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Making Commerce, Webform & Group play nicely together - DrupalCamp Bristol 2017

  1. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Insurance company case study: Making Commerce, Webform & Group play nicely together @ChandeepKhosa
  2. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Who am I? • Freelance / Contract Drupal Developer • Drupal 8 core contributor (front end & usability) • Organiser of Drupal West London user group • Involved in training & mentoring Drupal developers • Drupal meetup & camp addict
  3. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Who am I? • I’m self-taught since playing with Drupal in 2008, procrastinating when I should have been working on my final year university project :) • I’ve been addicted ever since and love it! • Worked as a contractor for The Health Foundation, Toyota, Oxford University, Team GB, Christian Aid, Tate Art Gallery, Agile Collective, Five Mile, Microserve & NDP.
  4. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 I’ll be covering • Project background • Site architecture • Webform - Quote builder • Commerce - Architecture & selecting relevant products • Group - Tiered access levels
  5. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Project background • Build a web application that handles quotes, policies & claims. Allows users to buy policies, cancel them, make claims on them. Display reports.
  6. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17
  7. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 User types • Consumer • Dealer • Staff • Branch • Head Office • Client admin
  8. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 User needs • Find out information before deciding to buy • Get a quote • Buy a policy • Manage their policy • Make & track claims
  9. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Site architecture • Content types : Policy, Claim • Webform : Request a Quote • Commerce products
  10. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Get A Quote
  11. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Webform Learnings • Use Webform 4.x instead of 3.x if you need to be able to insert tokens. Switching can may break your custom modules. • e.g.) User fields such as name & address • Webform Wrappers module allows you to add classes e.g.) Row & Col-Md-4
  12. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Webform fields & tokens
  13. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Webform Wrappers
  14. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Drupal Commerce • Product displays • Product • Dealer Product with Model Number • Accidental Damage
  15. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Custom product view
  16. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Product Display
  17. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Product variation - edit
  18. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Accidental Damage
  19. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Find relevant products
  20. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Find relevant products
  21. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Quote form : step 2
  22. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17
  23. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17
  24. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17
  25. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Dealer groups • Head Office : Can create branch groups & admin users. Can see all policies & claims. • Branch : Can create staff users. Can see policies & claims restricted to their branch. • Staff : Can’t create groups or users. Can see policies & claims created by other colleagues.
  26. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Group module
  27. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Group types
  28. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Dealer Head Office : permissions
  29. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Dealer Head Office group as User 1
  30. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 View members as User 1
  31. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Group
  32. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17
  33. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Making content belong to a group
  34. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Dealer HO viewing a report
  35. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Branch admin user
  36. @ChandeepKhosa #DCBristol17 Summary • All these modules are awesome, but when used together correctly they can build a powerful business critical application. • Email me at • Please leave feedback at talk/88d9a