Yangmingshan national park tw. (台灣 陽明山國家公園)


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Two popular attractions of Taiwan Yangmingshan National Park.

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Yangmingshan national park tw. (台灣 陽明山國家公園)

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  2. 2. Yang Jin highway 陽金公路
  3. 3. Qixing Mountain Hsiaoyukeng fumaroles 七星山小油坑硫氣孔
  4. 4. Overlooking Jhuzihhu 遠眺竹子湖
  5. 5. Datun Nature Park (大屯自然公園) Datun Nature Park is located at the northwest foot of Mt. Datun next to the 101A county highway (Bailaka Highway). The nature park is about 800 meters above sea level and has been restored using revegetation methods. It is known for its warm- temperate climate, broad-leaved forest, and volcanic cone. 大屯自然公園位於大屯山的西北方山腰,一○一甲縣道(百拉卡公路)旁,海拔高度約 800公尺,以植被復舊所形成之自然公園,暖溫帶闊葉林和火山錐體最具特色。 自然公園是大屯山系步道間極具知名的景點;園區沿著木棧道走入林中,湖面耀然眼 前,令人神清氣爽,有豁然開朗的喜悅。園區圍繞著天然湖泊而闢建,因水氣豐沛、 溼度高,蘊育了綠意盎然的水生植物。夏天悠游於湖中的水鴨、野鳥、秋天搖曳生姿 的芒草群、寧靜的翠綠草木,令人流連忘返。
  6. 6. The mountains surrounding Datun Natural Park 大屯自然公園周圍群山
  7. 7. Datun Visitor Center 大屯遊客服務中心
  8. 8. Rhododendrons blossom in Datun Nature Park 大屯自然公園杜鵑花盛開
  9. 9. Datun Visitor Center 大屯遊客服務中心
  10. 10. Located at the west side of Yangmingshan National Park, Erziping is in the saddle between Mt. Datun's main peak and Mt. Erzi. It boasts a wide, open terrain with species of wildlife and a variety of nectar-bearing and grazing plants. There are a variety of aquatic plants in the ecological pool, the best habitat for frogs. The chorus of frogs croaking and butterflies dancing in the air has become the area's most beautiful sight. The recreation area has wooden trails, pavilions, chairs and other facilities, suitable for butterfly and bird watching, enjoying the scenery, hiking, and other activities. 位於陽明山國家公園的西側,為大屯主峰與二子山之間的鞍部。地勢寬廣開闊,具有 多種野生動物、蜜源和植物草坪。生態池中有各種各樣的水生植物,是蛙類的最佳棲 息地。蛙鳴蝶舞是該地區最美麗的景象。休閒區設有木棧道,涼亭,座椅等設施,適 合賞蝶、觀鳥,看風景,健行等活動。 Erziping Recreation Area 二子坪遊憩區
  11. 11. Erziping Tourist Service Station 二子坪遊客服務站
  12. 12. Erziping trail is 1.8 km long and round trip takes around 1.5 hours. 二子坪步道全長1.8公里,往返須時約1.5小時。 Erziping trail entrance 二子坪步道入口
  13. 13. The path of Erziping is a disabled-accessible trail with smooth, paved roads and a 3-meter wide forest path, perfect for both young and old in any season. 二子坪步道是一條鋪設光滑的殘疾人無障礙道路,旁邊是3米寬的森林步道,一 年四季都非常適合年輕人和老年人往訪。
  14. 14. Erziping Barrier-free Trail (disabled-accessible trail) 二子坪無障礙步道 (殘疾人士步道)
  15. 15. Erziping is a plain surrounded by mountains. There is an ecological pond, pavilion, bathrooms, etc. It is often filled with mist, making the surrounding mountains seem smoky and mysterious. 二 子 坪 是 群 山 環 繞 中 的 一 塊 平 地 。 有 生 態 池 , 涼 亭 , 浴 室 等 。 它 經 常 是 迷 濛 著 薄 霧 , 使 得 周 圍 的 群 山 看 起 來 煙 霧 瀰 漫 並 充 滿 神 秘 。
  16. 16. Fewer visitors come here, upon continuing downward the forest trail, and one might catch glimpses of the Chinese bamboo partridge, squirrels, insects, and other wildlife. 延著森林步道繼續向下走,很少遊客會來到 這裡,有人可能會看到中國竹雞,松鼠,昆 蟲和其他野生動物的影子。
  17. 17. The way back to Erziping visitor center. 回到二子坪遊客中心的路
  18. 18. From here also can going down to Datun Nature Park 由此亦可下行通往大屯自然公園
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