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Cover layout for The Moody Standard Newspaper.

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Newspaper Design 2

  1. 1. news sports features editorials Iraqis protest Liftin Litfin Student chef Smith reflects on Christian shares Solheim runs catering what shell give persecutions. wisdom business thanks for. today in the world holistic hearsay from dorm speakers corner page 3 page 8 artist next door page 15 page 11 moodystandard the Volume 76:6 November 23, 2010 a teacher, teach to his glory. If you’re a trash man, do it to the glory of the Lord. Don’t be ashamed, brothers and sisters.” by Bridget Kilbride correspondent Concluding the night, Lecrae urged the audience to boldly proclaim the gospel. “There are pastors who are scared to speak truth on On Nov. 7 at 6:30 p.m. in Torrey Gray Sunday. They don’t shine,” he said. “Be a city on a hill. When people begin to see the light, they become lights themselves.” Auditorium, Moody Campus Radio “Christ was glorified through a medium that’s relevant to our culture and our day,” Jeremy Barahona, junior theology major, said.hosted “Unashamed: The Movement “Tonight conveyed theological, truth-provoking practicality through hip hop.” He added, “I was surprised the crowd was so big,2010,” a concert tour featuring rap artists that the believers would rally around things of the Lord like this. I didn’t think Moody students would be excited about this typeLecrae, Pro, Tedashii, Sho Baraka, Trip Lee of concert.” Attendee Andrea Mackowiak, junior children’s ministry major, noted, “The artists took the opportunity to really pointand DJ Official in concert. people to Christ. The gospel message wasn’t forgotten in any aspect of the show.” The evening started with Ashanti Pettaway reported that the auditorium was filled with students, parents, kids of all ages, couples, faculty and administration, of allPettaway, senior theology major and different ethnicities worshipping together. “I know God was pleased with that beautiful picture,” he said. Despite the difficulties at theMCR station manager, announcing a beginning of the night, he asserted, “When he gives us something to do for the kingdom, he is going to see it through.” boom generator had blown. He appealed, Nikki Liddie, sophomore communications major and MCR operations manager, agreed, speaking of “all the things that happened“I need all the saints in the house that tried to prevent [the concert].” She was amazed at “seeing how God worked despite frustration and miscommunication.” tonight to be praying right now.” At The event was run by 50 volunteers, consisting primarily of Moody students. According to Pettaway, the concert was sold out withapproximately 6:45 p.m., the evening was 1,835 tickets sold. successfully underway. The concert’s theme of “Unashamed” was grounded in Romans 1:16. Kicking off the concert, Pro insisted, “I’m convinced that if we’re not ashamed of the gospel, in the face of opposition, we will not fold. Don’t be ashamed.” Each artist encouraged the audience to be bold for the gospel. Sho Baraka challenged the audience in the area of work. He recognized God calls believers to be diligent and obedient. “No matter what area of life God puts you in,” he urged, “love him and make him famous.” He declared, “If you’re cutting hair, cut hair to the glory of God. If you’re see Lecrae page 5 photo by Melissa ZaldivarHarrast leads weekly abortion awareness prayer groupby Crystal Anderson correspondent sponsored a screening of “Blood Money” Lauren Harrast, junior communications and 100 students viewed the movie,major, founded an informal abortion which sought to expose the truth behindawareness group on campus this semester, the abortion industry. Later, studentswhich meets to pray and distribute approached Harrast, sharing that God hadinformation in front of a local abortion moved their hearts to do something aboutprovider. “I continue to make abortion this issue. She began the group which nowunthinkable wherever I am,” she said. meets on Saturday mornings at 10 in the In 2009, Harrast began touring America Arch. The group walks over to Plannedwith Justice for All, training people to Parenthood, an abortion provider, to praydiscuss anti-abortion issues and learning and distribute anti-abortion relate to apathetic or abortion rights “Seeing [the women] go in ups the fervorcollege students. of our prayers,” Harrast said. When Harrast arrived at Moody in fall One man, who pushed his girlfriend2009, she wanted to discuss her passion for into having an abortion, talked with athe issue of abortion, but no one seemed member of the prayer group and changedto share her enthusiasm. She prayed for his mind about the abortion. His girlfriendGod to give her another passion, but God had already been admitted, and he was notwanted her to be grateful for the task allowed to see her. Three different women Lauren Harrast (checkered coat), junior communications major, leads a weekly prayer group outsideinstead of asking for a different one. Planned Parenthood on LaSalle and Division. photo by Robert Loffler This September, Student Council see Awareness page 15 The Moody Standard is written and published by students of the Moody Bible Institute
