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Boston Startup Ecosystem - Liaoyuan & Harvard China Forum

  1. Liaoyuan & Harvard China Forum Boston Startup Ecosystem David Chang @changds Harvard Business School, Entrepreneur-in-Residence PersonalVC, Co-founder Feb 10, 2017
  2. David Chang @changds
  3. Background
  4. Startup Experiences
  5. Direct Via Syndicate/Fund Angel Investments
  6. How can Boston help grow your business?
  7. Resources Influencers Community
  8. Boston Ecosystem Independent Corporate University Investors Accelerators & Incubators Co-working Spaces David Chang @changds
  9. University Resources
  10. H-1B Visa: Global EIR
  11. Independent Corporate University Accelerators / Incubators Co-working
  12. Investors Tech Healthcare / Life Sciences Seed Stage Growth Stage Early Stage Angel Groups Corporate VC Corporate VC Energy
  13. Influencers
  14. Local Pillar Tech Companies
  15. Media Publications Podcasts
  16. Strong Industry Vertical Clusters MarketingTech e-commerce Cybersecurity Cloud Travel Mobile EdTech Robotics LifeSciences HealthIT Energy
  17. Finding the Functional Experts David Chang @changds Development Design Product Marketing PR Legal
  18. Amplify Your Network
  19. Community
  20. Events & Networking
  22. Community Groups & Trade Organizations
  25. Talent EcosystemCapital
  26. Liaoyuan & Harvard China Forum Boston Startup Ecosystem David Chang @changds Harvard Business School, Entrepreneur-in-Residence PersonalVC, Co-founder Feb 10, 2017

Editor's Notes

  1. About me Boston tech startup/entrepreneurial ecosystem – players & resources Doing business in Boston Title: Boston Startup Ecosystem - Liaoyuan & Harvard China Forum Description: Overview of the Boston tech/startup ecosystem, including resources for startups, tips on doing business in Boston and how to reach influencers, and ways to get plugged in. Tags: startups, entrepreneurship, boston, business, accelerator, university, investor
  2. Born in Taiwan Surreal for me to be an advocate of Boston Full circle - so much activity between US/China
  3. First 10 years of professional life in NY Came to New England (like you), thinking a great place to go to school
  4. …but never left Next 15 years Dumb luck: 1000+ amazing people, 5 startups/5 acquisitions My startup perspective shaped by where I’ve been
  5. Past 5 years – lucky to invest in other people Small checks - very early/seed level Focus: software, ONE THIRD in women
  6. Walkable city – different vibes Different clusters Density Boston today (credit Jay – TechScene)
  7. So much so, I’ve traded planes for bikes Neighborhoods: Back Bay, Seaport, Innovation District, etc.
  8. Density (talent – vets & startups) Here’s a real example: actual day (Wanderu, CO, Robyn, CIC)
  9. New talent – students: 400 years vs 40 years (SV) I’m just one person (hopefully I’ve had an impact) – how about 10, 100, 1000, 10000
  10. …To help focus, what are your top obstacles? Columbia startups How to sell in the U.S.? Want to manufacture in Mexico and form distribution partners in the U.S. / buying How to form commercial alliances / brand awareness for materials distributors (e.g., architects, design firms). Already exporting How to find partners (including tech transfer) for medical devices/biotech? Both big (e.g., Medtronic, Genzyme) and small players How to find partners in VR? How to find mentors (retail)? How to find coaching in farming (e.g., Freight Farms)? How to expand in the U.S.? Investors Surprised to see so many software startups here (assumed valley was the place). How to choose location for software companies? Already selling in the U.S. / corp dev Korea startups How to do I get my first customers? (for artist JPG marketplace) There’s lots of expertise in robotics in MA. How do I meet them?
  11. 3 kinds of resources/capital: 1) financial, 2) human, 3) real estate Get them from 3 types of places Lines blurring on both axes
  12. …let’s start with resources closest to you Huge assets: look for ways to connect with universities If you’re a student Money: for students: business plan competitions, seed funds Programs Other students If not Recruiting Mentor on campus
  13. Explosion of accelerators Lines blurred: Corp – left (independent - DCU) to right (strategic – AthenaHealth) Bolt more venture fund Staples, Launch Lab
  14. Lines blurred: human – network model: pillar, underscore space – p11, nextview, accomplice
  15. Meeting customers, partners, business people, tech veterans, experienced operators
  16. Leverage veterans 2,000 mentors
  17. In all this time, resisted silicon valley (all my acquirers there) Carried a business card from some of these companies (except Hooli)
  18. Things you can do by yourself Lots of industry trade publications as well Blog Podcasts Journalists
  19. Find experts and movers/shakers in your industry World's foremost influencers in these verticals Either at big company or startup themselves
  20. Horizontal functional experts (unlike verticals) People – advisors, board members, co-founder, freelancers, employees Shops / agencies (e.g. web/mobile dev shops)
  21. Everyone is 1 degree away Don’t be shy: Investors need you as much
  22. …Best way is to get out there So many events
  23. Trouble is too many events – how to pick Greenhorn Connect is a great resource BostInno weekly events VentureFizz weekly events
  24. Credit to NextView Contents: Tech Companies – big/small customers Investors Development shops Universities Accelerators / Incubators / Co-working Spaces Govt Media/Pubs Events
  25. You are in a special place. 3 key ingredients: Talent density: students (250K), veterans / startups (350+ mobile), corp leaders Capital: angel/VC, $37B funding (seed exploding, A trouble) Ecosystem: customers/partners (e.g. Mullen down the street), accelerators, schools, orgs