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Long teng broken bridge (龍騰斷橋)


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Long teng broken bridge (龍騰斷橋)

  1. 1. (Sanyi Township, Miaoli County) (苗栗縣 , 三義鄉)
  2. 2. 編輯配樂:老編西歪changcy0326Auto presentation 自動換頁
  3. 3. Northern end six pieces of Long Teng Broken Bridge龍騰斷橋北端的六個橋墩
  4. 4. LongTeng Broken Bridge (Sanyi Township, Miaoli County)龍騰斷橋 (苗栗縣 , 三義鄉)This breaking red brick arch bridge was built by the Japanese in 1905.這座斷裂的紅磚拱橋是日本人於1905年左右所建。It known as "The railway art of Taiwan", the LongTeng Broken Bridge was built inmore than a hundred years ago, across the deep valley of Dragon River.Unfortunately, it was seriously damaged beyond repair in the earthquake on April21, 1935.被譽為「台灣鐵路藝術極品」的龍騰斷橋建於一百多年前,橫跨在龍騰溪谷上。可惜在1935年四月二十一日的大地震中嚴重損毀無法修復。Today, we can see the six northern end and four southern end bridge piersremains. Again subjected to 921 earthquake in Sept 21, 1992, the fifth pie ofnorthern end was secondary breaking.現今,我們還可看到北端的六個及南端的四個橋墩遺蹟。民國八十八年九月廿一日再度遭受九二一大地震,由北端算起第五橋墩二次被震斷。
  5. 5. Local agricultural products sales center當地農產品銷售中心
  6. 6. The pier top is overgrown with weeds now現在橋墩頂端長滿雜草
  7. 7. 921 earthquake in Sept 21, 1992, the fifthpie of northern end was secondary breaking.民國八十八年九月廿一日再度遭受921大地震,由北端算起第五橋墩二次被震斷。
  8. 8. A new iron bridge was built not far away from the broken bridge .Now that the railway line is not in use.斷橋不遠處興建一座新的鐵橋。現在鐵路已經停止使用了。
  9. 9. Hiking trail 健行步道
  10. 10. Abandoned railroad 廢棄的鐵道
  11. 11. Coffee shop beside the train tracks火車軌道旁邊的咖啡館