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SAP Business All In One


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SAP ERP:- Business All In One Comprehensive, Integrated, Flexible Solutions For Business Management

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SAP Business All In One

  1. 1. SAP Solution in DetailSAP Solutions for Small Businesses and Midsize CompaniesSAP Business All-in-OneDrive Growth with Scalable, Industry-SpecificSAP® Business All-in-One Solutions
  2. 2. Table of Contents 4 Quick Facts 9 One Integrated Solution Supporting All Your Key 5 The Challenge: Scaling Business Processes Software to Support Growth Enterprise Resource Planning The Wrong Business System Can Customer Relationship Hold You Back Management Powerful SAP Business All-in-One Supplier Relationship Management Solutions from Our Partners Business Intelligence Best Practices 7 Drive Growth with SAP Business Technology Platform All-in-One Solutions Manage Sales, Products, and Services 13 Get Moving Quickly with a Fast-Start Program Build and Maintain Operational Excellence Optimize Financial Management 14 Industry-Specific Functionality to Meet Your Requirements and Performance To Learn More Unify and Simplify Drive Adoption and Improve Productivity Make a Cost-Effective, Long-Term Investment
  3. 3. Quick FactsSummary Business Challenges Business BenefitsSAP® Business All-in-One solutions are • Keep pace with quickly changing mar- • Enhanced agility to respond morethe most powerful, industry-specific ket conditions and customer demands quickly to changing market conditionsenterprise resource planning solutions • Streamline business operations and customer demandsavailable to midsize or quickly growing • Comply with financial reporting • Greater efficiency and effectivenesssmall companies. They give you an inte- requirements thanks to streamlined business pro-grated view of your business and easily • Broaden and deepen your insight into cesses, automated tasks, and fewerscale and adapt to meet changing needs. business operations errorsThe solutions help drive business growth, • Improved financial management duebuild and maintain operational excel- Key Features to more accurate financial reporting,lence, and optimize financial perfor- • Powerful enterprise resource plan- better record maintenance, and deepermance. The software provides in-depth ning functionality – Manage finan- insight into organizational performancefunctionality for running the entire busi- cials, sales, service, procurement, logis- • Increased visibility from integratedness efficiently and is designed to be af- tics execution, product development, analytics that help uncover businessfordable, with a predictable time to value. manufacturing, human capital manage- risks and opportunities ment, corporate services, and business analytics For More Information • Industry-specific functionality – Visit to Solve business challenges with a solu- learn more about SAP Business All-in- tion tailored to your industry One solutions and find an SAP partner • SAP NetWeaver® technology plat- near you. form – Quickly and cost-effectively add on to your existing solution as your business grows and needs change • Best practices – Leverage proven methods for implementing best prac- tices in key functional areas and industries • Scalability – Start with what you need now, adapt and scale your solution as your needs change, and add in-depth customer relationship management, supplier relationship management, or business intelligence functionality at any time
  4. 4. The Challenge: Scaling BusinessSoftware to Support GrowthTo support growth, you need a unified business managementsolution with the flexibility to adapt as requirements change.An SAP® Business All-in-One solution helps drive growth, buildoperational excellence, and optimize financial performance soyou can outperform the competition. With built-in support forbest practices, these industry-specific enterprise resource plan-ning solutions are designed for midsize companies and quicklygrowing small businesses seeking to integrate processescompany-wide.ThE WRONG BuSINESS SYSTEM CAN Disjointed, nonintegrated systems can processes. Adopting new, comprehensivehOlD YOu BACK also make it difficult to get full visibility technology that underlies the entire orga- into business operations. Perhaps most nization and integrates the needs of sales,As midsize companies grow, many find it important, it is difficult to achieve a finance, accounting, human resources,difficult to retain the very characteristics unified company mission when each op- and logistics is critical to providing scal-that first led to success – speed, flexibility, eration or geographical location is using ability and delivering value that stands theand strong customer relationships. Grow- independent or poorly coordinated legacy test of time. And for any IT strategy, flexi-ing companies are often hampered by systems. Such systems provide little con- bility is important. Your organization mustbusiness software systems that simply solidated visibility or sharing of business be able to adapt to business-drivencannot keep up. Unsophisticated systems processes, which by their very nature changes such as geographical growth,can lack the capacity to support daily must transcend individual operations. reorganizations, and business-modeltasks and are often poorly integrated, Faced with this common set of chal- evolution and still serve internal andmaking them time consuming and expen- lenges, quickly growing companies like external customers quickly.sive to maintain. An ineffective technology yours need a single, integrated businessinfrastructure can be a serious impedi- management solution as part of their IT POWERFul SAP BuSINESSment to remaining competitive and agile. strategy. As your business strategy be- All-IN-ONE SOluTIONS FROMResponsiveness and timely decision mak- comes more clearly defined and aligned OuR PARTNERSing can be hurt by systems that cannot with a core competence around a specificscale to handle the increased number of industry or set of subindustries, industry- SAP Business All-in-One solutions aretransactions generated by a growing specific requirements emerge. You must the most powerful, industry-specific ERPcustomer base. Communications with be able to link business processes and the solutions available to midsize companiesgeographically dispersed suppliers and various departments inside the enterprise or quickly growing small businesses. Thepartners can become more complex. that play an interdependent role in those solutions support core business process- es in a range of industries. These process- es include financials, sales and service, procurement and logistics execution, product development and manufacturing, human capital management, corporate Disjointed, nonintegrated systems services, and business analytics. can make it difficult to get full Built on the proven SAP ERP application and the flexible SAP NetWeaver® technol- visibility into business operations. ogy platform trusted by the largest enter- prises, SAP Business All-in-One solutionsSAP Solution in Detail – Drive Growth with Scalable, Industry-Specific SAP Business All-in-One Solutions 5
  5. 5. An SAP Business All-in-One solution helps drive growth,build operational excellence, and optimize financialperformance so you can outperform the competition.are optimized for midsize or quickly grow- solutions equip you with the methods ofing small companies. Yet they can grow the best-run companies in your industry,and scale along with the business. At any along with the flexibility to support yourtime, you can extend your solution with unique practices. Over 800 industry solu-additional functionality for customer rela- tions are delivered by local SAP partnerstionship management (CRM), supplier with deep expertise in specific industries.relationship management (SRM), or SAP provides proven tools and method-business intelligence (BI). ologies for fast, predictable implementa- SAP Business All-in-One solutions can tion with low risk, low cost, and rapid timehandle the most demanding local and to value, as well as ongoing maintenanceglobal business requirements in over 50 and support. SAP Best Practices pack-countries. Fully integrated functionality ages enable our partners to create andstreamlines core business processes. extend qualified SAP Business All-in-OneWith embedded analytics and access partner solutions and to activate newto standard reports, the solutions give functionality in them. SAP also providesyou visibility into the performance of all a solution configurator and a solutionbusiness operations. builder tool that help consultants or your Through their built-in support for IT staff to configure and extend theindustry-specific best practices, the solutions.
