you ever realized that 80to 90 percent of what we worry every single day of our life never reallycomes into reality? You should not let fears rule your life.There are different kinds of fear: fear of rejection, fear of failure or fear ofmaking mistakes. You should know that having this kind of fear will nothelp you to succeed. Fear is an obstacle or hindrance on your way tosuccess. Watch the following videos below and start overcoming and facingyour fears.
  28. 28. Persistence and PerseverancePersistence and perseverance are two keys to success. Anyone who islooking to excel in their chosen field will need to learn to persist until theyreach their goals.Persisting and persevering through struggles and failures is often the keyto succeeding. View the videos below if you want to learn more aboutthese very important character traits.
  29. 29. FocusFocus is an important skill that everyone needs in order to reach goals.Focus is the ability to concentrate and see one task through to its end.This is invaluable to anyone who wants to achieve success.The ability to focus on your goals and keep them a priority in your mindAND actions is a must for any high achiever. The videos below take acloser look at Focus.
  30. 30. DeterminationDetermination is the act of coming to a decision or settling on a purpose.Like all the other skills and traits in the guide, determination is anotherrequired ingredient in the recipe of success. The videos below will help youget determination, and keep it.
  31. 31. Time ManagementTime management is an important skill that luckily anyone can learn.Learning to manage your time in the most effective way possible will allowyou to work at your full potential.Every day has a maximum of 24 hours, so learning how to use those hoursis important. Below are some videos on time management.
  32. 32. PersuasionPersuasion is prevailing on someone to do something. It might sound a bitdevious, but it isn’t really. Persuasion is something used by sales people atall times. If you are selling something (including yourself) and you reallybelieve in the product (or yourself) then you should feel confident selling it.If you want to learn more about the importance of persuasion, check outthe videos below.
  33. 33. Public SpeakingPublic speaking is a huge fear for a lot of people. In fact, the fearsometimes becomes so overwhelming that the idea of speaking in front ofeven a few people can cause panic.While you could go your whole life never needing to speak publicly, thereare many times it is beneficial. Defeating the fear of public speaking isactually quite simple. All you have to do is practice as much as possibleand learn some technique. Check out the videos for more help.
  34. 34. ConfidenceIf I had to pick one trait that was the most important, it very well could beconfidence. Confidence is the trait that fuels all the other ones. If youtruly believe in your ability to reach your goals, you will be able to persist,focus, etc...If you feel your confidence is wavering, check out the videos below for aboost.
  35. 35. Financial SuccessMany of your goals may be altruistic. A lot of people set goals to helpcharities, people in their lives or causes they support. If you haveachieved financial success, it makes it easier to spend time and money onthose wonderful causes listed above.A couple of quick videos on financial success can be found below.
  36. 36. Taking ActionThere is a time for making goals, brainstorming and visualizing yoursuccess. Then there is the time where you have to finally focus onsomething and take action.If you want to succeed, you have to take action at some point. The videosbelow will help you learn when and how to take action.
  37. 37. Positive AttitudeHaving a positive outlook is almost as important as having confidence.Keeping a positive attitude may seem hard, but it is a conscious choice thatyou can make. The more you become accustomed to positive thinking, themore it will become second nature. The following videos will help youkeep a positive attitude.
  38. 38. Meditation and Stress ReductionMeditation is important for two purposes: First, meditation can help youvisualize success. Second, it will also let you reduce your stress. Stress isa proven killer. Keeping yourself rested and balanced is the key to reducingits negative impact on your health. The videos below will help you withmeditation and stress relief.
  39. 39. Top 100 Self Improvement Books1. The Total Money MakeoverAuthor: Dave RamseyLink: The Sixty-Second MotivatorAuthor: Jim JohnsonLink: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleAuthor: Stephen R. CoveyLink: Learned OptimismAuthor: Martin E.P SeligmanLink: Emotional IntelligenceAuthor: Daniel GolemanLink: The Power of Positive ThinkingAuthor: Dr. Norman Vincent PealeLink: As a Man ThinkethAuthor: James AllenLink: The Road Less TraveledAuthor: M. Scott PeckLink: 59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a LotAuthor: Richard WisemanLink:
