Iron pagoda kaifeng (開封鐵塔)


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China Ancient Pagoda of Kaifeng City

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    Dear Pilar
    Same as you, I like Chinese culture, about the Iron Pagoda aging trend, I think the Chinese authorities will try to improve this problem. Thanks for your comments and favorite.
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  • Me gusta mucho, es una belleza, lastima que se esté deteriorando. Supongo que debeis tener tantas maravillas en China que no podeis atenderlas a todas. Tengo mucho interés por conocer tu cultura y tus presentaciones me ayudan mucho. Muchas gracias, Pilar
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Iron pagoda kaifeng (開封鐵塔)

  1. 1. Iron Pagoda Kaifeng 開封鐵塔 編輯配樂:老編西歪 changcy0326 按滑鼠換頁 Click for page continue
  2. 2. Iron Pagoda Park Entrance 鐵塔公園入口
  3. 3. Iron Pagoda Introduction 鐵塔簡介 Iron Pagoda Located in the Iron Pagoda Park, northeastern corner of Kaifeng City. It's also known as "Kaibao Temple Pagoda. The surface of the pagoda was covered with iron-colored glazed tiles, which made it look like an Iron Pagoda, hence its present name. The octagonal-shaped pagoda has 13 floors with a height of 55.88 meters, the width of each side at the base is 4.16 meters, and it is decreasing from the base to the top levels. Although it was constructed of glazed bricks of different shapes and sizes, it looks very much like a huge wooden pillar, with carved patterns of Buddhas, flowers, human figures and legendary animals, all representing the highly developed workmanship of the Song Dynasty. The Iron Pagoda is well known at home and abroad with its unique art of architecture, the design is fine and excellent, strong in structure, it withstands numerous attacks of earthquake, the great flood of 1642, which buried the base under several meters of silt, storms, and man-made damages since its construction and now it still firmly stands there magnificently. 鐵塔位於開封東北角鐵塔公園內,它也被稱為「開寶寺塔」。寶塔的表面覆蓋著鐵色琉 璃瓦,遠望似鐵鑄,因此稱「鐵塔」。 八角形塔有 13 層,高度 55.88 米,每一側的基部的寬度為 4.16 米,從基座到塔頂逐 層縮小。雖然它使用不同形狀和大小的琉璃磚建造,但看起來很像一座巨大的木塔,雕刻 著佛像圖案,花卉,人物和傳說中的動物,這都顯示了高度發達的宋代製造工藝。 鐵塔獨特的建築藝術是國內外眾所周知,設計優良,結構堅固,經過多次地震襲擊, 1642 年大洪水基地埋在數米厚的淤泥下,建築遭到風暴和人為的破壞,現今它仌然輝煌
  4. 4. The Iron Pagoda is a thirteen-storey pagoda, named for its iron-brown appearance. 鐵塔是一個13層高的寶塔,因為鐵褐色琉璃磚外觀而命名為鐵塔。
  5. 5. Thousands of Buddha figures carved all over the glazed bricks.
  6. 6. The glazed-bricks on the surface layer are exquisitely engraved. More than 50 distinct patterns are used, such as figures of Buddha and Bodhisattva, different flowers, and lions and kylins, to name just a few. Each pattern is of a high artistic standard show excellent craftsmanship. 琉璃磚上有精美的雕刻,有佛陀、菩薩、不同的花卉、獅子、麒麟、飛天、樂伎等圖案 50 餘種,造型優美,神態生動,每種圖案都有高超的藝術標準,表現出卓越的製作工藝。
  7. 7. Music : Chinese Music 無限的祝福