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Presentation on Future Group

  1. 1. A PRESENTATION OF MARKETING MANAGEMENT ON FUTURE GROUP I n d i a t o mo r r o wPresented By :Group A-5 Presented To: Dr. Bhavesh Vanaparia
  2. 2. History of Future Group Established in 1994 by Mr. Kishore Biyani Retail forms the core business activity Group subsidiaries are present in  Consumer Finance  Capital Insurance  Leisure & Entertainment  Brand Development  Retail Real Estate Development  Retail Media & Logistics 4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 2
  3. 3. Company Profile• Future Group is India’s largest retailer and one of the leading business houses with a strong presence in retail. Its founder and Group CEO is Mr. Kishore Biyani.• Future Group employs 35,000 people directly from every section of our society.• It deals in Retail, Finance and service sector.• May 2011 – Future Supply Chains becomes ISO certified4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 3
  4. 4.  Retail Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited Future Value Retail Limited Finance Future Generali Life Insurance Company Limited Future Generali (India) Insurance Company Limited Future Capital Holdings Limited Future Ventures (India) Limited Services Future Supply Chains Limited Future Human Development Limited Future Media (India) Limited Future Corporate Resources Limited4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 4
  5. 5. Milestones and Achievements 2011: Most Admired Large Format National Fashion Retailer of the Year – Central 2010: Most Admired Food & Grocery Retailer of the Year : Private Labels – Food Bazaar 2009: Most Preferred Multi Product Chain - Big Bazaar by CNBC AWAAZ4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 5
  6. 6. BRANDS UNDER FUTURE GROUP4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 6
  7. 7. Product MixIt is a set of all the products and services provided which a particular seller offers.It is also known as product assortment.Its has certain length, width and depth of the company’s product portfolio.4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 7
  8. 8. Product-Mix Width Future group retail services finance partnership4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 8
  9. 9. Product Length of Retail retail lifestyle value digital Future central Big bazaar Pantaloons Food bazaar fresh fashion Home town4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 9
  10. 10. Length of Finance FinanceFuture Future FutureCapital Generali Venture Life Fashion & Personal Insurance Food General Corporate Fmcg Insurance
  11. 11. Length of Services ServicesLogistics & Learning & Media & supply Development Telephony
  12. 12. Length of Partnership Partnership Joint BrandCollaboration Assistance Building
  13. 13. Product ClassificationMarketers classify the products into basis of durability, tangibility and its use that is consumer or industrial.They are durable, nondurable, shopping goods, convenience goods & unsought goods.4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 13
  14. 14. Product Classification Products Consumer orDurability Industrial Specialty or Durable Unsought Goods Nondurable Shopping Goods
  15. 15. Products of Future Group• Future Group’s products come under the category of Durable as well as Nondurable.• It offers perishable products, food items which are frequently approached by consumers.• Also they offer Clothing, Apparel, Home décor items, Furniture which come under the category of Nondurable.
  16. 16. Consumer Goods Classification• Convenience Goods:- Those which customer thinks that they get easily at one place.• Shopping Goods:-Those which customer compare on basis of suitability, price & style.• Unsought Goods:- Those which customer does not know much and if offered it is beneficial for them.
  17. 17. Product Levels Augmented Product Expected Product Basic Product Core Benefit
  18. 18. Level of Future Group Serving the unexpected & time savy Discounts & offer Daily Requirement needs Make all the products available easily
  19. 19. Potential Product In those Venn anything was not mentioned about potential product. Potential Product means something offered to customers which they have never expected. But whatever any company offers to the customers, For sometime it is Augmented & then it transforms into Expected. So still many companies including future group are searching for serving customers something called Potential.
  20. 20. Cont…Nondurable Goods:- future group provide product’s such as soap, food items, perishable products which are consumed within few uses and again it is required to purchase.Durable:- clothing, apparels, shoes, home décor items, furniture and many more things which are tangible which last for long time.4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 20
  21. 21. Cont…Consumer goods classification:- products served by future group are depending on the habits of consumer.First is convenience goods like soft drinks, daily home needs are provided which has minimum effort to buy and consumer can easily get whenever they need.4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 21
  22. 22. Cont.…Then comes shopping goods. Which depend on the choice & taste of the customer.For e.g.:- clothing, shoes, apparels, furniture etc..Unsought goods:- These are the products which consumer does not know much and normally they don’t think of buying.For e.g.:- life insurance.4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 22
  23. 23. Holistic Marketing Concept Integrated Marketing Internal Holistic Relationship Marketing Marketing Marketing Performance Marketing
  24. 24. Cont…It is an approach to recognize the scope of Marketing Activities.These are the four major themes on which any companies overall position can be judged.This concept help companies to have a complete approach towards their requirement.
  25. 25. Integrated Marketing Product Promotion Integrated Price Place
  26. 26. Internal Marketing Internal Marketing Senior OtherDepartment Management Departments
  27. 27. Performance Marketing Sales Revenue Ethics Performance Legal Environment
  28. 28. Relationship Marketing Customers Partners Relationship Employees Channel
  29. 29. Bases For SegmentationGeographic:- Rural area Urban area4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 29
  30. 30.  Demographic• Age• Family size• Gender• Income4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 30
  31. 31.  Psychographic• Lifestyle:-
  32. 32.  Behavioral Occasions:- User status:-(There were one time users and regular users are also there)
  33. 33. Market SpecializationRetail
  34. 34. Full Market CoverageAgeIncomeGender
  35. 35. Brand Elements• Character: Future group• Logo: Bird• Slogan: India tomorrow4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 35
  36. 36. Private Brands of Future Group4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 36
  37. 37. Company Orientation towards the Market Place1. Selling concept2. Marketing concept –SACH Brand4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 37
  38. 38. 4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 38
  39. 39. Price Mix• Value pricing• Psychological pricing• Loss leader4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 39
  40. 40. Value pricing• Big bazaar promises its consumers the lowest available price without coupon clipping, waiting for discount promotions, or comparison shopping4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 40
  41. 41. Psychological Pricing4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 41
  42. 42. Loss Leader4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 42
  43. 43. Supply Chain Management at BIG BAZAAR
  44. 44. Consumer Behavior• Cultural factors: Culture, subculture & social class of the people influences the buying pattern according to their culture.• Social factors: buying behavior of the whole family depend upon their taste and preference.• Personal factors: financial status of the people also influence their buying behavior. For ex. mostly high class people buy from the Pantaloons retail store.4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 44
  45. 45. Packaging
  46. 46. Labeling
  47. 47. Advertisement• Print Media4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 47
  48. 48. Thank You4/11/2013 Tolani Institute of Management Studies 48