  40. 40. 10. Think and Grow RichAuthor: Napoleon HillLink: Feel the Fear and Do It AnywayAuthor: Susan JeffersLink: You Were Born RichAuthor: Bob ProctorLink: NLP (Collins Need to Know)Author: Carolyn BoyesLink: The Millionaire Makers Guide to Creating a Cash Machine forLifeAuthor: Loral LangemeierLink: Awaken the Giant WithinAuthor: Anthony RobbinsLink: Life Was Never Meant To Be a StruggleAuthor: Stuart WildeLink: The Millionaire MindsetAuthor: Gerry RobertLink: Rich Dad Poor DadAuthor: Robert T. KiyosakiLink:
  41. 41. 19. The Master Key SystemAuthor: Charles F. HaanelLink: Your Best Life NowAuthor: Joel OsteenLink: Getting Things DoneAuthor: David AllenLink: Developing the Leader within YouAuthor: John C. MaxwellLink: Better than GoodAuthor: Zig ZiglarLink: The Purpose-Driven LifeAuthor: Rick WarrenLink: How to Win Friends and Influence PeopleAuthor: Dale CarnegieLink: Men Are From Mars, Women Are From VenusAuthor: John GrayLink: The Power of NowAuthor: Eckhart TolleLink:
  42. 42. 28. The SecretAuthor: Rhonda ByrneLink: Intimacy and SolitudeAuthor: Stephanie DowrickLink: Rhinoceros SuccessAuthor: Scott AlexanderLink: Winning through IntimidationAuthor: Robert J. RingerLink: The 4-Hour WorkweekAuthor: Timothy FerrissLink: The Greatest Salesman in the WorldAuthor: Og MandinoLink: Taking FlightAuthor: Anthony De MelloLink: Emotional Intelligence 2.0Author: Travis BradberryLink: The Seven Spiritual laws of SuccessAuthor: Deepak ChopraLink:
  43. 43. 37. Way of the Peaceful WarriorAuthor: Dan MillmanLink: The Magic of Thinking BigAuthor: David J. SchwartzLink: The AlchemistAuthor: Paulo CoelhoLink: Flow: The Psychology of Optimal ExperienceAuthor: Mihaly CsikszentmihalyiLink: The Four AgreementsAuthor: Don Miguel RuizLink: Jonathan Livingstone SeagullAuthor: Richard BachLink: The Last LectureAuthor: Randy PauschLink: The Aladdin FactorAuthor: Jack CanfieldLink: Who Moved My Cheese?Author: Spencer JohnsonLink:
  44. 44. 46. The Art of HappinessAuthor: Dalai LamaLink: The Power of LessAuthor: Leo BabautaLink: The Secret of SuccessAuthor: William Walker AtkinsonLink: The Science of Getting RichAuthor: Wallace D. WattlesLink: DriveAuthor: Daniel H. PinkLink: A Child Called "It"Author: Dave PelzerLink: Brain RulesAuthor: John MedinaLink: The Happiness ProjectAuthor: Gretchen RubinLink: WillpowerAuthor: Roy F. BaumeisterLink:
  45. 45. 55. You Can Heal Your LifeAuthor: Louise HayLink: Ask and It Is GivenAuthor: Jerry HicksLink: Adventures in ManifestingAuthor: Sarah ProutLink: The Champion in All of UsAuthor: Steve BackleyLink: Be Your BestAuthor: Jeff ThibodeauLink: The Success PrinciplesAuthor: Jack CanfieldLink: The One Minute ManagerAuthor: Kenneth H. BlanchardLink: Trust Your VibesAuthor: Sonia ChoquetteLink: Loving What IsAuthor: Byron KatieLink:
  46. 46. 64. Dance with LifeAuthor: J.M. HurleyLink: A New EarthAuthor: Eckhart TolleLink: The Artists WayAuthor: Julia CameronLink: My Stroke of InsightAuthor: Jill Bolte TaylorLink: How to Get What You Want and Want What You HaveAuthor: John GrayLink: How to Stop Worrying and Start LivingAuthor: Dale CarnegieLink: Secrets of the Millionaire MindAuthor: T. Harv EkerLink: The Feelings BookAuthor: Dr. Lynda MadisonLink: No More Mr. Nice Guy!Author: Robert A. GloverLink:
  47. 47. 73. Beyond CodependencyAuthor: Melody BeattieLink: The 25 Best Time Management Tools & TechniquesAuthor: Pamela DoddLink: Developing Passive PeopleAuthor: James SmithLink: 7 Strategies for Wealth & HappinessAuthor: Jim RohnLink: The DipAuthor: Seth GodinLink: MasteryAuthor: George LeonardLink: You, Inc.Author: Harry BeckwithLink: How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with PeopleAuthor: Leslie T. GiblinLink: The Power of Full EngagementAuthor: Jim Loehr and Tony SchwartzLink:
  48. 48. 82. I Know What to Do So Why Dont I Do ItAuthor: Nick HallLink: Stumbling on HappinessAuthor: Daniel GilbertLink: Living as a RiverAuthor: BodhipaksaLink: OverachievementAuthor: John ElliotLink: How We DecideAuthor: Jonah LehrerLink: Your Brain at WorkAuthor: David RockLink: Mans Search for MeaningAuthor: Viktor E. FranklLink: Looking Out for #1Author: Robert J. RingerLink: Unlimited PowerAuthor: Anthony RobbinsLink:
  49. 49. 91. Atlas ShruggedAuthor: Ayn RandLink: Think like a ChampionAuthor: Donald TrumpLink: BlinkAuthor: Malcolm GladwellLink: Building the Bridge as You Walk On ItAuthor: Robert E. QuinnLink: First Things FirstAuthor: Stephen CoveyLink: Follow Your HeartAuthor: Andrew MatthewsLink: Many Lives, Many MastersAuthor: Brian L. WeissLink: Lateral ThinkingAuthor: Edward De BonoLink: Now, Discover Your StrengthsAuthor: Marcus BuckinghamLink:
  50. 50. 100. Use Both Sides of Your BrainAuthor: Tony BuzanLink: