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Teaching writing pp


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Teaching writing pp

  1. 1. Compiled by Chandra Arnida
  2. 2. Writing as a skill (how to write certain purpose) Reinforcement (language construct) Why teaching writing? Learning style (reflective interpersonal activity) Language development (construct proper written text)
  3. 3. literacy Handwriting spelling Layout and punctuation
  4. 4. Approaches to student writing Process and product Roles of the teacher Writing for learning and writing for writing genre Creative writing Building the writing habit Writing as a cooperative activity
  5. 5. What are the steps?
  6. 6. The whole process
  7. 7. Genre Genre represent the norms of different kinds of writing A genre approach is especially appropriate for students of English for specific purposes
  8. 8. Creative Writing poetry stories  plays
  9. 9. Writing as a cooperative activity  Cooperative writing works well whether the focus is on writing process  Reviewing and evaluation are greatly enhanced by having more than one person  Not only for writing, but research, discussion, peer evaluation etc.
  10. 10. Right kind of language Give enough information Building writing habit Enjoyable task Interesting tasks
  11. 11. Writing for learning and writing for writing  Writing for learning : is a kind of writing we do to help the students learn language or to test them on that language  Writing for writing : is to build students writing skill
  12. 12. The roles of the teacher motivator resource Feedback provider
  13. 13. Writing lesson sequences  Some activities are about the nut and bolts of writing  Some are designed to build the writing habit  Some are designed to give students practice in the writing skill
  14. 14. Portfolios, journals, letters
  15. 15. Conclusion  Teaching writing is not a simple way in process where as a teacher we have to consider about many things such as: the handwriting, spelling, layout and punctuation.  Some approaches that the writer have to know in writing: process and product, genre, creative writing, writing as a cooperative activity, building the writing habit
  16. 16. Bibliography  Harmer, Jeremy 2007, How to Teach English 2nd edition, Pearson Education Ltd  Harmer, Jeremy2010, the Practice of English Language Teaching 4th edition, Pearson Education Ltd  Agustin, Helena GENRE ENGLISH TEXT TYPES  EFL How to Teach Writing