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Aircraft and pictures (飛機照片)


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Spectacular Plane photos

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Aircraft and pictures (飛機照片)

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  2. Las Vegas - McCarran Terminal 2 (Int terminal)
  3. Emirates Airbus A380 takeoff from runway 23R as UAE 18 to DXB (Dubai InternationalAirport). Behind you can see a First Choice A320 who make a go around shortly beforetouchdown because a car checkt the runway after the departure of the A380. 204 of 213
  4. The majesty of China Airlines B747 takeoff
  5. This view of the plane taking off looks spectacular dueto the orange hues of the sunset in the background.
  6. Russia - Air Force, Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29OVT
  7. Karthago Airlines B737 take off at sunset
  8. Airplane creates rainbow in amazing pictures from air show
  9. Russian Antonov An-225 on ground - - largest plane in world ! !
  10. Russian Antonov An-225 in the air
  11. Space shuttle Discovery, mounted atop a NASA 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft(SCA), flies over the Washington skyline.
  12. Speed of sound: This vapor cone is created by a plane at high speed, and canoften be seen when planes approach the sound barrier.
  13. The vapor cone is created as a plane hits high speeds
  14. This plane passing through the top of a cloud produces a spectacular wave effect.
  15. The ice and water picked up when a plane passes through a cloud can becomepart of the vapor trail.
  16. The cloud vapors spin around the vortex trail left by the plane, creating thistwister effect behind it.
  17. The plumes combined with natural light canproduce some spectacular effects (left).The image on the right shows the effect ofa sonic boom from below the aircraft.
  18. The vortices are created by low-pressure air spinning around behind the wing, asshown by the visible circles in this shot.
  19. Netherlands - Air Force F-16 Demo Team in action
  20. Turbulence created by the massive change in air pressure can affect aircraftflying behind planes, meaning they cannot land too close to each other.
  21. You wont see anywhere else, the RussianSwifts vertical flight up to a stall followed byrapid firing of the flares and a tail-slide, amaneuver which isnt done by any other team.
  22. Spectacular vortices and contrails!
  23. Lufthansa Airbus A380
  24. Close encounter with 1,000 ft separation, Jet AirwaysA340 at FL330 and Cargolux at FL340!
  25. Aerial refueling
  26. Vietnam Airlines B777 flight passing a half moon over Prague
  27. Spectacular vortices and contrails!
  28. Spectacular vortices and contrails!
  29. Parting the sky: As planes fly through clouds, the air pressure splits the cloud, asshown by this Boeing 767, taken above Gatwick airport.
  30. Bursting through: When a plane creates a hole in a cloud, the sunlight shiningthrough can create some spectacular effects.
  31. Descent process cockpit view
  32. Airport runway insight
  33. Dusk: The vortices that are formed by the aircraft can come off in erraticpatterns, shown by the light hitting the trails at sunset.
  34. China Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-400F B-18716
  35. Red arrow: Colored smoke was added to the plume as this plane landed as partof a Nasa test to measure the effect of vortices on the air behind aircraft.
  36. Lufthansa B737 taxiing to the gate of Frankfurt
  37. All photos from WWW and following website Music : Take My Breathe Away