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Webiny Booking System for Travel Agencies


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Webiny Booking System for Travel Agencies

  1. 1. Booking System
  2. 2. Webiny Booking SystemWebiny Booking System is a set of specially designed modulesbuilt on Webiny platform. This set of modules provides youwith all necessary features to run a professional online bookingagency.The Booking System controls the whole process frompresentation of accommodations to online booking, paymentand invoice creation.Since the whole system is built on Webiny platform, you’ll getgreat performance, customization options, nice URLs and a lotmore.Webiny Booking System 2
  3. 3. Webiny Booking System features
  4. 4. AnalyticsAnalytics give you detailed insight in your site’s performance in aspects of conversion.The analytics are in real-time so that in every second you have an up-to date report.Webiny BS also tracks the origin of incoming inquiries and can provide you with a world map of your customers giving you greatinsight especially if you have some geo-targeted SEM campaigns active. Analytics Inquiries by countryWebiny Booking System 4
  5. 5. SEOIt’s important to be ahead of your competition. Webiny gives you several options that enable you doing just that. One of thoseoption is a built-in SEO module.Over this built-in SEO module you’ll have nice URLs, automatically created custom meta tags, descriptions and keywords on everyaccommodation and lot page. URL structure Custom meta structureWebiny Booking System 5
  6. 6. Accommodation & lotAccommodations and lots are the core entity of BookingSystem. This is your selling product. Webiny provides youwith all necessary options to describe your product on severallanguages in a matter of minutes.You can attach an advanced price list to every entity. Thepricelist system enables you to handle price periods, discounts,supplements, extra services and additional costs.Since Webiny template engine is very flexible, you can have acustom template for each accommodation or accommodationtype. This way you can make great landing pages and testconversion using different templates. Accommodation propertiesWebiny Booking System 6
  7. 7. Extra servicesExtra service is an additional entity that a customer can buy.You can have several extra services and each one can have adifferent price calculation and options.You can create extra services that only target a group of people,or an extra service that can only be bought in a period of 7days. There are many different varieties that are given to you- basically there is no limit on what you can charge in extraservices. Extra serviceWebiny Booking System 7
  8. 8. Unit typesAccommodations and lots are structured in unit types. Webinyhas two different unit types. One is an “stand-alone” unit type,and the other is “lot based”. The difference is that a stand-alone unit type doesn’t have lots, and you have to book thewhole accommodation - for example, a holiday home is onecommon stand-alone unit type.You can set a default template and a default price model for eachunit type. You can override these values per accommodation. Unit typeWebiny Booking System 8
  9. 9. Dynamic propertiesUsing dynamic properties you can easily describe any accommodation in great detail. Webiny provides a large set of options whenit comes to defining a dynamic property.Using a unique database design you can easily search accommodations that match a given property very precisely and fast.Properties can be defined globally, which makes them available to every unit type, or you can define it for a certain unit type,which makes it available only for that targeted one. With this approach, dynamic properties input dialog won’t be overcrowded.Webiny Booking System 9
  10. 10. GuestA guest is a client that made an inquiry or a booking. Webinytracks your guests over time, giving you better insight in yourcustomers.With a provided set of various statistics, you can anticipatewhich customers will return and which will not. Guest statisticsWebiny Booking System 10
  11. 11. Request managerRequest manager is a central BS module - it gives you a list ofall inquiries with a list of filters you can apply.For each inquiry, with just one click, you can get guest details,inquiry details, list of sent offers and list of invoices attached tothat inquiry. Request managerWebiny Booking System 11
  12. 12. OffersThe main action when an inquiry comes into the system is Every offer can be viewed on the website, or you can e-mail itdesigning an offer - this process is very fluent in Webiny. to the user, and you can even generate a PDF and send it as an attachment.You can create a custom offer, or if you want the system cancreate an automatic offer based on an inquiry. The system will automatically warn you if there is not enough beds, if the accommodation is closed and similar, so you don’tFor every offer you can set its currency, template, add or have to worry about that.remove beds and extra services, and more. Since Webiny frequently updates its currency database, youThe system will calculate the price on the fly. can easily show any offer in a variety of currencies.Webiny Booking System 12
  13. 13. Alternative offerWhen creating an offer based on a request, it can become aproblem when the requested accommodation is no longeravailable. It can be very hard to find suited alternatives - butnot with Webiny.Webiny has a special algorithm that scores all possiblealternatives and presents you with the five most promisingones. It also provides you with the details of the scoring. Alternative offersWebiny Booking System 13
  14. 14. Payment GatewaysWebiny is currently connected to three payment gateways:1. PayPal2. Moneybookers3. T-Com PayWay Uređivanje Payment Gateway-aWhen a client is viewing an offer he can choose any installedpayment gateway to pay. He can also optionally set a differentcurrency.You can set a desired payment gateway and currency for eachdomain and language, so your clients don’t have to choose itmanually. Payment and payment gateway selectionWebiny Booking System 14
  15. 15. InvoicesEvery offer can have multiple invoices, advance payment andlastpayment.When a client looks at an offer, Webiny tracks it so you knowright away if a client has already viewed an offer. PaymentsWebiny also tracks every request all the way to paymentgateway, so for each invoice you know when a client tried topay for it, or even if he has failed in doing so.Webiny Booking System 15
  16. 16. E-mailsE-mails are taken very seriously in Webiny. You can havemultiple e-mail templates for multiple domains on multiplelanguage.Parsing e-mails and registering new tags is very simple, so youcan easily insert information in your email.Webiny also tracks if and when a user opened your email, soyou can have great insight in factors affecting your conversion. E-mail editorWebiny Booking System 16
  17. 17. NewsletterNewsletter module is an addition to the E-mail module.The newsletter module enables you multiple e-mail marketingcampaigns where you send thousands of e-mails a day totargeted customers. Newsletter campaign editorWebiny Booking System 17
  18. 18. ContactE-mail: info@webiny.comTel: +385 91 466 4531