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Can't beat an indian!! (聰明的印度人!)


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Smart Indians (Joke)

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Can't beat an indian!! (聰明的印度人!)

  1. 1. CANT beat an Indian!! (聰明的印度人! )[中文由老編西歪翻譯]American boy and Indian Boy entered a chocolate store. As theywere busy looking, the American Boy stole 3 chocolate bars. As theyleft the store, the American Boy said to the Indian Boy: "Man Im thebest thief, I stole 3 chocolates and no one saw me. You cant beatthat."美國小孩和印度小孩走進一家巧克力店。他們到處尋找,美國小孩走了3 條巧克力棒。他們離開商店後,美國小孩向印度小孩說:「嘿朋友!我是最棒的小偷,我偷了 3 條巧克力,沒有讓人發現。你是比不過的。」Indian Boy replied: "You want to see something better? Lets go backto the shop and Ill show you real stealing."
  2. 2. 印度小孩答道:「你想瞧瞧更棒的事嗎?我們回到店裡去,我會讓你知道什麼才是真正的偷竊。」So they went to the counter and the Indian Boy said to theshopkeeper: "Do you want to see magic?"The shopkeeper replied: "Yes."因此他們回到櫃檯,印度小孩向店主說:「你想看魔術嗎?」店主回答說:「想呀!」The Indian Boy said: "Give me one chocolate bar."The shopkeeper gave him one, and he ate it. The Indian Boy askedfor a second bar, and he ate that as well.He asked for the third, and finished that one too.印度小孩說:「給我一條巧克力棒。」店主給了他一條,他把它吃了。印度小孩要了第二條,他又吃掉了。要了第三條也吃完了。The shopkeeper asked: "But wheres the magic?"店主問:「魔術在哪兒?」The Indian Boy replied: "Check in my friends pocket, and youll findall three bars of chocolate."印度小孩答道:「檢查一下我朋友的口袋,你會發現三條巧克力棒都在那裡。」You just CANT beat an Indian!!你真的被印度人打敗了!
  3. 3. [註] 本文章取材自下列網頁,中文由老編西歪翻譯。Note: This article is derived from the following website, the Chinesetranslation by changcy0326.