  6. 6. Drive Growth with SAP BusinessAll-in-One SolutionsWith an SAP Business All-in-One solution, talent to improve employee retention and enables you to complete a processyou can drive business growth, build and and satisfaction. You can also manage from beginning to end. You might, formaintain operational excellence, and opti- projects, portfolios, and regulatory example, create an opportunity usingmize financial performance. requirements to improve resource utiliza- CRM functionality, convert it directly into tion and compliance. a quote, and then later convert it into aMANAGE SAlES, PRODuCTS, sales order – complete with product,AND SERvICES OPTIMIzE FINANCIAl MANAGEMENT pricing, billing, and delivery information – AND PERFORMANCE using enterprise resource planning (ERP)SAP Business All-in-One solutions let you functionality. And BI functionality givesproactively manage sales opportunities SAP Business All-in-One solutions enable you real-time visibility into your sales per-and marketing plans while rapidly devel- you to accelerate financial closes, in- formance throughout the entire process.oping new products and services. To im- crease the accuracy of financial reporting, Centralized data and business intelligenceprove sales forecasts and deal closures, and maintain superior cash management. help ensure that you have a “single ver-you can prioritize, reassign, or modify You can improve your ability to maintain a sion of the truth,” providing a 360-degreesales opportunities. To open new markets set of balanced books reflecting any busi- view of your operations,and introduce new products, you can ness dimension. Support for international employees, and customers.rapidly deploy marketing plans and pro- and local accounting standards also helpscesses. To reduce customer churn and you reduce your risk of noncompliance. DRIvE ADOPTION AND IMPROvEincrease retention, you can better man- With an SAP Business All-in-One solu- PRODuCTIvITYage customer service requests, contracts, tion, you can gain deeper insight intoand warranties. And to shorten product organizational risk and performance by Additional advantages of using an SAPdevelopment lifecycles, you can carry out analyzing revenue and cost information Business All-in-One solution includeeverything from design engineering and for customers, products, projects, and faster adoption, increased productivity,integrated product-data management to services. You can centralize and take and fewer errors. The integrated softwaremanufacturing in one integrated solution. greater control of cross-company pay- and common desktop environment help ment processes, such as payments to your employees quickly understand andBuIlD AND MAINTAIN OPERATIONAl subsidiaries and other outgoing pay- use the software. The integration alsoExCEllENCE ments, and consolidate global cash posi- eliminates manual data reentry between tions across your company. By support- different functional areas, saving time andWith SAP Business All-in-One solutions, ing these capabilities, the software can reducing the risk of can grow and scale your company help reduce your banking fees. The solu- SAP Business All-in-One solutions in-by optimizing logistics, manufacturing, tion helps you optimize working capital clude the following features designed toand resource management processes and liquidity by more accurately forecast- maximize productivity and ease of use.throughout their lifecycles, while auto- ing your cash flow and cash requirements.mating routine activities across all You get a centralized, near-real-time view Efficient User Experiencebusiness areas. You can enable lean of cash positions across multiple bank The solutions increase productivity byshop-floor operations for assembly and accounts that helps you make the most speeding access