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chandan manc2


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how to sell a software application explained with example of job portal

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chandan manc2

  1. 1. MANC2 Supplier Portal Developed by : M-Meghana A-Akhil N-Nitya C-Charan C-Chandan
  2. 2. OUTLINE OF PRESENTATION  What is supplier portal ?  Scope of the application  Working  Why MANC2 ?  Usefulness/Advantages  Cost estimation  Conclusion
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION  Supplier Portal – A common platform for both the buyer and applicants  Enables buyer to post current requirements along with a screening test  Enables applicants to apply for different organizations from different industries
  4. 4. SCOPE OF THE APPLICATION The application aims at :  Providing job opportunities by bringing together several organizations with man power requirement  Serves the entire mass of job seekers and job providers
  5. 5. WORKING  A user (buyer/applicant) should first register to avail the services of the portal  Buyer details  Buyer details are visible to every registered user on log in  Information is consistent and updated regularly  Buyer is allowed to post corresponding screening tests and chose the best candidates for further rounds of selection
  6. 6.  Applicant details  Applicant can choose the desired industry and organization to view the job openings and take up the test which is essential to apply  On submitting the test, Test summary - Test taken, question, answers along with Applicant Details – user name, mobile, email id are sent to the buyer  Applicants are not allowed to take up the same test more than once - avoids duplicate applications WORKING(cont..)
  7. 7.  The process of application ends with the submission of the test  However, he is eligible to apply for another role if he is not selected  The test is evaluated at the buyer side  If the applicant is selected, then a notification appears on the applicants account WORKING(cont..)
  8. 8. WHY MANC2 ?  One stop solution for both the buyers and the job seekers.  Everything is ONLINE -Registration -Tests -Evaluation -Results  Simple and easy procedures to -Register -Update Info -Keep track of applicants and buyers
  9. 9. ADVANTAGES  Buyers can connect to a large number of people  Update their requirements instantly  Reduces their cost of visiting colleges to hire freshers or conduct prilims for experienced  Easy to notify the applicants  Avoids overhead by setting up screening tests  Candidates can have a clear view of the companies and their requirements  Applicable to fresher/ graduate/ experienced
  12. 12. -Unadjusted Use Case Weight (UUCW) (Total No. of Simple Use Cases x5) + (Total No. Average Use Cases x 10) + (Total No. Complex Use Cases x4) UUCW=4X5+3X10+4X4=66 -Unadjusted Actor Weight (UAW) (Total No. of Simple Actors x 1) + (Total No. Average Actors x 2) + (Total No. Complex Actors x 3) UAW=0X1+0X2+2X3=6 -Technical Complexity Factor (TCF)=0.6 X (TF/100) = 0.6 X (42/100)=1.02 - Environmental Complexity Factor (ECF)=1.4 + (-0.03 x EF)= 1.4 + (-0.03 X 10.5) = 1.085 - Use Case Points (UCP) =(UUCW + UAW) x TCF x ECF=(66+6)x1.02x1.085=79.68 Estimated Effort = UCP x Hours/UCP =79.68x20 =1593.64Hours 1593.6/8=~200(8hrs) =10$ per developer for 8hrs x 200 x 5 developers =100,00$ COST ESTIMATION Estimated by the use case points scale with respect to no of hours of effort