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Yuanjue Waterfall Taipei (台北圓覺瀑布)


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A good place for hiking and leisure on the edge of Taipei City

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Yuanjue Waterfall Taipei (台北圓覺瀑布)

  1. 1. 編輯配樂:老編西歪 changcy0326 自動換頁 Auto page forward
  2. 2. MRT Dahu Park Station 捷運大湖公園站
  3. 3. Exit 1 1號出口
  4. 4. Dahu Park Station MRT Wenhu Line Dagouxi Trail Yuanjue Waterfall Dahu Shanzhuang St Dagou StreamMRT Dahu Park Station → Dahu Shanzhuang Street → Dagouxi Ecology and Water Control Park → Yuanjue Waterfall → Ye‘s ancestral temple → Ecological Wetland → MRT Dahu Park Station. Normal speed back and forth take about 1 H 40 M. 捷運大湖公園站 → 大湖山莊街 → 大溝溪生態治水 園區 → 圓覺瀑布 → 葉氏祖廟 → 生態濕地 → 捷運大 湖公園站 正常速度來回約 1 小時 40 分鐘。
  5. 5. Yuanjue waterfall Trail 圓覺瀑布步道 Take Taipei MRT Wenhu Line to Dahu Park Station take Exit 1, and enter Dahu Shanzhuang Street. After the Dahu Elementary School, Dagouxi Park is at the end of the Dahu Shanzhuang Street. Through the Dagouxi Trail, the end of the road connected to the Yuanjue Waterfall Trail, walking along the stream reach to the Yuanjue Waterfall. The trails are easy, beautiful, and popular with locals. 乘坐捷運文湖線到大湖公園站,走1號出口,進入大湖山莊街,經過大湖國民小學,大湖山莊街 的盡頭就是大溝溪公園。通過大溝溪步道,道路末端連接到圓覺瀑布步道,沿著溪流徒步到達圓 覺瀑布。這些步道行走方便,優雅,受到本地人的歡迎。 Dagouxi Ecology and Water Control Park is a idyllic spot that has both a water control function and splendid scenic landscaping. The rich natural landscape and ecology have made this a favorite leisure destination with the public, its reputation spread by word of mouth. 大溝溪生態治水園區是個田園風光質樸宜人的的景點,既有治水功能又有美麗的景色。豐富的生 態自然景觀,成為大眾最喜愛的休閒之地,口耳相傳 名聞遐邇。 The popular with visitors is the park’s waterside Qinshui Trail (親水步道), which offers a splendid changing landscape. In different seasons, many different creatures can be seen, including butterflies, dragonflies, fireflies, egrets, Taiwan blue magpies, and other frequent visitors. Visitors are often startled to discover that such a beautiful place in fact doubles as an important flood control measure. 遊客最喜歡的是公園水邊的親水步道,提供了一個精彩變化的景觀。不同季節,可以看到許多不 同的生物,包括蝴蝶,蜻蜓,螢火蟲,白鷺,台灣藍鵲等常客。遊客經常驚訝地發現,這個美麗 的地方,其實是個重要的防洪措施地區。
  6. 6. Dahu Shanzhuang Street 大湖山莊街
  7. 7. Dahu Elementary School 大湖小學
  8. 8. The frescoes made by Dahu Elementary School children 大湖小學小朋友製作的壁畫
  9. 9. The end of the Dahu Shanzhuang Street 大湖山莊街的盡頭
  10. 10. Dagouxi Park entrance. 大溝溪公園入口
  11. 11. The beautiful park is flood reservoir protection area 美麗的公園是洪水蓄洪保護區
  12. 12. The path leads down to the Dagou Stream 這條小道向下通到大溝溪
  13. 13. Dagou Stream at this part is more like a creek. 大溝溪在這部分更像是一條小溝渠。
  14. 14. Dagouxi Trail 大溝溪步道
  15. 15. Hydrophilic platform 親水平台 Rest pavilion 休憩涼亭
  16. 16. Hydrophilic platform 親水平台 Rest pavilion 休憩涼亭
  17. 17. Banana forest 香蕉林
  18. 18. Walked along the creek, crossed some bridges, and continued along the path to find the Yuanjue Waterfall trailhead. 順著小溪越過一些橋樑,沿著小路繼續尋找圓覺瀑布步道進口。
  19. 19. Stone Bridge 石橋
  20. 20. River ecological interpretation platform 河川生態解說平台
  21. 21. Stone Bridge 石橋 Wooden pavilion bridge 涼亭木橋 Yuanjue Waterfall Mt Liyu Trail
  22. 22. Wooden pavilion bridge 涼亭木橋
  23. 23. Yuanjue Waterfall Trail 圓覺瀑布步道
  24. 24. The paved trail makes for easy hiking 鋪好的小徑使健行更加方便
  25. 25. Fork in the road is to Mt Liyu and Bishan Road 岔路是到鯉魚山和碧山路
  26. 26. The path runs along a river that is enchanting...and unspoiled. 路徑沿著一條迷人而未受污染的溪流
  27. 27. "Ren" stone tablet 忍字碑 A rock sign "忍" teaching you philosophy as you hike. This one is telling you to be endure and patient. 岩石標誌「忍」教導你健行時的哲學,要忍受和耐心。
  28. 28. The trail was completely paved and really scenic and followed by the stream toward the Yuanjue Waterfall. There were some beautiful plants and sometimes could hear birds, crickets and frogs the whole way. 步道鋪設完好,風景真的很美,沿著溪邊步向圓覺瀑布。有些美麗的植物,整條 路有時候可以聽到鳥、蟋蟀和青蛙的鳴叫。
  29. 29. Unknown plant fruit 不知名的植物果子
  30. 30. Mushroom pavilions 蘑菇涼亭
  31. 31. Yuanjue Waterfall. It was very small and dry, probably it was not raining recently. 圓覺瀑布非常小而又乾,可能是最近沒有下 雨的關係。
  32. 32. This way go Bishan Road and Yuanjue Temple 此路通往碧山路和圓覺寺
  33. 33. This way to the top of the Yuanjue Waterfall 此路通往圓覺瀑布的頂端
  34. 34. Wooden pavilion bridge 涼亭木橋
  35. 35. Wooden pavilion bridge 涼亭木橋
  36. 36. River ecological interpretation platform and Stone Bridge 河川生態解說平台和石橋
  37. 37. Stone bridge 石橋
  38. 38. Ye's Ancestral Temple 葉氏祖廟
  39. 39. Hydrophilic platform and rest pavilion 親水平台和休憩涼亭
  40. 40. Ecological Wetland 生態濕地
  41. 41. Ecological Wetland 生態濕地
  42. 42. Dagouxi Trail 大溝溪步道
  43. 43. Back to Dago Stream Park entrance. 回到大溝溪公園入口
  44. 44. Dahu Shanzhuang Street 大湖山莊街
  45. 45. MRT Dahu Park Station 捷運大湖公園站
  46. 46. Music : Summer Wine - Ville Valo & Natalia Avelon