to critical information.fabrication (including extensive repair and of your cash and maximize your returns. You can access key business contentoverhaul processes) to increase inventory Overall, you can improve your manage- through a rich, unified, and personalizedturnover and reduce cycle times. You can ment of internal controls including docu- user environment and execute tasks andalso proactively route tasks and approval mentation, assessment, and testing. transactions quickly and efficiently. Role-requests to improve efficiency. The solu- based navigation, screen personalization,tions let you effectively manage inbound uNIFY AND SIMPlIFY quick links to key data, snapshots of re-and outbound logistics to increase order cent records, integrated business analyt-accuracy and velocity. They also provide All the functionality in an SAP Business ics dashboards, key reminders and alerts,alerts and relevant information to employ- All-in-One solution is integrated to sim- and an advanced search function helpees, based on their responsibilities, to plify your business and IT landscape employees perform daily tasks moreimprove decision making. You can better across functions, regions, and teams. It efficiently.administer workforce processes and supports streamlined business processesSAP Solution in Detail – Drive Growth with Scalable, Industry-Specific SAP Business All-in-One Solutions 7
  7. 7. Automated Workflows systems to help you reduce total cost ofBy automating manual processes, the so- ownership. With these pretested, precon-lutions save time and money. You can, for figured options, you can eliminate theexample, generate an automatic alert on guesswork and implement an affordableall contracts that are up for renewal or on solution for your company. Because SAPcustomers with overdue payments. You Business All-in-One solutions are pow-can also escalate service requests for ered by SAP NetWeaver, you can unifyyour most important customers and au- and integrate both SAP and non-SAP soft-tomatically route tasks between groups ware. You can therefore be confident thatand departments. your IT infrastructure will meet existing needs and future requirements.Groupware Integration Today thousands of midsize companiesIntegration with desktop tools such as in more than 50 countries run SAP Busi-IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Office ness All-in-One solutions. You can beallows business users to manage their confident that SAP as one of the world’s ,activities and communications more leading providers of business software,effectively – any time, any place. Users will be around for a long time to come.can synchronize tasks, appointments, and More than 1,100 SAP partners around thee-mails and export customer and oppor- world deliver local implementation andtunity lists to Microsoft Excel for analysis. configuration support for SAP Business All-in-One solutions, giving you access toMAKE A COST-EFFECTIvE, lONG-TERM expert assistance no matter where youINvESTMENT are located.With SAP Business All-in-One solutions,you can have complete confidence in yourinvestment. The solutions are configuredto match your business requirementswithout the need for customization. Theycan be extended to meet your specificneeds, whether you are engaged in cross-country, cross-currency, or cross-bordertrade. You can incorporate additionalfunctionalities to cover, for example, newbusiness processes, different trade pat-terns, new products, and new users, whenneeded. SAP Business All-in-One solutions workwith hardware options from select part-ners and with software options that incor-porate pretested database and operatingSAP Business All-in-One solutions are the mostpowerful, industry-specific solutions available tomidsize companies or quickly growing small businesses.
