Suzhou Museum (China)


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  • Precioso Museo, moderno pero sin perder la identidad china. Y las piezas que se ven en el video son una auténtica maravilla. Muchas gracias, Pilar
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Suzhou Museum (China)

  1. 1. Powerpoint by Changcy Suzhou Museum (China)
  2. 2. 蘇州博物館建築物是由美籍華裔建築師 貝聿銘 設計 The Suzhou Museum building designed by Chinese-American architect Ieoh Ming Pei
  3. 4. <ul><li>蘇州博物館位於有 2500 年歷史的蘇州古城街區中心 , 毗鄰 16 世紀明代拙政園 ( 聯合國教科文組織世界文化遺產之一 ) 和 19 世紀的忠王府(全國重點文物保護單位) . </li></ul><ul><li>Art Museum located in the historic center of the 2500-year-old city of Suzhou, adjacent to the 16th Century Ming Dynasty “Garden of the Humble Administrator” (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the 19th Century Zhong Wang Fu (a National Historic Landmark palace complex). </li></ul>
  4. 7. 特別設計的牆上流水 special designed wall running water
  5. 11. 透光天花板 Light coming-in from ceiling
  6. 12. 門把影子 Shadows of door handle
  7. 13. 簾幕外的庭院 Courtyard behind the curtain
  8. 22. Pomegranate and Hexagonal window 石榴樹與六角形窗子
  9. 25. 假山庭院 Rock garden
  10. 26. T h e E n d