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Zagreb old town (札格瑞布老城)


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The capital and the largest city of Croatia

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Zagreb old town (札格瑞布老城)

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  2. 2. Zagreb 札格瑞布 Zagreb is the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Croatia. It is located in the northwest of the country, along the Sava river. Zagreb is a vibrant city of around 800,000 people (metropolitan area: 1,200,000). It is the only metropolitan area in Croatia with a population of over one million. 札格瑞布是克羅埃西亞的首都和最大的城市。它位於該國西北部,沿著薩瓦河。薩格勒布 是一個充滿活力人口約80萬的城市 (大都會區:1,200,000)。是克羅埃西亞唯一擁有超過一 百萬人口的都會區。 The city boasts a charming medieval 'old city' with architecture and cobbled streets reminiscent of Vienna, Budapest, Prague and other Central-European capitals. In 2011 it was visited by over 700000 tourists, mainly from Austria, Germany and Italy 這個城市擁有一個迷人的中世紀「老城」(上城),它的建築風格和鵝卵石街道,讓人聯想到 維也納,布達佩斯,布拉格和其它中歐國家首都。2011年遊客參訪超過70萬人,主要來自 奧地利,德國和義大利。 Zagreb is a city with a rich history dating from the Roman times to the present day. It is a city known for its diverse economy, high quality of living, museums, sporting and entertainment events. Its main branches of economy are high-tech industries and the service sector. 札格瑞布這個城市豐富的歷史,可以從羅馬時代追溯到今天。它是一個經濟,高品質生活, 博物館,體育和娛樂活動多樣化的著名城市。主要經濟項目是高科技產業和服務業。
  3. 3. Park Zrinjevac Zrinjevac公園
  4. 4. Trg Šubića Zrinjskog Zrinjevac 公園中的蘇比克廣場
  5. 5. Tram tracks 電車軌道
  6. 6. Jelačića Square (Trg Bana Josipa Jelačića) 耶拉齊洽廣場
  7. 7. 耶拉齊洽騎馬雕像 Ban Josip Jelačića, 1801~1859
  8. 8. The Ilica Street (south of Jelačića Square) 耶拉齊洽廣場南邊的 伊利查 (Ilica) 大街
  9. 9. Trg Bana Jelačića is where most people arrange to meet up. If you enjoy people-watching, sit in one of the cafes and watch the armloads of people getting out, greeting each other and dispersing among the newspaper and flower sellers. 耶拉齊洽廣場是大多數人約會之處。如果你喜歡看人,坐在一間咖啡館,看著 人們手裡抱著滿懷東西走出來,相互問候,然而散失在報攤和花店之間。
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  11. 11. Zagreb Cathedral 札格瑞布大教堂 Photo from www
  12. 12. Zagreb Cathedral 札格瑞布大教堂 The first building was destroyed by the Tartrs in 1242, then rebuilt some years later; in 1880 a severe earthquake destroyed it. The building you can visit today, was restored after the earthquake, in the Neo-Gothic style and added a monumental pair of 105m-high bell towers. 第一次教堂建築在1242年被韃靼人 (Tatars) 所毀,幾年後重建;在1880年 又被大地震摧毀。你現在所造訪新哥特 式風格的建築,是大地震後重建的。並 且增加了一對105米高的巨大鐘樓
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  14. 14. The 4 golden angel statues around the Santa Maria Column 圍繞著聖母瑪麗亞柱子的四尊金色天使雕像
  15. 15. Dolac Market 多拉茲市場 (果菜市場)
  16. 16. Dolac Market closed on Saturday afternoon 多拉茲市場 (果菜市場) 週六下午休市
  17. 17. Photo from www Weekdays Dolac Market (Internet photo) 平日的多拉茲市場 (網路照片)
  18. 18. Petrica Kerempuh is a folk hero that making fun of the human stupidity. This sculpture is situated next to the Dolac Market. 「Petrica Kerempuh」 是一位平民 英雄,嘲笑人類的愚蠢。這座雕塑 位於多拉茲市場旁。 Statue of Petrica Kerempuh Petrica Kerempuh 雕塑
