Mei Nong Umbrella, Hakka Friendship (美濃傘客家情)


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12 working procedure manufacture paper umbrella.

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Mei Nong Umbrella, Hakka Friendship (美濃傘客家情)

  1. 1. MeiNong Umbrella Hakka Friendship 編輯配樂:老編西歪 changcy0326 美濃傘 客家情 按滑鼠換頁 Click for page continue
  2. 2. 高雄縣 美濃鎮 MeiNong Township, Kaohsiung County, TW.
  3. 5. Oil-Paper Umbrella is one of the unique culture characteristics of Hakka’s. The umbrella is used not only for the rainy and sunny days, but also a symbol of good luck. It plays an important role in Hakka’s living. MeiNong Township is the birthplace of Hakka’s oil-paper umbrella. There were almost 20 factories making paper umbrellas, and more than 20,000 umbrellas were produced per year when this business was booming. However, the business was replaced by the lower cost and faster produced western umbrellas. The traditional oil-paper umbrella industry declined. Now, there are just a few factories left in town. They open to the tourists to enjoy the beauty of the traditional oil-paper umbrella. 紙傘,是客家特有的文化之一,除了有遮陽、避雨的功能外,還有吉祥的象徵,對客家人的生活來說有著重要的地位。美濃是客家紙傘的發源地,在興盛時期,紙傘工廠高達二十餘家,每年的生產量約二萬把以上。後來,價格低廉且可快速生產的洋傘取代了紙傘,傳統紙傘行業也就逐漸沒落了。目前,美濃尚有幾間碩果僅存的紙傘廠並開放參觀,讓來訪的遊客有機會可以欣賞到傳統紙傘之美。 About Umbrella 關於紙傘
  4. 6. Yuan-Xiang-Yuan Umbrella Culture Village
  5. 28. 美濃 李家傘店 Lee’s umbrella shop
  6. 35. 美濃李家傘店 Lee’s umbrella shop The process in making oil-paper umbrella is quite complicated. It has four major processes : making the frame, binding process, attaching paper, and coating with Tung Oil. Each process would take you a few months to a year to learn. If you would like to complete all these four processes by yourself, you may need to learn all these skills for at least three years. 紙傘的製作過程相當繁複,主要分為製傘骨、紮工、黏紙及上桐油等四大階段。每一階段的製程,都需要花上數個月至一年以上的時間學習,而若要獨立完成一把紙傘,則必需花上三年以上的時間來學習,才能獨當一面。 For Increase output , umbrella somewhere use the machine work. Now makes oil-paper umbrella's work divides 12 steps instead of original four processes for acceleration the speed. 現在為了能夠增加產量,有些製作過程用機器取代,而製造油紙傘的工作也由原先四個部分的分工,細分為十二個工序,加速製傘速度。 Make oil-paper umbrella in MeiNong 美濃紙傘製作
  7. 36. 1). 刨青 : 依傘規格裁鋸;刨除竹材外面光滑的表皮。 According to the desired size cut and saw the bamboo rods, then sand the skins of the bamboos smooth.
  8. 37. 2). 削長骨 :削開竹材,製作固定傘面的長骨。 Chop the bamboo and make the long ribs to hold the cover of the umbrella
  9. 38. 3). 削短骨 : 削開竹材,製作撐傘面的短骨。 Chop the bamboo and make the short ribs.
  10. 39. Rearrange the chopped long , short ribs, and connect the wood head of the umbrella. 4). 重新排組: 將削好的長、短骨依序排列組合。
  11. 40. 5). 串傘架 :將串好的長、短骨架連接。 Connect the long , short ribs.
  12. 41. 6). 裝柄 : 將竹傘柄插入長、短骨架,並予以固定。 Insert the umbrella's handle into the long and short ribs and tie them
  13. 42. 7). 繞邊線 :將長骨尾端以棉線固定,按照圓周平均間隔傘骨。 Wind cotton thread to connect the long ribs
  14. 43. 8). 糊紙 ( 裱傘面 ) : 將棉紙糊貼在長 ( 傘 ) 骨上,完成傘面。 在傘頭上方糊上執腦紙,保護木質傘頭及竹柄。 Paste cotton paper on the cover of the umbrella to protect the wood head and handle.
  15. 44. 9). 彩繪 : 藝師在傘面彩繪上畫,展現不同風情的紙傘。 Artists paint different pictures on the cover of the oil-paper umbrella
  16. 46. 10). 上油: 傘面棉紙上桐油,具有防水及強化傘面的功用。 Brush Tung Oil on the paper to make it water resistant.
  17. 47. 11). 穿內線: 傘骨內線穿妥,傘體製作大功告成。 Sew thread into the ribs of the umbrella to complete it.
  18. 48. 12). 包傘布頭: 在傘頭上方結上上過油之傘布,使紙傘更加防水及美觀。 Wind yellow twine around the handle.Tie an oiled cloth on the top of the umbrella to make more waterproof and beautiful.
  19. 49. Finished Umbrella 紙傘成品 In the Chinese language, “paper” and “son” have close pronunciation. The Chinese character of “Umbrella” ( 傘 ), it is composed of 4 “people” ( 人 ) inside this character. Because of those, paper umbrella has the meaning of having more children and grandchildren. The shape of the umbrella presents “reunion”. Therefore, it is Hakka’s custom that a pair of oil-paper umbrellas are the gift to the daughter from her parents when she is getting married, wishing their daughter have full house of kids soon ! 中文「紙」,與「子」諧音,而「傘」字裡頭,又有四個「人」,所以紙傘有著多子多孫的意思。而紙傘的形狀,也有代表團圓之意。所以客家在嫁女兒時,父母會贈送一對紙傘,福祝女兒能夠子孫滿堂。
  20. 50. 台語歌曲小喇叭演奏 : 望春風 Trumpet playing Taiwanese song T h e E n d