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These are brief descriptions of the different books in the Top Secrets line of books on success in business and one\'s professional and personal life.

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All Synopsis

  1. 1. SYNOPSIS FOR BOOKS FROM CHANGEMAKERS – JOBS BOOK 17 TOP SECRETS TO KEEP YOUR JOB OR FIND NEW WORK TODAY Here are powerful guidelines to keep your job or find new work in today’s difficult times. The book includes tips on how to adapt to changed conditions and reinvent yourself, keep your current job, find a job when you have one, develop new skills for new jobs, create business opportunities, improve your relationships for success, use the social media to find work, and enjoy yourself for success. SYNOPSIS FOR BOOKS FROM CHANGEMAKERS – COLLECT MONEY BOOK TOP SECRETS FOR PROTECTING YOURSELF FROM BAD DEBTS This book is designed to help you collect your money by establishing a good credit policy, so you can make the best decision about whether to extend credit in the form of money, work, or sales. Chapters cover establishing your financial policy, protecting yourself ahead of time, maximizing your personal security, extending commercial credit, and managing consumer credit risks. TOP SECRETS FOR PERSUADING THE DEBTOR TO PAY YOU NOW This book will help you collect your money by persuading the debtor to pay by using various types of appeals. Chapters cover setting up your collection system, keeping track of overdue accounts, the dos and don’ts of debt collecting, effective letters, phone calls, and meetings with the debtor, sending out notifications and reminders, and appeals that motivate the debtor to pay. TOP SECRETS FOR HOW AND WHEN TO GET TOUGH WITH A DEBTOR This book will help you get paid by a debtor who is reluctant to pay or has financial problems. Chapters cover: the five major reasons for non-payment, suggesting alternatives if the debtor can’t pay in full, handling stalls and objections, helping the debtor find money, dealing with disputes and negotiating settlements, responding to bad checks, making the final demand, and how to get tough. SYNOPSIS FOR BOOKS FROM CHANGEMAKERS - HAVE A SALES PARTY
  2. 2. TOP SECRETS FOR LAUNCHING A SUCCESSFUL PARTY PLAN SELLING BUSINESS Discover how to start a party plan business, whether you’re seeking part-time income or a full- time career. Learn what this business is all about and how to set your goals and pick your program, including choosing the right party plan, product line, and company for you. Also learn the keys to being a good salesperson and assessing the company’s products, literature, marketing plan and sales team. TOP SECRETS FOR TARGETING YOUR MARKET AND GETTING READY TO SELL Learn how to sell successfully by determining your target market and how to best reach them. Find out how to develop your sales pitch, have the right attitude for success, and keep your business organized. You’ll learn what to know about your product and marketing plan, get the literature and support you need, stay positive and motivated, and set up a business in your home or office. TOP SECRETS FOR PROMOTING YOUR PARTY AND GETTING A HIGH TURNOUT Discover how to make your party a big success by attracting a large, enthusiastic crowd. Learn how to recruit hostesses, organizations, and community groups; develop leads and prioritize prospects; plan a promotional pitch, launch an inexpensive ad or PR campaign; and create brochures, flyers, and posters. Other topics include building a network and spreading the word through personal contacts. TOP SECRETS FOR PUTTING ON A GREAT PARTY Discover how to put on a great party. You’ll learn how to plan the party and set the stage for sales; decide on the host and location; put the party together and invite the guests; and plan the program and the refreshments. You’ll also learn about using themes and games to make your party more fun and discover techniques for getting ideas for themes. Plus there’s a compendium of great party ideas. TOP SECRETS FOR MAKING THE SALE AND FOLLOWING UP AFTER THE PARTY Discover how to turn having a fun party into making sales. You learn how to spotlight your products and put on a good presentation, including using demos and graphics. You’ll learn how to keep your audience involved, keep enthusiasm high to make the sale, and record orders and get payments. Other topics include how and when to end the party and how to evaluate and follow-up after the event. TOP SECRETS FOR BUILDING A SALES TEAM AND EXPANDING YOUR BUSINESS
  3. 3. Learn how to expand your business by recruiting a sales team and, if you’re in an MLM business, by building a downline. You’ll learn how to recruit and train distributors, organize sales meetings, and help your sales team be successful. Chapters feature how to create a sales organization, train and motivate your people, and make changes in your business with new products and services. TOP SECRETS AND RESOURCES FOR PUTTING ON A GREAT SALES PARTY This book summarizes the major steps to creating a successful party plan business from launching the business and putting on a great party to selling successfully, creating a strong team, and expanding the business. It includes resources and references, with lists of associations, networking organizations, websites, supplies, major party plan companies, and more, plus contact information. SYNOPSIS FOR BOOKS FROM CHANGEMAKERS – NETWORK MARKETING TOP SECRETS FOR CREATING THE RIGHT ATTITUDE FOR SUCCESS Success in MLM begins with having the right attitude. This book describes how to use MLM in your direct sales program, the advantage of an MLM business, getting prepared by understanding your product and company, staying on the path to success through persistence, setting your goals for success, creating a weekly plan of action, assessing your progress, and more. TOP SECRETS FOR GETTING STARTED IN MLM AND NETWORKING MARKETING SALES This book describes the basic principles of multi-level and network selling. It features techniques for applying the five steps of successful selling, answering objections, and finding prospects. It includes ways to target your market, develop leads, get referrals, and talk about your product or service wherever you are. It discusses how to find distributors and begin building your downline. TOP SECRETS FOR ACQUIRING CUSTOMERS AND SPONSORING DISTRIBUTORS This book features the steps for getting customers and distributors. Chapters include ways to take your prospect to an opportunity meeting, put on a productive one-on-one presentation, and develop customers and turn them into distributors. It includes tips for hosting meetings or sales parties at home, selling health products successfully, and other creative ways to present your program.
  4. 4. TOP SECRETS FOR BULDING A SALES ORGANIZATION This book describes how to start building an organization, help your distributors get started, and work with them. Chapters include ways to sponsor, teach, and duplicate yourself; what to cover in your first meeting with a prospect; focusing your efforts on your best distributors; organizing cooperative activities; communicating with your organization; and creating a fast start training program. TOP SECRETS FOR PROMOTING YOUR PROGRAM WITH ADS, WRITTEN MATERIALS, AND THE PHONE This book features chapters on advertising your program effectively; creating professional brochures, fliers, and posters; writing impressive letters; and using proven telephone techniques. It discusses how to place ads and write powerful ad copy, and it describes strategies for calling and meeting with different types of people, including those with a wide network of contacts. TOP SECRETS FOR OTHER POWERFUL WAYS TO PROMOTE YOUR PROGRAM This book features ways to expand your promotion through participating in trade shows, becoming a speaker, and doing your own publicity. It discusses types of trade shows and how to increase your sales. It describes how to create a topic to obtain speaking engagements, prepare your talk, and contact groups about your presentation. It shows how to contact the media and do effective interviews. SYNOPSIS FOR BOOKS FROM CHANGEMAKERS – DO YOUR OWN PR BOOK TOP SECRETS FOR DOING YOUR OWN PR This book will help you do PR through promotion, publicity, networking, and social media. Chapters include launching your PR campaign, approaching the press, creating your press materials, using a website or blog, sending press materials to the media, handling follow-up, timing and keeping track of your PR, using e-books, networking at events, using the social media, and assessing your campaign.