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SAP Upgrade Information

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Sap upgrade

  1. 1. SAP Upgrade Info During Upgrade we have to find out some details regarding system,modifications, ... . To find those details some of the important list of Tables,views,Transactions,Programs,Function Modules helpful in Upgrade Activity . Tables & Views UVERS Upgrade Information UMODOBJ Upgrade Modification Information SMODILOG Customer Modifications to Dev. Env. Objects ADIRACCESS Table to store keys(Access Keys) for TADIR Objects TCPDB Code page used in the database DWINACTIV List of Inactive objects RODIR Release Objects Directory SMODISRC Customer Modification Log MODACT Modifictions(enhancements) MODATTR Attributes of extension projects PAT01 Patch Status( Also PAT* tables) CVERS Release status of software components in system OCSCCOMPAT Compatible component version TRDIR & PROGDIR List of Custom Objects(Module pools, Executable programs, Includes ...) TADIR Directory of Repository objects along with package details SMODIDEVC Read SMODILOG from TADIR with Development Class TFDIR,TFTIT List of Function Modules CWBN* List of Notes in the system TNAPR Smartforms Details DD02L Tables TSTC,TSTCT Transaction Codes, Texts RSEUMOD Settings for ABAP Workbench MONI Moniter Table VARID Variant Directory VARIT Variant Texts AQGQCAT SAP Query: Query Catalog for Global query AQLQCAT SAP Query: Query Catalog for local/Client specific query SNAP ABAP/4 Snapshot for Runtime Errors DDLOG Buffer Synchronization TPFHT Profile Header, administration data for profiles in Database TPFET Table for Profile Parameters
  2. 2. Prorams RSAUDITC Locked and Unlocked Transaction Codes ... RADMASDSC DatabaseSelection during massactivation RSTXFCAT List of SAPSCRIPTS RPR_ABAP_SOURCE_SCA N To get the where used list of any string(Scan ABAP Report Sources) RSMODRES Restore GUI Interface Changes, Activation Flag for Function Exits RSP00041 To Delete old spool Requests RSTXPSCRP Export/Import of SAPSCRIPT RSTXPDFT4 Converting SAPscript (OTF) or ABAP List Spool Job to PDF RSTXPDFT5 Download of Spool Request RSSNAPDL Reorganization Program for Table SNAP of Short Dumps SNIF To find active Customer Enhancements RSNAST00 Selection Program for Issuing Output(To know the smartform used in the report) RSUSR003 Check the Passwords of Standard Users in All Clients along with Parameters RSVCHECK Check variants (To listdown all the affected variants) RSVARDOC_610 Rescue obsolete variants RSAQ_GENERATE_PROG RAM To Regenerate the queries which were affected RSAQ_TRANSFORM_ALV_LA YOUT Layouts of a query RSUNISCAN_FINAL Check a Program Set for Syntax Errors in Unicode Environment RSTVARVCLIENTDEPEND ENT TVARV to TVARVC Conversion (to Transfer entries of TVARV to TVARC) SDTXT1AID find Missing entires in TTXERN Transaction’s SPDD Modification Adjustment : Object selection(Dictionary) SPAU Modification Adjustment : Object selection (Repository) SPAU_ENH Enhancement Info System
  3. 3. SE95 Modification Browser : Object selection (To check List of Modified Programs) SE95_UTIL Modification Browser : Utilities (List of Objects Resetted & Deleted ) SE80 Objetc Navigator SE84 All Repository Information system UCCHECK Check for Syntax errors in Unicode Environment SPUMG Preconversion of MDMP to Unicode SAMT ABAP Program Set Processing(check syntaxes of programs) SLIN ABAP program extended syntax check SPAM Support Pack Manager (all Details of SP’s along with SPAM Version) SAINT Addon Installation tool with version USMM System Measurement DBACOCKPI T system configuration maintainance SU01 User Maintainance DB02 Database performance CNV_CDMC Customer Development management cockpit Overview SCU3 Evaluate logs (Analysis of Changed Customizing objects SE54 Maintain Table maintainance dialog SE13 Maintain Technical Settings OSS1 Online Service System SICF Maintain services SMMS Message server Moniter SM59 Configuration of RFC Connections SM58 Error log of Transactional RFC's OY19 Customizing crosssystem viewer SE39 ABAP split Screen editor Compare Programs STZAC Customizing Time Zones STZBC Change Time Zones SM04 Users logged in system SUIM User Information system ST22 ABAP Runtime Errors SM21 System Error Logs ST11 Error Log Files SM20 Analysis of Security Audit Log SM37 Job Overview RZ10 Edit profiles RZ11 Maintain profile parameters RSBDCOS0 Execute OS Command (Logged in SYSLOG and Trace Files) SCC1 Copy Transport Request to Different clients SPAD Spool Administration SOST SAP Connect : Transnmission requests SM50 Process overviews SM66 Global work Process overview
  4. 4. SCC4 Clients Overview STDR Object Directory Consistency check SCOV Coverage Analyser REDSRS01 Mass Syntax Check Function Modules RS_GET_MAINPROGRAMS To get the Main Program of an Include FUNCTION_SELECT_TFDIR Details of SMODILOG(Modified Objects) RS_COPY_SELECTION_SETS Copy variants from one program to another program RS_TRANSACTION_DELETE To Delete Transaction Code /TMFWL? RMOBASKETAPPROVAL To get the List of Downloads in The Download basket(from Market place) AGS_SISE_MANU_NOTE_ACTS To be executed after Implementing Central Correction Note TH_DISPLAY_USER_LIST Display the User List for a Server SUSR_USER_CHANGE_PASSWO RD_RFC change login password RSUPGRCHECK After Upgrade check checks the consistency of generated DDIC objects for BW metadata such as InfoObjects, InfoCubes and transfer rules