Magnified sand grains (放大的沙粒)


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Tiny sand enlarge view.

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Magnified sand grains (放大的沙粒)

  1. 1. 編輯配樂:老編西歪 changcy0326 按滑鼠換頁 Click for page continue
  2. 2. Magnified Sand Grains 放大的沙粒 Microscopic Sand Photography Reveals the Breathtaking Beauty Hiding at the Beach 沙粒微觀攝影,揭示了海灘隱藏著令人驚嘆的美麗。 It turns out that sand grains magnified 100 to 300 times are, without a doubt, breathtaking. Swirling shells, iridescent star shapes and gorgeous pieces of coral reveal themselves when looked at at high magnification. 事實證明,沙粒放大100〜300倍後,毫無疑問的令人嘆為觀止。從高倍數放大來看,繽 紛的貝殼,彩虹星狀和華麗的珊瑚塊都顯露出來了。 Here are a few of the photos found on Dr. Greenberg’s Sand Grains website. 在格林伯格博士的沙粒網站上,找到了以下的一些照片。 Dr. Greenberg’s images of sand make us realize that as we walk along a beach we are strolling upon thousands of years of biological and geological history. 格林伯格博士的沙粒照片使我們意識到,當我們沿著海灘散步,我們正漫步在千年生物 和地質的歷史上面。
  3. 3. Magnified 250 times. Every grain of sand in the world is unique when viewed through a microscope. sand grains magnified
  4. 4. We are walking on 'these tiny treasures'
  5. 5. Quartz sand particles and shell fragments from a beach. The primary component of typical beach sand is quartz, or silica (SiO2).
  6. 6. (TINY MICRO SHELLS) Microscopic shells are the size of tiny grain of sand (magnified 300 times).
  7. 7. (ERODED QUARTZ CRYSTAL) These tiny grains of sand have eroded over hundreds of millions of years and their original crystal shape is not longer seen (magnified 100 times).
  8. 8. (BELGIAN SAND) A piece of industrial slag becomes a black and blue sand grain on a quartz beach in Belgium (magnification 100 times)
  9. 9. (TAMARINDO SAND GRAIN) A grain of sand from Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica, is made of chabazite, a glassy cubic mineral.
  10. 10. (A TINY SAPPHIRE) Sand from Japan contains what looks like a sapphire crystal (magnified 150 times)
  11. 11. (MASK SAND) A single grain of sand from the island of Corsica, France, looks like a mask (magnification 150 times).
  12. 12. (SQUARE SAND) A square-shaped shell fragment is found amidst sand from Masaya, Nicaragua (magnification 80 times)
  13. 13. (HAMOA SPONGE SPICULE) Sand from Hamoa Beach, Maui, Hawaii, contains a fragment of a sponge spicule that forms the internal skeleton of a glassy sponge (magnified 100 times).
  14. 14. (MICA FRAGMENT) A small piece of mica from Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, is magnified 100 times
  15. 15. (MAKENA BLACK & RED) Glassy red and black volcanic sand grains are found in the sand from Makena Point, Maui, Hawaii (magnification 100 times).
  16. 16. (BLUE, ORANGE & PINK SAND GRAINS) The tip of a spiral shell has broken off and become a grain of sand. After being repeatedly tumbled by action of the surf this spiral sand grain has become opalescent in character. It is surrounded by bits of coral, shell, and volcanic material.
  17. 17. (HEART GEMS) Sand grains from around the world are mixed together like a pouch full of gems. The sand grains are from Maui, Hawaii, Japan, California, Ireland, Bermuda, and Minnesota.
  18. 18. (MAUI SAND GRAINS ARRANGEMENT #2) This image is a handful of sand grains selected from a beach in Maui and are arranged onto a black background. The colors and shapes of these tiny grains of sand are surprisingly different and astonishingly beautiful, each with it’s own individual in character
  19. 19. (S{PONGE SPICULES WITH SPIRAL SAND GRAIN 2) Three sponge spicules surround a blue spiral sand grain. Sponge spicules are the internal skeleton of most species of sponges. They are made of silica. (SPONGE SPICULES WITH SPIRAL SAND GRAIN 1) Here two sponge spicules surround a blue spiral sand grain. Sponge spicules are the internal skeleton of most species of sponges. They are made of silica.
  20. 20. (PUFFY STAR) Sand grains from Okinawa, Japan are made from the skeletons of singlecelled forams that produce these beautiful little shells.
  21. 21. (PUFFY STARS) Star-Shaped Sand Grains from Okinawa. These tiny foram, a type of protozoa, secrete beautiful star-shaped, calcium carbonate shells, or tests.
  22. 22. (FOOTPRINTS, SKY & MAUI SAND GRAINS) When we walk along the beach we are strolling atop millions of years of biological and geological history. Sand from Maui, Hawaii contains grains of volcanic origins, as well as the many remnants of biological organisms such as shell fragments, sea urchins spines, sponge spicules, bits of coral and forams. (MAUI SAND GRAINS PANORAMA) A panorama of selected sand grains arranged on a glass slide using acupuncture needles to herd the grains into place. The image is pieced together from half a dozen images taken side by side, and then stitched together into one panoramic image.
  23. 23. (FOOTPRINTS, SUNSET & 3 SANDGRAINS) Three sand grains float between a beach and sunset: one coral sand grains and two bits of sea urchin spine are tiny natural mandalas.
  24. 24. (MAUI RED) Three sand grains from the red sand beach at Makena Point, Maui are heavily eroded, revealing their beautiful interiors.
  25. 25. (SAND TIME) Each grain of sand represents a moment captured in time. It is somewhere on its path from its creation to erosion and recycling back into the earth.
  26. 26. (FALLING SAND) Maui sand grains from Makena Point, Maui, Hawaii, fall into place. There is a red volcanic outcropping at Makena Point, which erodes into reddish black beach sand.
  27. 27. (NINE SAND GRAINS) Every grain of sand in the world is unique and beautiful when viewed through the microscope. If each grain of sand is so beautiful and unique, imagine how beautiful and unique each person is?
  28. 28. (BERMUDA SAND GRAINS) Sand grains from the beaches of tropical islands like Bermuda are filled with fascinating remnants of biological organisms, including sea urchin spines, shell fragments, bits of coral, glass-like sponge spicules, and the tiny shells of single-cell protists known as forams.
  29. 29. (HAWAIIAN SAND GRAINS ARRANGEMENT) Maui sand grains arrangement shows the diversity of sand grains from a thimble-full of sand from a single beach near Lahaina.
  30. 30. (SAND CLOUDS) Maui Sand Grains appear to float in the Sky with the clouds. These spectacular grains of sand were selected from a thimble-full of Maui sand.
  31. 31. (SUNSET WITH SPIRAL SAND GRAIN) The tip of a spiral shell has broken off and become a tiny grain of sand. It is a “world in a grain of sand”, seen here floating in the sky just after sunset.
  32. 32. Most of photos from following website Music : Kenny G《Season in the Sun》