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Alpacas in nz south island (紐西蘭南島的羊駝)


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New Zealand's cute economic animals

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Alpacas in nz south island (紐西蘭南島的羊駝)

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  2. 2. Huacaya 華察雅Suri 蘇瑞
  3. 3. Overview & History Today, New Zealand has approximately 20,000 registered alpacas. Peru now has an estimated 3 million alpaca – approximately 90% of the world's population. Peruvian alpaca are still considered the most dense and finest alpaca in the world. 1847 Australia imported alpacas from Chile in South America. Some of this herd made its way over to New Zealand and was farmed in Canterbury. Alpaca, llama, guanaco and vicuna are part of the camel (camelid) family tree. Treasured by the ancient Inca civilization, there are today about 3.5 million alpaca in the Andean Altiplano region of Peru, Chile and Bolivia.
  4. 4. 概述和歷史 如今,紐西蘭有大約20,000隻的羊駝。秘魯目前擁有約 300 萬隻羊駝 - 佔世界約90 %。秘魯羊駝仍然被認為是世界上最密集和最優秀的羊駝。 1847年澳大利亞從南美引進智利羊駝。其中一些羊駝來到了紐西蘭,被圈養在坎特 伯雷。 羊駝,美洲駝,原駝和駱馬是駱駝家族樹的一支。是古印加文明的珍寶,今日在秘 魯,智利和玻利維亞的安第斯高原地區,大約有350萬隻的羊駝。
  5. 5. Trendy hairstyles 新潮的髮型
  6. 6. Thebirthofthenextgeneration 下 一 代 的 誕 生
  7. 7. “Farmers Corner” located 10 minutes away from Ashburton town, provide a one stop shop for New Zealand Alpacas products and specialty souvenir items. 「農民角落」位於阿什伯頓鎮有10分鐘的路程,堤供紐西蘭 羊駝產品和特色紀念品的一站式服務。
  8. 8. The garden of Farmers Corner 農民角落花園
  9. 9. The Farmers Corner Alpacas Farm is a typical attraction place to tourist . 農民角落羊駝農場是一個典型吸引遊客的地方。
  10. 10. Alpaca wool carpets 羊駝毛製地毯
  11. 11. Advertising picture on the wall 牆壁上的廣告照片
  12. 12. Advertising picture on the wall 牆壁上的廣告照片
  13. 13. Advertising picture on the wall 牆壁上的廣告照片