  2. 2. news sports features editorials Dickson Insight on Typography vs. The desperate leads Food holistic Calligraphy need for teaching Service with formation from a Christian years of Moody alum worldview experience been there, do this: comparisons speakers corner page 4 page 7 page 10 page 15 moodystandard the Volume 76:1 September 14, 2010 by Ty Gotham correspondent With eight countries represented and a fresh group of new players, the Moody men’s soccer team has had an excellent start to their 2010 season, beginning with a win against Rockford University in a scrimmage 1-0. The following three victories against Holy Cross University 5-2 on Aug. 28, against Benedictine University 5-2 on Sept. 1, and against Robert Morris College 7-1 on Sept. 7 fueled the fire. They have suffered one loss to Manchester College 1-4 on Sept. 4 over Labor Day weekend, when the team was not at full strength with many of the upperclassmen not playing. With a current record of 3-1, the players are pumped for a great year. James Choi, sophomore youth ministry major, joined the team last spring to prepare for this year. He mentioned what he thinks is most vital to the team’s success: “Most people think that whether a soccer team does well or not depends on the players’ abilities, but that’s not true,” he said. “It is based so much on having a good coach, and Coach Harding is a great coach, he and his assistants.” Choi also talked about the importance of the fans, stating, “When the crowd see Soccer page 8 photo by Kristen KillebrewChorale spends three weeks touring Ireland, United Kingdomby Steph Glinski business manager students were able to stay with host families Over three weeks this summer, the Moody and seized the opportunity to learn aboutChorale traveled across Ireland and the UK. British lifestyle and traditions. “It was greatMoody faculty Cynthia Uitermarkt, Bryan seeing our hosts opening up their homes andO’Neal and Beth Naegele accompanied the introducing us to their culture,” explained50 students in the Chorale, who performed Miriam Mast, sophomore evangelism andin 17 concerts. Some were held in major discipleship major.cities such as Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow and Nathan Snyder, senior pre-counselingEdinburgh. major, said, “It was a challenging trip and we The first concert was scheduled for the had lots of things to work with, but the Lordday of arrival in London. Conducted by worked through it powerfully.” All concertsAmy Gatschenberger, Debbie Hollinger went well, and according to one audienceand Elsa Wiese, the choir was celebrated member, “The voices sounded like angels.”by the British audience, some of whom Caleb Fetterhoff, senior ethno-musicologyremembered the Chorale from former tours. major, especially enjoyed the first concert in “Everyone loved the Moody group,” Sevenoaks. “It was amazing to be part of theexplained Uitermarkt, who enjoyed her experience. God really is present in music,”first international Chorale tour and enjoyed he recalled.meeting people from different countries and With fun events such as sightseeingcultures. Thanks to former conductor Gerald The Moody Chorale performing in Ashton United Reformed Family Church, in Ashton, England,Edmondss connections in the UK, the see Chorale on backpage during their summer tour. photo by Michael Kuffel The Moody Standard is written and published by students of the Moody Bible Institute
  3. 3. 8 SPORTS & HEALTH the moody standard Vol. 76:1 Sept. 14, 2010 Soccer continuted from front page gets going, we pick it up. The biblical studies major and more people that come to watch the team’s captain this our games, the further our team year, is also happy to see will go.” so many new players. He Perhaps another key to their said the new players bring success is the diet change that increased enthusiasm to Coach Harding has implemented. the team. Caleb Middleton, The team is to refrain from freshman youth ministry drinking any soda but is major, said, “It’s an honor encouraged to drink lots to play on the Moody soccer of water. They are to eat team. I love playing with more fruits, wheat bread such great guys.” rather than white, and