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6 Google Apis For Don Isidro Parodi


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A presentation about Google APIs from 2007, given in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Covers many Google APIs.

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6 Google Apis For Don Isidro Parodi

  1. 1. 6 Google APIs for Don Isidro Parodi Let's help Don Isidro build a better web site using 6 Google APIs Patrick Chanezon, Google, May 15th 2007 Checkout API Evangelist
  2. 2. P@ in a slide • Yo no soy Porteño:-) Paris - San Francisco • API Evangelist - Google Checkout • Software plumber • Family man: married, 3 kids • Java geek… in scripting rehab: Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Python • Open Source: ROME, AdWords (java, C#, ruby) • Sun: Blogs, Portals, eCommerce • Netscape/AOL: LDAP, Calendar, App Servers, CMS, MyNetscape (RSS) • More on my blog • Links and slides tomorrow at 2