  8. 8. One Integrated Solution SupportingAll Your Key ProcessesUnlike other business software on the • Supplier relationship management – • Inventory management – Track themarket, an SAP Business All-in-One Optimize procurement and sourcing to quantity, value, and movement of inven-solution helps you manage your most control costs tory in real timeimportant processes in a single integrated • Business intelligence – Gain insight • Human capital management – Manageapplication, as shown in the figure. It al- and improve decision making with tools staffing changes and streamline payrolllows you to start with what you need now for financial and operational reporting processesand add what you need later. and analysis • Product development and manufactur- An SAP Business All-in-One solution ing – Improve the product lifecycle pro-includes the following core functionality: ENTERPRISE RESOuRCE PlANNING cess and manufacturing operations• Enterprise resource planning – Effec- • Reporting and analytics – Plan, mea- tively manage financials, sales and SAP Business All-in-One solutions are sure, and control organizational service, procurement and logistics designed to meet the needs of growing processes execution, product development and small businesses and midsize companies • Corporate services – Lower administra- manufacturing, human capital manage- and are based on the SAP ERP applica- tive costs, increase transparency of ment, corporate services, and business tion, an industry-leading product. Each operations, and improve adherence to analytics integrated solution includes comprehen- corporate, legal, and regulatory• Support for best practices – Benefit sive functionality to manage all aspects requirements from industry-specific functionality and of your operations. It delivers role-based business processes based on SAP and access to business application data and SAP ERP is the software foundation that SAP partners’ experience – spanning analytical tools. Your company can use it enterprises trust to achieve business the last 35 years – with customers in across the following areas: excellence and innovation. Based on in- more than 25 industries worldwide • Accounting and financials – Create dustry best practices, SAP ERP draws• Technology platform – Lay a founda- accurate financial statements and from more than 35 years of SAP experi- tion to quickly and cost-effectively add integrate all operative transactions ence. It delivers the powerful functionality, on to your existing solution as your throughout the company global orientation, and flexible enhance- business grows and your needs change • Sales and service – Meet customer ment package options you need to gain a demands, support the entire order-to- sustainable, competitive advantage andAdditional integrated functionality is avail- cash process, and provide after-sales position your organization for profitableable for SAP Business All-in-One solutions support a low fee, including: • Purchasing and logistics execution –• Customer relationship management – Control costs and manage inbound and Efficiently conduct all aspects of your outbound logistics cycles – including customer relationships – from market- drop shipments ing to sales to service Business intelligence Best practicesSupplier relationship Enterprise resource Customer relationshipmanagement planning managementTechnology platformFigure: Integrated SAP® Business All-in-One SolutionSAP Solution in Detail – Drive Growth with Scalable, Industry-Specific SAP Business All-in-One Solutions 9
  9. 9. CuSTOMER RElATIONShIP businesses and based on the SAP Sup- pretested solution that reduces ERP andMANAGEMENT plier Relationship Management (SAP BI integration costs and speeds deploy- SRM) application. You can add the inte- ment. It supports best practices for sales,The CRM functionality for SAP Business grated SRM functionality to your SAP service, financial, manufacturing, and pro-All-in-One solutions is designed to meet Business All-in-One solution at any time. curement analysis that reduce report andthe needs of midsize companies and The SRM functionality for SAP Business dashboard development costs and speedbased on the SAP Customer Relationship All-in-One solutions enables the following: return on investment. This rich functional-Management application, also an industry • Self-service procurement – Automated ity increases business-user productivityleader. With this CRM functionality inte- workflows help you control maverick and lowers training and support costs.grated into your SAP Business All-in-One buying and enforce spend policiessolution, you can boost marketing results • Supplier sourcing via requests for quo- BEST PRACTICESwith targeted messaging, close more tation (RFQs) – Find the best source ofdeals with sales tools that improve effec- supply and increase purchasing power SAP Best Practices packages are an inte-tiveness, and increase revenue and cus- • Preconfigured roles – Support SRM gral part of SAP Business All-in-One solu-tomer loyalty with superior service. You best practices and get up and running tions. These packages encompass thecan effectively manage all quickly methodology, configuration settings,aspects of your customer relationships, • Single-server deployment – Have SRM and documentation for quickly evaluating,from generating leads to closing a deal, and ERP software on one server for a implementing, and deploying best busi-including follow-up support and add-on lower total cost of ownership. ness practices to support both industry-sales. specific and general business processes – Comprehensive in scope, this CRM With the preintegrated SRM and ERP for example, customer relationshipfunctionality covers the following areas: functionality in SAP Business All-in-One management, supply chain management,• Marketing – Align marketing processes, solutions, you can manage source-to-pay and business intelligence. drive customer demand, and increase processes with one unified solution. SAP Best Practices reflects SAP’s more marketing ROI than 35 years of industry leadership in• Sales – Acquire, grow, and retain profit- BuSINESS INTEllIGENCE business applications as well as the col- able relationships lective experience of its partner and cus-• Service – Drive service revenue and SAP Business All-in-One solutions offer