Cox predicts that the team they are not allowed can make it to the national any fried food on tournament, and the 2010 game days. Moody soccer team has the Tyler Cox, senior potential to do it. ms Left: Moody mens soccer team celebrates a goal against Holy Cross University on Aug 28. Bottom right: Ethan Montesinos, sophomore Bible major, dribbles the ball away from a Holy Cross opponent. Top center: Ryan Pattison, sophomore Bible major, stops a goal. photos by Kristen Killebrewholistic hearsayOnce pacified by food, now satisfied in Christby Melissa Zaldivar sports editor an éclair from the bakery or consuming a have stayed within ten pounds of my goal thirties, I began the additional discipline Holistic Hearsay is a new guest skyscraper ice cream cone from the dairy. weight for several decades. of moderate physical exercise. I joined acolumn in which faculty and staff of the At meals I calculated which portion was While this might not be the case club for a number of years, and later beganMoody Bible Institute draw on their own the largest; I loved buffets. So until my for everyone, I discovered there was a walking and biking regularly, a practiceexperiences to connect the spiritual to the early twenties, I was overweight, often connection between the physical discipline I still keep up. I discovered during thisphysical parts of our lives. urged by doctors and friends to take care of eating and spiritual discipline. As I process that a moderate plan was the bestby Rosalie de Rosset of the problem. learned to eat well and say no to what had way to go—not a rigid, inflexible routine.professor of communications Something turned over in my thinking kept me anesthetized, other things changed At times one must delight in favorite foods My addiction to food started early, a in my twenties, and I was ready to do in my life. I was more alert to my laziness with friends; one must rest from schedules;pattern that would continue—food was the hard work of facing my demons and of spirit, less careless, more energetic and one must trust the lessons one has learnedused as a drug, as an escape. Food really managing my obsession, and of letting less prone to rationalize poor choices or lie and the One who teaches them.was a reason to get up, a reason to live. On God into the places I had filled with food. to myself. When I cut myself slack in the Being healthy can also fill the emptyour way home from school, my childhood I joined Weight Watchers, lived through years of overeating, I also cut myself slack places where God belongs. Eating well,friend and I used every penny we got (not the tedious months of small, steady weight emotionally and spiritually. keeping ones weight down, and physicalso much in those days) for food, stopping at loss and initially boring food choices. One’s battles are not over with one exercise must be a conscious but notthe candy store for chocolate bars, sharing With God’s help, I beat the addiction and decision, but it was a beginning. In my late all-consuming pattern. ms
  4. 4. news sports features editorials Alum Running for From Qumran to Why I dont performs charity and Google. Internet giant go to church Africa chocolate & Israel to publish anymore concert Dead Sea Scrolls online today in the world citywide sports church on the alter speaker’s corner page 3 page 8 page 13 page 15 moodystandard the Volume 76:4 October 26, 2010 by Elizabeth Parrilli staff writer DEAF OUTREACH CHICAGO According to Joshua Project, the deaf are the world’s fourth largest unreached people group, but since they do not walk Student founds new student group around wearing signs, they blend in with every culture around the globe. Chicago, for instance, is home to one of the largest deaf populations in the U.S. So when Eric Targe, sophomore theology major, first came to Moody last fall, he eagerly looked around the city for a deaf ministry he could be a part of. However, he found nothing. not responsible.” However, Corcoran Because of his passion for the deaf did admit that his crew is responsible for community, Targe didn’t hesitate to begin spills during attempts to refill the milk his own ministry. In the fall of 2009, Targe dispensers. Balancing a five-gallon bag but if you’re not in community and you started an on-campus ministry called of milk over one’s head in search of an don’t know the culture, you don’t know Deaf Outreach Chicago. This group began invisible spigot is a very strenuous affair. Spanish. We want to be in the culture and with a few sign language classes and has There are a few things that are even less know the deaf.” developed into a campus group of 17 commonly recognized than the specific According to Targe, only 40 percent members and four