Pumpkin carvings (南瓜雕刻)


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Pumpkin portraits carved by Artist Ray Villafane

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Pumpkin carvings (南瓜雕刻)

  1. 1. Pumpkin CarvingsRay Villafane南瓜雕刻雷‧威拉分尼編輯配樂:老編西歪changcy0326按滑鼠換頁Click for page continue
  2. 2. Masterful Pumpkin Carvings大師級的南瓜雕刻Ray Villafane is one of our favorite pumpkin artists, because, as these photos show,hes got mad skills! Rays big in the pumpkin world. You mayve seen him on TV. Andnow, hes joined by his best friend and sculptor Andy Bergholtz, so were sure to seemore spectacular carved pumpkins in the future!雷‧威拉分尼 (Ray Villafane) 是我們最喜歡的南瓜藝術家之一,雷 (Ray) 的大南瓜世界,這些照片展示,他有瘋狂的技能!你可能在電視上見過他。而現在,他最好的朋友雕塑家 安迪‧貝格赫爾茲 (Andy Bergholtz) 的加入,所以在未來我們一定可以看到更加壯觀的南瓜雕刻!