tomer ecosystem. The support that these profitability midsize companies best-practice reports, packages offer companies for their busi-• Interaction center – Build customer analytics, and tools to satisfy the rigorous ness processes is unparalleled. Addition- loyalty, cut costs, boost revenue, and reporting requirements for financial ac- ally, SAP Best Practices packages provide effectively handle activities such as counting, logistics, customer relationship a flexible deployment methodology and, e-mail, telemarketing, telesales, and management, and more – all preconfig- where possible, automated activation of customer service ured by business role and business sce- scenario-supporting content. With these• Reporting and analytics – Make quick nario. You can plan, measure, and control packages, you get: and effective decisions, generate and organizational processes; access virtually • Flexible preconfiguration that can be convert more leads, track opportunities, any available ERP, CRM, or SRM report; activated in your SAP software to en- and close more deals and integrate data with desktop able streamlined business processes applications. • Detailed activation and configurationWith the preintegrated CRM and ERP For midsize companies with more guidesfunctionality in your SAP Business All-in- demanding analytical needs, SAP part- • Business process documentationOne solution, you can manage all aspects ners now offer business intelligence • Business process flow diagramsof customer relationships and operational functionality for SAP Business All-in-One • Extensive project documentationprocesses from start to finish. solutions to make it a combined ERP and • Learning resources BI solution. You get graphical reports andSuPPlIER RElATIONShIP interactive dashboards, providing better SAP Best Practices packages includeMANAGEMENT visibility and control over revenue, preconfigured support for scenarios in margins, and liquidity. Based on SAP the following core business processes:The SRM functionality for SAP Business BusinessObjects™ Edge BI software, an • FinancialsAll-in-One solutions is designed to meet industry-leading solution, the integrated • Salesthe needs of midsize companies or small BI functionality comes as a preconfigured, • Marketing
  10. 10. Sample of Industry-Specific Business Processes Supported by SAP® Best Practices Industry Sample Business Processes Discrete manufacturing • Logistics planning • Make-to-stock manufacturing • Make-to-order manufacturing • Engineer-to-order project manufacturing • Subcontracting • Production rework • Engineering change management Process manufacturing • Materials management • Batch management • Production planning • Active-ingredient processing and material quantity calculation • Warehouse management Professional services • Client and project acquisition • Engagement management • Incident management • On-site repair services • Service-level agreement management Wholesale distribution/ • Cross-docking yard management • Direct store delivery • Integrated warehouse management • Transportation management • Indirect sales with extended rebate processing Retail • Promotion management • Sales order management • In-store customer relationship management • Procurement of replenishable merchandise • Merchandise distributionSAP Solution in Detail – Drive Growth with Scalable, Industry-Specific SAP Business All-in-One Solutions 11
  11. 11. Examples of Cross-Industry Business Processes Supported by SAP® Best Practices • Financial accounting (general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, asset management, and more) • Order to cash • Procure to pay • Forecast to stock • Sales – opportunity and activity management • Sales – quotation and order management • Interaction center – inbound and outbound telesales • Service and support • Stock transfer• Service and services to drive revenues and profits adapt existing ones to meet new and spe-• Customer relationship management while continuing to support core opera- cific process needs, making use of the• Purchasing tions efficiently and effectively. SOA is various systems and applications• Inventory management an open IT architecture in which function- required.• Manufacturing ality can be grouped around business SAP partners further extend SAP Busi-• Analytical reporting processes and packaged as interoperable ness All-in-One solutions with industry-• Human resource management services. These interoperable services act specific functionality, creating a rich cata- as interchangeable process building log of targeted industry solutions. WithTEChNOlOGY PlATFORM blocks to deliver specific services to appli- the support that SAP software offers for cations. This allows you to extend busi- SOA, SAP partners can also provide addi-Because SAP Business All-in-One solu- ness processes – for example, from tional fine-tuning to meet even the mosttions are powered by SAP NetWeaver, you ordering to inventory to accounting – unique business process requirements orcan quickly and cost-effectively add on to without having to change underlying comply with industry-specific regulations.your existing solution as your business applications. You have access to exactly the right op-grows and your needs change. SAP With SAP NetWeaver and SOA forming tions to help create project and opera-NetWeaver is also the ideal technology the underlying foundation for each SAP tional success at your company.platform to integrate SAP and non-SAP Business All-in-One solution, you can real-software, reducing total cost of ownership ize efficiencies and enhance productivityacross your entire IT landscape. SAP immediately. The design and interopera-NetWeaver also supports the evolution of bility give employees direct access toapplications to service-oriented architec- their job functions through an intuitiveture (SOA). interface. Predefined roles dictate which Savvy IT organizations are adopting a information and functions they canflexible and unified technology platform. access. The solution also provides toolsThis makes it easier for IT to help the and guidelines for companies and SAPbusiness create new processes, products, partners to readily build custom roles orSAP Business All-in-One solutions can handle the mostdemanding local and global business requirements inover 50 countries.