officers. Aleris Fraats, duties of our friends in the dining room. of sign language is in the hands. The Food Service employee, serves as the For example, how often does the average majority of sign language is in the group’s advisor. SDR guest actually ruminate on the fact eyebrows, body and head. Often the deaf Still in the beginning stages, Deaf that the school loses seven dollars every appreciate people who want to talk to Outreach Chicago meets every Tuesday time a piece of silverware lands in the them and take the initiative to learn their night, not only to learn the language garbage? This is both a daily occurrence language. and to become equipped to translate, and a smelly escapade that the dish crew Deaf Outreach Chicago has specific but also to know the culture. Targe said, workers would rather avoid. And most goals and ministry aims to not only “They have their own culture, a culture students probably aren’t aware that water affect Moody but also the entire city of without sound. Anyone can take four from the spouts by the soda machines is Chicago. They plan to interpret songs at years of Spanish and know the language, purified four times over—that’s cleaner Founder’s Week in February of 2011 and than most bottled water companies can see Deaf page 2 boast. photo by Robert Loffler So, next time you decide to grace the are eager to host a campus event duringBehind the food lines: the SDR staff tour SDR with your presence, hopefully you’ll deaf awareness month. They are also feel some extra gratitude for every swig planning to plant a deaf ministry at The of purified water and every use of fine Moody Church. There they can interpretby Tabitha Sikich correspondent ones who restock boxes of earl grey when services, lead small groups and teach cutlery. Or perhaps you’ll consider leaving Most students would probably say they’re running low. And there’s the dish Sunday school for the deaf. a comment card for those hardworkingthey are familiar with the happenings in crew in dark blue, the ones stationed in The group is still in training and is kitchen hands. Most importantly, though,the Student Dining Room, but thanks to the dish pit behind that giant rotating rack being equipped for outreach. To learn maybe you’ll restrain the applause whenthe confessions of several Food Service they call The Accumulator. more about this group or to join them in the next unfortunate soul spills milkemployees, the student body can get an When asked about their jobs, most say their ministry, visit their meeting every all over the floor or shatters a plate.even closer look into what goes on under they love working for Food Service. A.J. Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the ASC 2 South Take it from Corcoran: “That’s prettythe table in the SDR. Pantaleo, freshman communications major Conference Room. humiliating.” SDR work crews color coordinate and dish crew worker, says, “Working inthemselves by job descriptions. Black the SDR is like a family reunion.”shirts and checkered pants identify the If that’s the case, there is some rivalrykitchen workers (KWs). This crew lives within this family. Gary Corcoran,in the kitchen, pre-making meatloaf and sophomore biblical languages major andscrubbing bathtub-size kettles until they KW, laughingly admits his crew’s bias:sparkle. Dining room workers are those “We KWs think we’re better than everyonein different-colored polo shirts who serve else, but only because we are. Just think,”students from behind the glass barricades he said, “whenever a plate breaks,in the cafeteria and who get to deal with whenever silverware runs out, wheneverstudents who badger them for larger there’s a line outside the SDR, KWs areservings of chicken and sweet potatoes. SDR workers not only wash dishware, but can also be found refilling the milk dispensers or diggingBlue ladies are the cooks’ helpers, the see SDR page 12 through the trash cans to find dropped utensils. photo by Travis Weathers The Moody Standard is written and published by students of the Moody Bible Institute
