Sometimes (有時候)


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Sometimes (有時候)

  1. 1. 編輯配樂:老編西歪 changcy0326 按滑鼠換頁 Click for page continue
  2. 2. Sometimes, Inexplicable bad mood, Do not want to talk to anyone, Want alone a man quietly in a daze. 有時候, 莫名的心情不好, 不想和任何人說話, 只想一個人靜靜的發呆。 Sometimes, suddenly felt uneasy, everything feels uncomfortable, boring and dread, trying desperately to find an exit. 有時候, 突然覺得心情煩躁, 看什麼都覺得不舒服, 心裡悶的發慌, 拼命想尋找一個出口。
  3. 3. Sometimes, vulnerable time in their own, want alone a man in hiding, unwilling others to see their wounds. 有時候, 在自己脆弱的時候, 想一個人躲起來, 不願別人看到自己的傷口。
  4. 4. Sometimes, want to indulge myself, hope to thoroughly drunk once. 有時候, 很想放縱自己, 希望自己徹徹底底醉一次。 Sometimes, suddenly wanted to escape from the present life, want desperately to pack the luggage to stray. 有時候, 突然很想逃離現在的生活, 想不顧一切收拾自己的行李去流浪。
  5. 5. Sometimes, Suddenly want to cry, But sad and could not cry out. 有時候, 突然很想哭, 卻難過的哭不出來。 Really, it's just sometimes, their many friends around, but still feel lonely. 真的只是有時候, 明明自己身邊很多朋友, 卻依然覺得孤單。
  6. 6. Sometimes, dead of night, suddenly felt lonely In-depth of the heart. 有時候, 夜深人靜的時候, 突然覺得心中寂寞深入骨髓。
  7. 7. Sometimes, your heart has a lot to say, but I don‘t know how to express. 有時候, 明明自己心裡有很多話要說, 卻不知道怎樣表達。 Sometimes, hurt by others on their lips speak nothing, actually sad to die. 有時候, 被別人傷害,嘴上講沒事, 其實心裏難過的要死。
  8. 8. Sometimes, Their dream of many, But powerless. 有時候, 自己的夢想很多, 卻力不從心。 Sometimes, suddenly could not find themselves, lost my own. 有時候, 突然找不到自己, 把自己丟了。
  9. 9. Sometimes, hoping to find someone to love myself, desire a sense of security. When that man can hurt you when you're paranoid shade. 有時候, 希望能找個人好好疼愛自己,渴望一種安全感。 可當那個可以疼你的人出現的時候,你卻偏執地退隱。
  10. 10. Sometimes, see their future looks like, confuse and do not know what to do. 有時候, 看不到自己未來的樣子, 迷茫的不知所措。 Sometimes, abruptly emerge a tired emotions in heart, feel very tired and tire. 有時候, 心裡突然冒出一種厭倦的情緒, 覺得自己很累很累。
  11. 11. Sometimes, desire the care from someone else's, desire a simple pleasure. 有時候, 渴望別人的關懷, 渴望一份簡單的快樂。 Sometimes, it is easy to move someone to care, like a dork sometimes numbness. 有時候, 很容易感動別人的關懷, 有時候卻麻木地像個笨蛋。
  12. 12. Sometimes obviously very tired, but no way to stop the pace. 有時候 明明很累了, 但卻沒辦法停止腳步。 Sometimes, watching the passing a little bit of time, but sigh, they cannot help. 有時候, 看著時間一點點流逝, 任憑歎息,自己卻無能為力。
  13. 13. In fact, sometimes, really wanted to so many. 其實,有時候,真的會想這麼多。
  14. 14. With friends with silence, tell strangers about you. Care for you, don't want them to worry about, and sometimes no news is good news. 跟朋友裝沉默,跟陌生人講心裏話。對於在乎你的,不想讓他們擔心, 有時候,沒有消息就是一種好消息。 In fact, is to say "I'm fine", perhaps the Kid lied, we just thought the bright side, everyone on their impressions of the Home. 其實,很想說「我很好」,或許是昧著心說謊,也只是想把最燦爛 的一面,放在每個人對自己印象的首頁。
  15. 15. Lose yourself, remember to pick up back ... ... 丟了的自己,要記得撿回來…… Note : This article is extracted from the following website. (本文章摘錄自下列網站。)
  16. 16. Photos taken by photographie Patrick Escudero Music : Forever in Love