  12. 12. Get Moving Quickly witha Fast-Start ProgramSo you think an SAP Business All-in-One With our innovative online solutionsolution is too big, too complex, and too configurator (located atcostly for your business? Think again. The, you chooseSAP Business All-in-One fast-start pro- the functional building blocks that willgram can get your small or midsize com- determine the scope and cost of yourpany where you want it to go – quickly. estimated solution. Then you work with There’s no need to start from scratch to an SAP partner to determine next steps.figure out how to evaluate, acquire, and A personalized demonstration will be cre-implement your solution. At SAP we’ve , ated with your data, showing end-to-enddone the hard work for you. We’ve even scenarios to give you the full picture ofdeveloped innovations with select hard- what an SAP Business All-in-One solutionware partners, such as HP, IBM, and can deliver.Fujitsu, so you can get a joint hardwareand software solution implemented in asfew as 8 to 12 weeks. To make it evenmore affordable, select partners offer asubscription-based hosting option. The fast-start program enables you to:• Speed time to value – Get a consumption-ready ERP system tailored to your needs• Know your costs before you start – Automatically estimate the total cost of your solution, including software, hardware, and services• Remove complexity from purchasing decisions – Choose options for prein- stalled software and optimized hardware• lower your total cost of ownership – Benefit from easy-to-implement, preconfigured software• Adapt and scale as you grow – Get state-of-the-art applications and tech- nology from SAP that can grow with youSAP Business All-in-One solutions are designed to meetthe needs of growing small businesses and midsizecompanies and are based on the SAP ERP application.SAP Solution in Detail – Drive Growth with Scalable, Industry-Specific SAP Business All-in-One Solutions 13
  13. 13. Industry-Specific Functionalityto Meet Your RequirementsSAP understands that every industry has You can buy qualified SAP Business All-its own unique business processes, re- in-One partner solutions and industry-quirements, and challenges. That’s why specific solutions through our worldwidewe offer industry-specific solutions to network of over 1,200 authorized channelmeet your needs. SAP and our partners partners, and you can select fast-start pro-offer SAP Business All-in-One solutions gram hardware partners in more than 50for all major industries. Our solutions are countries. These partners combine theiravailable in more than 50 countries and business knowledge and IT expertise tosupport all major international languages help you purchase, implement, and sup-and currencies. port SAP Business All-in-One solutions.SAP® Business All-in-One Solutions by Industry• Aerospace and defense • Industrial machinery and components• Automotive • Insurance – Automotive dealers • Life sciences – Automotive suppliers – Pharmaceuticals• Banking • Media• Chemicals • Mill products – Rubber and plastics – Building materials – Specialty chemicals – Fabricated metals• Consumer products – Packaging – Apparel and footwear – Primary steel – Consumer durables and home – Pulp and paper appliances • Mining – Food and beverage – Primary metals – Home and personal care • Oil and gas• Defense and security • Professional services• Engineering, construction, and • Public sector operations • Retail – Construction • Telecommunications• Healthcare • Transportation and logistics• Higher education and research – Logistics services• High tech • Utilities – Electronics and components – Water – Semiconductors and photovoltaics • Wholesale distribution – Software SAP Business All-in-One solutions pro- TO lEARN MOREvide a proven platform – based on SAPERP, SAP CRM, SAP SRM, and SAP Best For midsize companies and quickly grow-Practices – that our partners extend, us- ing small businesses that want it all –ing their industry expertise and services. comprehensive, integrated, flexibleWe now offer more than 800 qualified business management functionality –SAP Business All-in-One partner solutions SAP Business All-in-One solutions more than 50 countries, spanning all For more information about SAP Businessmajor industries. All-in-One solutions, please visit
  14. 14. 085 440 (11/05) ©2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved.SAP R/3, SAP NetWeaver, Duet, PartnerEdge, ByDesign, ,SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, StreamWork, and other SAP productsand services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos aretrademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and othercountries.Business Objects and the Business Objects logo, BusinessObjects,Crystal Reports, Crystal Decisions, Web Intelligence, Xcelsius, and otherBusiness Objects products and services mentioned herein as well as theirrespective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of BusinessObjects Software Ltd. Business Objects is an SAP company.Sybase and Adaptive Server, iAnywhere, Sybase 365, SQL Anywhere, andother Sybase products and services mentioned herein as well as theirrespective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sybase, Inc.Sybase is an SAP company.All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks oftheir respective companies. Data contained in this document servesinformational purposes only. National product specifications may vary.These materials are subject to change without notice. These materialsare provided by SAP AG and its affiliated companies (“SAP Group”)for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty ofany kind, and SAP Group shall not be liable for errors or omissions withrespect to the materials. The only warranties for SAP Group products andservices are those that are set forth in the express warranty statementsaccompanying such products and services, if any. Nothing herein shouldbe construed as constituting an additional warranty.