sales force crm online training in hyderabad


Published on - "SALES FORCE CRM(CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT)" Online Training contact or +919052666559 By Real Time Experts from Hyderabad, Bangalore,India,USA,Canada,UK, Australia,South Africa.

magnific training and online interactive training to help businesses learn more about Salesforce CRM. We know that user adoption is the key to the success of Salesforce CRM in a business and we customize the training to meet your needs and budget.

In addition to being a Salesforce Silver Cloud Alliance Partner, Perpetual West has a team member who is a Certified Sales Cloud Consultant and a Certified Developer. We use Salesforce CRM everyday in our business and we look forward to sharing best practices and our knowledge with every client.

Cloud Apps That Integrate With Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM does not stand alone in the cloud. Did you know that there are cloud apps that fully integrate with Salesforce CRM to help you get even more out of your investment in Salesforce? We work with the following cloud apps: Cirrus Insight (Gmail integration for Salesforce), DocuSign (eSignatures for Salesforce), Smartsheet (project managment), CRMFusion DemandTools (data cleansing tool for Salesforce)

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sales force crm online training in hyderabad

  1. 1. CRM to Outlook integration by Invisible CRM Online | classroom| Corporate Training | certifications | placements| support Visit : www.Magnifictraining.Com
  2. 2. User Adoption and Outlook • Idea: – Microsoft Outlook is widely adopted in the world by more than 200M users – Sales reps are among them and spend >50% of their time in Outlook – If CRM system is tightly integrated to Outlook, the adoption by sales reps will be definitely increased • Analysis: – Outlook is a PERSONAL information manager focusing on personal values and here user adoption is driven by productivity – There are three different approaches to incorporate CRM into Outlook – Integration: user may move data between Outlook and CRM but has to work with 2 applications – Embedding: user may access all or certain features inside of Outlook without switching between applications. The native interface of CRM system is exposed in Outlook – Melding: CRM user interface and functions are morphed to Outlook GUI to preserve the Outlook native users experience – Best user adoption rate to CRM system can be reached if - Outlook user experience is preserved - Sales rep will get numerous personal productivity features around CRM USA: +1-6786933994,+16786933475 & India- +91-9052666559 Visit :
  3. 3. Namespaces • Native Outlook UI • No side bars • CRM objects in native Outlook Folders • All duplicated entities like Contacts, Calendar, Tasks are melded. • Favorite Outlook views USA: +1-6786933994,+16786933475 & India- +91-9052666559 Visit :
  4. 4. CRM data forms • Native Outlook forms to manage CRM data • Create, view, edit, and delete any CRM object in Outlook • Bi-directional sync between Outlook and CRM (offline data availability) • All object-related information in native outlook UI USA: +1-6786933994,+16786933475 & India- +91-9052666559 Visit :
  5. 5. Outlook email form • One click share-with-CRM button • Easy one-step e-mail reference to an Opportunity, Company, Project, etc. • Automated attaching to CRM objects based on the e-mail content (CRM objects) • Extended UI experience for CRM- related messages while keeping native UI for native messages USA: +1-6786933994,+16786933475 & India- +91-9052666559 Visit :
  6. 6. Sharing records with CRM • All the native CRM objects are shared automatically • Automatically share all the contacts, Tasks and Calendar Items • Or on a case by case basis by clicking the Share bar • All the CRM data user needs is always in Outlook and available offline • Work offline and sync all the changes when back online USA: +1-6786933994,+16786933475 & India- +91-9052666559 Visit :
  7. 7. Views Customization • Outlook treats melded CRM data as its native and lets apply to this data all standard methods – Custom Views are easy! USA: +1-6786933994,+16786933475 & India- +91-9052666559 , Visit :
  8. 8. Personal Productivity Features: Autocomplete • Autocomplete speeds up and simplifies creation of new objects USA: +1-6786933994,+16786933475 & India- +91-9052666559 , Visit :
  9. 9. Personal Productivity Features: Online LookUp • One-click access to the item in the CRM application • No login is required USA: +1-6786933994,+16786933475 & India- +91-9052666559 , Visit :
  10. 10. Integrated Search • CRM Items found by the Windows Desktop Search USA: +1-6786933994,+16786933475 & India- +91-9052666559 , Visit :
  11. 11. You want to find out how we make such integration possible? Or perhaps you’re interested to see your CRM/ERP product integrated in the same way? We’re ready to share our expertise and help you earn more loyal customers via better product usability! USA: +1-6786933994,+16786933475 & India- +91-9052666559 , Visit :
  12. 12. Contact Us: For more details, please log on to www. MAGNIFICTRAINING.COM You can also Find us on : Most Trusted Website for all Learning Needs by Students, Graduates and Working Professionals Visit : www.Magnifictraining.Com
  13. 13. Visit : www.Magnifictraining.Com