  5. 5. news editorials sports features Sayuni joins Anxiety: the Tips for Turn your evangelistic alarm clock of sweet sleep, dorm room mission to our lives resting well into a Uganda greenhouse Great Commission Speaker’s corner Healthwise backpage page 18 page 8 page 15 moodystandard the Volume 75:8 February 16, 2010 celebrating 75 YEARS of Moody student newspaper reportingphoto courtesy Chicago Blackhawks photo courtesy Lisandro Sueroby Melissa Zaldivar sports editor There was a sea of 21,446 fans bearing red, black, and white an understatement. As soon as the national anthem starts,If you caught last Wednesday’s Blackhawks’ as the Chicago Blackhawks took the ice last Tuesday—the 80th the whole crowd goes wild. High fives, cheering, and massive consecutive sold-out crowd. The fans are nothing short of sold- applause commence for the entire duration of the song. So thegame, I saw them win about six seconds out themselves. Their reactions to the national anthem, for Blackhawks audience is united by not just the enjoyment ofbefore you did. I was at the United Center example, was unlike anything I have ever experienced. hockey, but also the love of country. “The national anthem is better [at Blackhawks’ games] After the anthem, the ceremonial toss was thrown and secondshere in Chicago, watching the Dallas Stars fall than most sports games,” said Marty Ottaway, senior Bibleto the Chicago Blackhawks four to three. major and Blackhawks’ fan. This may have been a little bit of see Hawks page 10Kesher hosts Holocaust survivorby Parker Hathaway correspondentOn February 10 and 11, MBI student group In 1938, Czechoslovakia joined the Nazi Regime. It was then that Roth began to experience anti-Semitism. Entering a park nearKesher hosted Holocaust survivor Irving his home, he noticed a sign: “No Jews allowed.” Jewish people soonRoth, who told his story in an overflowing became segregated, enslaved, and hated. They could no longer own luxury items and were forced to wear a yellow star of David patch toMBI classroom. photo by Marianne Bach identify them as untouchable Jews. Roth explained, “I never broke In 1929, Roth was born in a small city in Czechoslovakia. The the rules, and now I was told that I couldn’t go to school.”city had a population of 7,000 with 2,000 Jews. Until Roth was six On January 20, 1942, the Nazi party decided to murder Jewsyears old, Jews, Christians, Catholics, and Muslims lived peacefully see Holocaust page 3in the town. Roth explained, “I was integrated, free, and loved.” The Moody Standard is written and published by students of the Moody Bible Institute
  6. 6. news editorials sports features ResLife moves Schmutzer Free throw Stories told of housing sign- grapples with and polo church history up online the problem of Intramural insider heroes suffering Stories of the saints Speaker’s corner page 6 page 18 page 7 page 14 moodystandard the Volume 75:7 January 26, 2009 celebrating 75 YEARS of Moody student newspaper reportingEARTHQUAKE WHAT IF I DIED TONIGHT? RAVAGES by Lindsey Durant correspondent Late one December night, I “You ever heard of Lecrae?” I asked him. I nearly had to shout because of the HAITI music and the roar of the train zipping accompanied my friend Kyle through the tunnels. to Target for some last-minute He said, “No, why?” “Well, he has a song in the same style shopping before Christmas as this,” I pointed at his phone, “and I really break. I hadn’t felt like going—I like one of his music videos called ‘Don’t Waste your Life.’ I think you would like that was tired and worried about song too.” exams—but for some reason He asked me what it was about, and told him it was the story of a man sending his I had felt God tugging on my friend a letter warning him not to waste his heart to go. life pursuing fleeting things like wealth and status when the only thing that will satisfy On the red line heading back to campus, I him is God. watched a middle-aged black man enter the My neighbor listened to this story and train and sit down a row ahead of me. He was then began to tell me about himself. His dressed in expensive blue jeans, snazzy DC name was Rashad; he was a gang-banger, sneakers, a red sweatshirt, and a blingy necklace. and he had done enough in his life to deserve In his hand was a phone blaring obscene rap. For 20 years in prison. some reason I thought of Lecrae, the one black “In fact,” he told me, “I’m on my way to rapper I was familiar with. a stripper party and I’m going to try to rip I leaned forward and he smiled as I off my friends while I’m there. I’m too bad a watched him. person for God to forgive!” Graffitied wall in Cabrini-Green. see What If page 11 photo courtesy Lisandro Sueroby Kaitlin Atmore copy editor A strike-slip earthquake with a magnitudeOn January 12 at 4:53 p.m. of 7.0 on the Richter Scale—only 2.0 less than the maximum the Richter Scale can read—Eastern Standard Time, the lives struck, causing horrific devastation. A strike-slipof the people of Port-au-Prince earthquake is caused by the horizontal grinding and slipping of the earth’s tectonic plates where photo by Sarah Burgessand the surrounding areas were they meet together. In this case, it was the Northdrastically changed. American and Caribbean tectonic plates that caused the earthquake. see Haiti page 2 The Moody Standard is written and published by students of the Moody Bible Institute