  19. 19. Tkalčićeva is colorful street full of cafes, restaurants, boutiques and unavoidable promenade citizens of Zagreb 特卡其切瓦街 (Ulica Tkalćićeva) 多姿多彩的街頭充滿了咖 啡館,餐廳,精品店,它是札格瑞布居民的行人徒步街
  20. 20. The statues of Marija Juric Zagorka The statue commemorates Marija Juric Zagorka, Croatia’s first female journalist and one of its most widely read authors. 瑪麗·尤里奇的雕像 這座雕像是為了紀念克羅埃西 亞第一位女記者和最著名暢銷 作家之一的 瑪麗·尤里奇 The old sundial that shows the right time 古老的日晷,顯示著正確的時間
  21. 21. Old Town Gate (under renovation) (Kamenita Vrata) 石門 (老城門整修中)
  22. 22. The Old Town Gate (Kamenita vrata) now is a shrine to virgin Mary, where you can light a candle and, as the locals believe, your wish will be granted. Please be silent, even if just passing through the Gate. The portrait of Mary is said to be sacred, because it is the only thing that survived the large fire in 1731.
  23. 23. Kamenita Vrata 石門 石 門 (Kamenitavrata) 現 在 是 聖 母 瑪 麗 亞 神 龕 , 在 這 裡 可 以 點 燃 蠟 燭 , 因 為 當 地 人 相 信 , 你 的 願 望 將 會 應 驗 。 請 保 持 肅 靜 , 哪 怕 只 是 路 過 大 門 口 。 瑪 利 亞 的 畫 像 被 認 為 是 神 聖 的 , 因 為 它 是 在 1731 年 一 場 大 火 後 倖 存 下 來 的 。
  24. 24. Near the Old Town Gate is the sculpture of St. George having slain the dragon. 石門附近聖喬治屠龍雕塑
  25. 25. Nearby private sculpture gallery 附近私人雕塑藝廊
  26. 26. St. Mark‘s Square 聖馬克廣場 The square has been the hub of political activity since the 1500s. 自16世紀以來的政治活動中心
  27. 27. St. Mark's Church 聖馬可教堂 Baroque copper covered belltower 巴洛克銅頂鐘樓 Photo from www
  28. 28. St. Mark's Church (Crkva sv. Marka) was constructed in 1499, located at the center of St. Mark's Square. 聖馬可教堂建於1499年,坐落在聖馬克廣場的中心。
  29. 29. Two coats of arms grace the red-white-and-blue chequered roof of this emblematic church. 兩只盾徽裝飾在這個標誌性教堂的紅白藍色格子屋頂。 左邊是此地區古王國徽章,右邊是札格瑞布市徽。
  30. 30. Gothic south portal 哥德式南面大門
  31. 31. Croatian Parliament Building (Hrvatski Sabor) 克羅埃西亞國會大樓
  32. 32. Parliament building front door 國會大樓前門
  33. 33. City Hall 市政府
  34. 34. Republika Hrvatska Grad Zagreb Gradska skupština The Republic of Croatia City of Zagreb city hall 克羅埃西亞共和國 札格瑞布市 市政府
  35. 35. Croatian Naive Art Museum 克羅埃西亞樸素藝術美術館 Photo from Google
  36. 36. Croatian Naive Art Museum 克羅埃西亞樸素藝術美術館
  37. 37. Farmer art paintings 農民藝術畫作 Photo from www
  38. 38. Farmer art paintings 農民藝術畫作 Photo from www
  39. 39. Photo from www
  40. 40. From Gornji Grad hill overlooking the Upper Town of city Zagreb 從格尼格拉德山丘遙望薩格勒布上城區
  41. 41. Hilltop funicular station 山頂纜車站
  42. 42. Kula Lotrščak 警盜鐘之塔 Photo from Google
  43. 43. Kula Lotrščak 警盜鐘之塔 Funicular station 纜車站 The Zagreb funicular, installed in 1890 and commissioned in 1893, has the shortest track length in the world, and connects the Upper Town with Tomićeva street and, by extension, Ilica, the main shopping street. The funicular is very popular among the natives and the tourists alike. 札格瑞布纜車,1890年建造,於 1893年起用,纜車軌道長度世界最 短,連接上城與托米切瓦街 (Tomićeva),繼而到主要購物街伊利 查 (Ilica) 大街。索道在當地人和遊客 心中都很受歡迎的。 Photo from www
  44. 44. Jelačića Square holiday flower market 耶拉齊洽廣場假日花市
  45. 45. Music : The Mummers Dance