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10 traits of amazing employees


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10 traits of amazing employees

  1. 1. 10 TRAITS OF AMAZINGEMPLOYEESby BRITTANY SCHLACTERStriving to be the best you can be in the workplace should always top your list of professional goals.Whether you’re just beginning your career or you’ve been working at it for awhile, being a stand-outemployee is something you should never lose sight of.While we all have specific characteristics that have the potential to help make us good employees,continued improvement is beneficial to a long and successful career. Your employer likely hashigh expectations for you; therefore, you should also have them for yourself.Strive to hit the next level. Here are 10 traits of amazing employees:1. They set the standard. All-star employees aren’t average — they set a new standard for employeeaptitude. They break molds with ease and their performance likely gives way to a new way of doing thingsaround the workplace.2. They showcase company values. The best employees are those who seem to ooze the exactsame values as the companies for which they work. This isn’t something these employees activelyattempt to do, it’s just their nature. Every company with a strong company culture seeks out employeeswho share and showcase matched values.3. They know when to dial back. While overt eccentricity and enthusiasm are often highly coveted, theemployees who know when to turn it on and off are always going to stand out. In the face ofa challenge or stressful situation, an employee should know how to get down to business and move pasttheir individuality to be an integral member of the team.4. They never (publicly) complain. The ability to complain privately or bring up a complaint in aprofessional way that provides a path to a solution is one very important employee trait. These are thekinds of employees who discuss sensitive issues in a professional and private manner.5. They work for the greater good. Great employees aren’t just team players; they have a deepunderstanding of how their team plays best. They have the ability to adapt their work styles for the greatergood of a project or the company as a whole.6. They know how to give and receive praise. An amazing employee is often the one praising peersand the entire team. They easily recognize the contributions of their co-workers. On the other hand, theyalso know how to humbly receive the praise they are given by others.
  2. 2. 7. They can handle criticism. The ability to have thick skin is likely to set you apart as a great employee.Being able to take the heat and truly benefit from the variety of criticism you’re likely to receive on-the-jobis a highly rewarded trait.8. They have a good sense of humor. The stress and variety of emotions experienced on the job isusually easier to swallow with a keen sense of humor. Those employees who are able to stay level andhave a laugh now and again are going to be able to stay on top.9. They’re a problem-solver. An amazing employee is usually the individual who is continually striving toreach a solution — whether or not they’ve been asked. These employees are likely to be the go-to peoplein times of need.10. They’re trustworthy. These aren’t the employees spreading office gossip. Amazing employees havehonest hearts and are highly trusted individuals.These traits will certainly help kick you to the next level as an employee, but it’s important not to overhauland go for everything at once. Take it one step at a time to ensure you’re successful.What do you think is the top trait of an amazing employee?