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VMware Developer Relations Team Culture


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A few book recommendations for the developer relations team at VMware, given during an All hands meeting in may 2012, that illustrate the values of our team's culture.

For a more in depth presentation about developer relations, see my deck about Google Developer Relations Team at

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VMware Developer Relations Team Culture

  1. 1. Developer Relations Team Culture through 12 books San Francisco, May 2012
  2. 2. Our Team’s Culture§ Happy§ Motivated§ Dreams§ Startup§ Cloud§ Pragmatic§ Agile§ Analytical§ Influential§ Conversant§ Balanced2
  3. 3. Happiness3
  4. 4. Drive4
  5. 5. Dreams: follow your childhood dreams5
  6. 6. Startup6
  7. 7. Cloud7
  8. 8. Pragmatic8
  9. 9. Agile9
  10. 10. Analytical10
  11. 11. Influential11
  12. 12. Conversant: Markets are Conversations12
  13. 13. Balanced: take vacations13