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Randy Huston Smart Gridcity Mop and Mnre Government of India 05162011


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Randy Huston Xcel Energy presentation.

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Randy Huston Smart Gridcity Mop and Mnre Government of India 05162011

  1. 1. SmartGridCity™ Implementation Overview Ministry of Power andMinistry of New and Renewable Energy Government of India Randy Huston Director, IT Infrastructure and Smart Grid May 16, 2011 1
  2. 2. About Xcel Energy Northern States Power Northern States Power Company- Minnesota Company- Wisconsin Renewable Leader: • Largest Wind EnergyPublic Service Provider in US Company • 4th Largest Solar of Colorado Provider in US • On track for 30% of Energy from Renewables Southwestern Public Service 3.4 million electricity customers 1.9 million natural gas customers Traditionally regulated 2
  3. 3. Our Vision Be a responsible environmental leader, while always focusing on our core business — reliable and safe energy at a reasonable cost. Advanced Technology Energy Efficiency Business Innovation3
  4. 4. What is SmartGridCity? An exploration of smart grid tools in a real-world setting. Operational Efficiency Reliability Conservation Renewable Power4
  5. 5. Goals  Create a demonstration site  Build skills and experience  Prove (or disprove) hypotheses  Evaluate benefits  Leverage talent5
  6. 6. SmartGridCity Scope  New IT Infrastructure  Communication Network  Real-Time Grid Monitoring, Control  Visualization & Reporting  Smart Substation  Smart Metering  Smart Customer Solutions6
  7. 7. Status  Field Infrastructure: Complete  4,721 transformers monitored  23,000 smart meters installed  4 substations automated  4 feeders automated  IT Infrastructure & Systems: Complete  All IT systems operational  All security infrastructure installed and tested  Data Center upgraded  Wide Area Networks complete  Virtual Power Plant operational (ready for devices)  Evaluation Phase: Report Being Finalized7
  8. 8. Key Challenges Distribution ChallengesIT Challenges  Distribution loss reductions Managing increasing  Load balancing amounts of data  Phase balancing Leveraging existing systems  System efficiency opportunities Extracting additional value from data  Distribution voltage optimization Changing communications  Changing processes and budgets requirements IT / Business convergence Network security Evolving technology Customer-facing Challenges markets  Smart meters  HAN, in-home device  Changing customer expectations providers  New means of customer interaction Regulatory policy  New Pricing & DSM strategies  Security and privacy  In-home energy management concerns devices  Distributed Energy Resources including PV and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles8
  9. 9. What does all this mean?  Data highways and data storage systems will have to be designed to handle much larger volumes  Existing applications will have to be shielded from the higher data volumes or replaced. Complex Event Processing can help resolve this issue smoothing investment cycles.  It is possible although presently very difficult to interface to multiple in-home vendors in a safe and consistent manner.  Customer Relationship Management Systems must become part of the standard environment.  Network strategy and standards are foundational to and Smart Grid deployment.  There is no one way to create value or prepare for the future.9
  10. 10. Thank You 10