Exploring SharePoint 2013 by Chandu Raj


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Exploring SharePoint 2013 by Chandu Raj

  1. 1. Exploring SharePoint 2013 Chandu Raj Web Synergies
  2. 2. Chandu Raj
  3. 3. What we will cover• SharePoint 2013 benefits• SharePoint in Office 365 and On Premise• Integrating SharePoint with Exchange• Social Networking• Collaboration Workspace between departments• Enterprise Content Management• Web Content Management
  4. 4. SharePoint 2013 benefits
  5. 5. Build
  6. 6. Organize
  7. 7. Share
  8. 8. Discover
  9. 9. Manage
  10. 10. SharePoint in Office 365 and On PremisesSharePoint in Office 365 SharePoint On Premises
  11. 11. Why SharePoint Online?• Easy to set up and use• Easy administration interface• No extra website hosting costs• Pre-configured integration with Exchange Online and Lync• Streamlined user and site management• Backed by Microsoft experts for technical support
  12. 12. Integrating SharePoint with Exchange• Office 365 – Exchange and SharePoint are already configured – Installing the Site Mailbox app is all that is needed• On Premises – Requires SharePoint 2013 & Exchange 2013 – Deploy SharePoint user profile synch and set up OAuth trust between SharePoint and Exchange – For details refer “Configure site mailboxes in SharePoint Server 2013” in Microsoft TechNet Library website
  13. 13. Configure site mailboxes in SharePoint Server 2013
  14. 14. Social Networking• The Newsfeed• Following• SkyDrive• Profiles• Community Site• By this we can Share ideas and get answers in real time on your Newsfeed, Follow people, documents & sites etc.
  15. 15. Social Networking• Microblogging – Share content, links, and media – Follow people, sites, content, and conversations• Activity Feeds – Provides a view into recent activity related to content, links, media, and people
  16. 16. Social Networking• Communities – Community sites with self-service administration and moderation – Modern community features such as achievements and reputation• Discussions – Modern discussion boards• Blogs – Client application integration – Categories, comments, and moderation
  17. 17. Collaboration Workspace between departments• OneNote Notebook provides the ability for taking notes and storing locally in the team site.• Share Dialog Interface allows users to quickly add people to list.• Drop Box feature (Drag and Drop) between Sites or between SharePoint/Desktop.
  18. 18. Enterprise Content Management• Drag and drop file upload• Share documents in your newsfeed• Mass edit document metadata• Utilize retention policies for emails using an Exchange Site Mailbox• Create attractive, usable navigation with managed metadata terms
  19. 19. Web Content Management• Support the tools and workflows designers use• Variations & Content Translation• Search Engine Optimization• Cross Site Publishing• Video & Embedding• Image renditions• Clean Urls• Metadata navigation
  20. 20. Thanks for attending! Questions? Chandu Raj Twitter: @Chandu_Raj Blog: http://ccraj.blogspot.com