War of words of india's political biggies


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War of words of india's political biggies

  1. 1. War of Words of Indias Political Biggies The Indian politicians are constantly seen having a verbal war with one another. The attacksmade by them are sometimes hilarious and rather amusing. A remark passed by one becomesthe food for thought for another. The war of words never ends! Be it BSP’s elephant noteating fodder but cash as said Rahul Gandhi or the sarcasm showered by Digvijay at TeamAnna. A few instances of the attacks made by the politicians recently are:Rahul vs Mayawati: The recent election campaigns in Uttar Pradesh saw Congress GeneralSecretary Rahul Gandhi making serious allegations at Mayawati, saying that her governmentmisuses the Central Government aid and that the money goes into the pockets of the BSPworkers. He said “When Hindustan is moving forward, Uttar Pradesh is going backwards.” Ina rally in U.P, Gandhi was quoted saying "There is an elephant sitting in Lucknow and thiselephant is eating your money. This time UP has decided to throw away this elephant.” Onmany occasions Rahul raised the corruption issue in Mayawati’s rule and with regard to thefood security bill, he said that there were welfare schemes like the MNREGA but the fundswere appropriated by the ministers. He said he wasn’t sure if the U.P Government wouldprovide food to all or just BSP leaders, ministers and criminals. To this statement Mayawatiretorted saying "The Congress is getting nightmares about BSPs election symbol elephantdriving them away."
  2. 2. Karunanidhi Vs Jayalalithaa: The two very well known for their rivalry and counter attacks at eachother were in news again in the recent past over Jaya’s decision to convert a library into hospital.Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaas announcement to convert Anna Centenary Library buildinginto a hospital was slammed by DMK president M Karunanidhi and he said “the AIADMK governmentwas destroying all symbols of Tamil culture.” He alleged that Jayalalithaas latest announcement wasdriven by vendetta, "which shows her rage (against DMK)." Sonia vs Mamta: Trinamool Congress Chief MamtaBanerjee constantly seems to be opposing the Congress. The constant flare ups on various issues likethe Lokpal bill, the sharing of Teesta waters, the FDI in retail sector and the renaming of the IndiraBhavan has been prevalent between the two parties. Though no personal attack was made byMamta or Sonia at each other, various oppositions and attacks at their parties have always managedto make news. Attacks and counter attacks by both the parties have become a mundane activity.Recently Manas Bhuniya, minister in West Bengal cabinet and former state Congress president, said"chiefs of both Congress and Trinamool Congress should sit together and discuss the matter" as anattempt to arrest the drift in the relationship between the two allies, as reported by ZeeNews.com.Bhuniya added "open criticism of each other would harm both."
  3. 3. Anna vs Digvijay: Congress General Secretary, Digvijay Singh made attacks on Anna and his teamthrough a micro-blogging website Twitter. He said “Anna wont speak a word against the BJP andRSS. Would Anna force BJP and do a Dharna in front of Advanijis residence and tell them not tooppose Lokpal Bill in Rajya Sabha(Sic).” He also added “Team Anna and their foul mouthed Peoplewould still hurl abuses at Congress PM and CP. Reason- Team Anna a front for BJP/RSS (sic).” Singhsought to know from Anna and his team as to why they had not reacted against the BJP whichprevented the Lokpal from getting a Constitutional body status in the Lower House. Singh also madefun of the media and Team Anna over claims of having a mass supporter base. He said “Mediaclaimed Anna has the support of 120 crore people. Where are they? Would media please correcttheir estimates?” as reported by ZeeNews.com.