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Next15 Invisible Commerce


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What will retailers do with all the data they can collect? Predictive models lead to "anticipatory commerce," where retail gets unreal: products that show up because you mentioned them, products developed because enough people searched for them, pre-positioned deliveries, instant refills, disappearing shops and vapor supply chains. Big data, constant sensing and new approaches to logistics could make familiar parts of traditional retail disappear, but are we ready for what could come next?

Published in: Technology
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Next15 Invisible Commerce

  1. 1. CHANGEIST I N V I S I B L E C O M M E RC E N E X T 15 S C OT T S M I T H C H A N G E I S T @ C H A N G E I S T
  5. 5. CHANGEIST Image:
  6. 6. CHANGEIST Image: Víctor Gutiérrez Navarro / Flickr
  7. 7. CHANGEIST Image: Argos
  9. 9. Image: Jaspers Eyers Architects
  10. 10. What is a store anyway?
  11. 11. CHANGEIST
  12. 12. Image: Christopher Craig / Flickr CHANGEIST
  13. 13. Mrs. Wilson: “What gift do you think a good servant has that separates them from the others? Its the gift of anticipation…. I know when they'll be hungry, and the food is ready. I know when they'll be tired, and the bed is turned down. I know it before they know it themselves.” — Gosford Park
  14. 14. What’s the interface, then?
  15. 15. CHANGEIST Image: Amazon
  16. 16. Image: CHANGEIST
  17. 17. CHANGEIST Image:
  18. 18. CHANGEIST Image: Amazon
  19. 19. Image: Ditto Labs CHANGEIST
  20. 20. CHANGEIST
  21. 21. Image: Emotient CHANGEIST
  22. 22. Image: Aware-Alive Technologies CHANGEIST
  23. 23. CHANGEISTImage
  24. 24. Image: Liz West / Flickr CHANGEIST
  25. 25. Arielle Duhaime-Ross, The Verge, September 7, 2015 CHANGEIST Image::
  26. 26. -Davis Marcus, Facebook VP of Messaging, as quoted in “The web has become a hall of mirrors, filled only with reflections of our data,” The Conversation, September 9, 2015. CHANGEIST
  27. 27. How will I get it?
  28. 28. Data: Red Dot Research and Shutl, from City A.M., “How Will Gen Z Shop,” 9 September, 2015 CHANGEIST
  29. 29. CHANGEIST
  30. 30. Image:Rene Dana / Flickr CHANGEIST
  31. 31. CHANGEIST
  32. 32. CHANGEIST
  33. 33. CHANGEIST Image: wikimedia
  34. 34. What about brands? CHANGEIST
  35. 35. Image:mmalpartida / deviantArt CHANGEIST
  36. 36. W O U L D Y O U R AT H E R H AV E … ? A. 2,000 prime retail locations on the high street B. Prime shelf space in a major big box C. Saturation ad budgets in major dailies D. One well-placed sensor (home, body, key traffic point) CHANGEIST
  37. 37. Image: Liz West / Flickr CHANGEIST
  38. 38. CHANGEIST
  39. 39. Image:Muse CHANGEIST
  40. 40. THANK YOU. C H A N G E I S T. C O M S S M I T H @ C H A N G E I S T. C O M @ C H A N G E I S T T I N Y L E T T E R . C O M / C H A N G E I S T